The Morning Report 1/12/22

Good morning, kids. Wednesday and I guess you can file this one in the “if it walks like a duck” file. Let’s start off with this little item that should cause you no concern whatsoever:

A federal agency debuted a new system on Tuesday designed to record and store the information of federal employees who requested religious exemptions from the Biden administration’s federal jab mandate.

According to a report by the Daily Signal, the Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia, an independent federal agency designed to aid Washington D.C. courts, created the “Employee Religious Exception Request Information System” to track unvaccinated employees who ask for religious exemptions from President Joe Biden’s federal [Chinese] COVID-19 shot mandate.

The Federal Register describes the new system as the best way to keep track of “personal religious information” that is collected “in the context of a public health emergency or similar health and safety incident, such as a pandemic, epidemic, natural disaster or national or regional emergency and/or any other lawful collection of employee information or data that is necessary to ensure a safe and healthy environment for individuals.” Those with concerns about the system only have until Feb. 10 to offer any public comments.

The agency claims that the database will legally allow for the “collection, storing, dissemination, and disposal of employee religious exemption request information” for an indefinite period of time.

No, not creepy at all! Is it just me or did you too read that as “Pre-CRIME Services Agency?” 

Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen announced the creation of the new unit in his opening remarks during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday.

“I decided to establish a domestic terrorism unit to augment our existing approach,” Olsen said. “This group of dedicated attorneys will focus on the domestic terrorism threat, helping to ensure that these cases are handled properly and effectively coordinated across the Department of Justice and across the country. . .”

. . . Olsen’s remarks come as authorities consider strategies to combat domestic terrorism a year after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, which many lawmakers and national security officials have called domestic terrorism. The DOJ official cited the incident as an example of challenges facing the department . . .

. . . “We’ve seen a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial animus as well as those who ascribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies,” he said.

Funny how America, in the eyes of the Left, was, is and always will be a fundamentally racist society. So much so that 99.99% of all “hate crimes” reported over the past umpteen years have in short order proven to be hoaxes. Fake, but accurate. Same with the FBI. America is a fundamentally dangerous place where terrorists and insurrectionists are such an existential threat that they have to create entrapment stings and execute plots where any real violence and destruction is caused by the agents themselves, while hapless and helpless individuals in the wrong place at the wrong time are stuffed and mounted on the trophy wall at the Hoover Building, and in D-Block at Leavenworth. 

That said, just who and what does the FBI consider a “domestic terrorist” threat?

As we all know or should all know by now, the purpose of these things is not merely to justify the existence of the FBI nor to create narratives to engender support and loyalty by the “oppressed masses” of minority “victims” and liberal white dupes for the Democrat Party. Both of those serve the wider goal of destroying all opposition to the “fundamental transformation” already in progress. Ergo, the Junta’s definition of terrorism is anyone or anything that falls into that category. 

Parents who organize and speak out at school board meetings against the mind- and physical rape of their children via Jive Kampf CRT and priapic transexual perverts in girls bathrooms? DOMESTIC TERRORIST.

Citizens who showed up to the Capitol on 1/6/21 to protest the stolen election and foolishly trespassed into Congress and took selfies at Pelosi’s desk? DOMESTIC TERRORIST.

Politicians and everyone who attended the Trump rally a half a mile away from the Capitol dome and before any of the violence and mayhem that occurred there (all caused by the FBI/DOJ) took place? DOMESTIC TERRORIST.

You see, if you’re a domestic terrorist, how can you be allowed to run for office? How can you be allowed to have a government contract or run any business for that matter? How can you be allowed to have custody of your children? And so on, and so on, and scoobie doobie doobie in virtually every aspect of politics and society. The cabal of individuals and groups that rigged an election and installed a shambling, decrepit, demented criminal pervert in the Oval Office have succeeded in laying waste to our economy and our society in just under a year, and in doing so alarmed and pissed off those of us not completely mind-numbed by the Communism. 

As useless in a sense that electoral politics may be in the long run, in the short term, the Dems are facing a wipeout of staggering proportions at the polls. At least the ones not affected by Dao-Min Yen. Psaki-Psircling back to my opening contention about the nature of this post, I give you the estimable Lloyd Billingsley:

In National Socialist Germany, Jews were the primary disfavored class. In the United States and allied nations today, the unvaccinated, or anyone critical of government health policies, find themselves increasingly vilified, disfavored, and even threatened.

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Joe Biden said in September. The unvaccinated “can cause a lot of damage — and they are,” and Biden has a plan “to combat those blocking public health.” As the Delaware Democrat warned, “we’ve been patient but our patience is wearing thin,” so “get vaccinated.”

If that does not convey disfavored status it’s hard to imagine what might. Maybe a yellow star would do the trick, but to adapt what Marlon Brando said in “On the Waterfront” there’s “a lot more” to this Nazi comparison business than people might think.

The primary author of Biden’s 3,548-word message was doubtless chief White House medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci. Biden has joked that Fauci is the real president, but that might understate the matter.

Fauci, a government bureaucrat since 1968 and head of the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, has never faced a vote of the people. The president must deal with Congress, which controls spending. With his budget of more than $6 billion, Fauci controls a great deal of medical research spending, even as he lays down public health policy. On top of all that, Fauci can boast the ultimate strategic ally.

His wife, Christine Grady, heads up bioethics at the National Institutes of Health, including NIH’s work with “human subjects.” It is as though Nancy Reagan served as a special counsel for President Ronald Reagan, and greenlighted the Iran-Contra scandal. . . 

. . .”Nazi Germany brought the difficult issues in research with human subjects to the attention of the public and medical/scientific communities,” Grady writes. “In the name of ‘experimentation,’ human torture and atrocities were performed on thousands of Jews and justified as medical research.”

Josef Mengele, the most notorious Nazi doctor, goes unmentioned, but “Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling infected more than 1,000 prisoners at Dachau with malaria without their consent.” The experiments exposed at the Nuremberg trials “forced an examination of human research,” and “the medical profession was aware that serious breaches of ethics had occurred in the past.” The author moves on to Thalidomide, released in the 1950s as a remedy for morning sickness in pregnant women.

Thalidomide was “thought to be exceptionally safe,” Grady writes, but left “thousands of children with severe and unusual deformities” such as hands attached to shoulders, feet attached to hips and so forth. “The harm done was the result of inadequate research,” according to Grady, who needed to conduct more adequate research on this subject.

Thalidomide was the product of Chemie Grunenthal and the subject of a court case in 1970. A name on the original patent was Dr. Heinrich Muckter, the company’s head of research and a Nazi war criminal who conducted medical experiments in prison camps. In the 1970s, Grunenthal appointed as the chairman of their board Otto Ambros, the inventor of sarin nerve gas who was jailed for mass murder at Auschwitz.

Billingsley’s essay is a rebuttal to Dan Gelernter’s bristling at those comparing Fauci and his handling of Chinese COVID as akin to what the Nazis did. And it’s a helluva rebuttal as this excerpt shows. But it goes wider and deeper than that as I have tried to lay out. While I was about to say there are no concentration camps here in the former USA – yet – we have people held as political prisoners for a staged false flag “insurrection” one year ago. We have the move to criminalize political dissent of any variety as domestic terrorism. We have naked, shameless attempts to make election rigging of the kind that overturned the actual results of 2020 legal and permanent. We have blacklisting within the private sector as legal, acceptable and almost a requirement for businesses insofar as preventing anyone from being employed who does not openly and full-throated embrace whatever insane, radical diversity agenda a company might have.

As a child of a survivor of real, actual Nazis, I am particularly sensitive to the use of that word. Take it from me; everything we are experiencing right now is, with slight variations here and there, a very close mirror to what happened in Germany before Schickelgruber took power as well as in almost any other totalitarian regime that gradually, and subversively, came into being. 

This is a wake-up call for anyone with eyes to see and a mind to reason. Think it can’t happen here? It’s happening as we speak. Tick tock. . . 

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.




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