The Morning Rant

Ooh! Professors! And Stanford University professors to boot!

They must be so smart. So sophisticated. So in tune with all of the latest intellectualism of our society.



They are, in the main, drones who studied a narrowly defined topic to exhaustion. And when I say “narrowly defined,” I mean, “Fascist Imagery in Low Country Lesbian poets,” and similar nonsense. Do not be impressed by academics. They are no more intelligent than most of us and have much less common sense. Just because they were able to focus on a tremendously boring and ultimately unimportant topic for several years doesn’t make them intellectual. It makes them tedious.

But the conceit in American academia is profound, and these people have convinced themselves that their expertise in one topic makes them expert in all topics, in particular rather important ones like freedom and liberty and the differences between open and egalitarian societies and closed and authoritarian societies.

They are wrong. They do not believe in equality and freedom. They believe in stratified societies in which, coincidentally, over-educated elitist academics hold positions of power and influence.

Stanford Professors Lobbied the DOJ To STOP Fighting Chinese Communist Party Infiltration.

Nearly 200 professors have signed a letter demanding Joe Biden’s Department of Justice terminate a Trump-era initiative targeting Chinese Communist Party-linked academics exploiting American universities for intellectual property theft and espionage.

The 177 professors come from Stanford University, where Pamela Karlan, Biden’s Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ), is on a leave of absence from as a professor. Karlan, who testified during then-President Donald Trump’s first impeachment, has spearheaded the Biden White House’s anti-election audit efforts.

Karlan’s university is now lobbying the DOJ to repeal the “China Initiative,” inaugurated by Trump’s DOJ to combat espionage, infiltration, and intellectual property theft campaigns conducted by the Chinese Communist Party.

So these drones orbiting about the queen (China) spout reflexive nonsense about academic freedom, but have absolutely no knowledge of the reality of Chinese academic freedom. They simply do not understand that China cares not a whit about freedom in their universities, and simply harvests knowledge from whichever willing fools in America are for sale.

Western Academic freedom is a punchline in China, and the embarrassing defense of Chinese academics whose one job is to plunder the West of its academic riches proves that the post-modern academy’s ultimate goal…to produce useful idiots, has been successful.