The Morning Rant


The rule of law is well and truly dead, and while it is easy to blame both sides of the aisle, the Democrats have a particular skill at rooting out the absolute worst of all possible options.

Imagine the catastrophic clusterfvck in the court system if liability for emotional injury caused by words were allowed to be anything more than a punchline! And does anyone doubt that leftist tears would be the reason for the overwhelming majority of those injuries?

‘Emotional Injury’: Democrats Press To Broaden Liability for Social Media Companies

Democratic witness Rashad Robinson, president of a George Soros-backed advocacy group, called for more restrictions on free speech to combat “misinformation.” Robinson’s group, Color of Change, has pushed for defunding the police. Robinson also serves on the Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder, which called for a “national response strategy” to stop “misinformation” online. In the hearing, Robinson called for Congress to place legislative limits on the First Amendment, saying “I understand that we have these conversations about the First Amendment, but there are limitations to what you can and cannot say.”

Hey dummy…there actually aren’t any limitations on what one can and can’t say in the context of opinion. There are very narrow restrictions on speech, but you aren’t talking about those; you are talking about speech with which you disagree. You are talking about political opinions. You are talking about disagreements with the liberal orthodoxy in science and medicine and public health.

The purpose of this is glaringly obvious. It is intended to chill free speech directed at the progressive shibboleths that they are furiously pushing into mainstream thought as fact. This is weaponizing the courts even more to make them a de facto arm of the Democrat party and its progressive shock troops.

Speech is easy when it offends nobody. But the very core of free speech is the absolute defense of speech that offends and disrupts and challenges and irritates and infuriates. It is exactly that difference of opinion that is the hallmark of a free society, and its enshrinement in Western culture is a huge part of our success…politically, scientifically, technologically…

Challenging the status quo is what got us here, to the pinnacle of human thought and accomplishment. Degrading that freedom will send us right back into the calcified and orthodox thinking that has been common through most of human history.

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  1. It’s like subjectiveness will become the status quo. How can one not see how dangerous that is?

    By the by – we snagged the punk-monkey pic! Moving on UP.

    mac :]

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