Surprise! Defund The Police Didn’t Do What The Professional Racists Claimed It Would Do!
It Did The Opposite…Crime Is Way Up In Minority Areas

Well, it’s not really a surprise, and it is quite possibly the intended consequence of demonizing the police and restricting their actions via regulation and the explicit threat of legal action against any policeman who does what used to be his job just a few years ago.

This is right out of the communist playbook, which calls for the degradation of the rule of law and the polarization of minorities. Alinsky would be proud!

And the willing fools of the media are thrilled to participate, because after all, they’re just colored folk and they really don’t count. Because let us be honest, the fixation on white victims (preferably young, cute women) is driven not by America’s racism, but by the racism of the newsrooms. Who decides what is covered? You and I sure don’t!

See No Murder: Despite its obsession with race, the media are blind to the nonwhite victims of rising violent crime.

In recent years, mainstream media have become obsessed with racism. Whether individual or institutional, racism has never faced greater public disapproval according to many reliable measures, yet publications like the New York Times and Washington Post inject the issue into stories on every conceivable topic—from music to sports to cuisine—all calculated to build up the narrative that America is white supremacist at its core. But in their zeal to highlight every racial microaggression at Ivy League universities or in corporate newsrooms, the media all too often ignore the real victims of crime and societal neglect, who are disproportionately nonwhite.

If they question the narrative that aggressive and heavy-handed policing that disproportionately falls on “communities of color” is the cause of so much unrest, then they will inadvertently question the entire basis for the rioting of the last few years. And of course they can’t do that!

The facts are simple. Much of the violent crime in America is perpetrated by minorities, and their targets are minorities. As Rudy Giuliani demonstrated in NYC in the 1990s, it is easily solved by simply taking all crime seriously…from jumping turnstiles to littering to jaywalking to carrying weapons illegally.

I find it difficult to believe that minority communities all across this country are united in their desire to defund the police. A much more rational analysis is that most of them are pretty disgusted by the huge increase in crime and would prefer a more robust police presence. But the narrative must be supported, and if that means that crime will rage out of control in American cities, then that’s the price that the NY Times and the Washington Post and AOC and the rest of the retards in the hard-left contingent in congress are willing for other people to pay.