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These stupid f&%#ers don’t understand that we are in an existential battle. The war is for the soul of America, and standing on some legalistic and childish principle is exactly how we lose these battles. It doesn’t matter that currently there are no fake chicks competing in in high school sports in Indiana; the point is to send a message that Indiana and America will not tolerate the destruction of traditional culture and societal norms in service of the progressive goal of a socialist America.

Is the governor trying to placate his masters at the Chamber of Commerce? Is he afraid that Amazon or Google won’t relocate to Indianapolis? Or is he just a squishy fake Republican who is more interested in getting along with everyone so he can get a cushy gig at some big company or think tank?

Republican Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb Vetoes Bill Banning Transgenders from Women’s Sports

The bill was staunchly opposed by the ACLU and The Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Indiana AAP). The Indiana High School Athletics Association (IHSAA) also claimed transgenders had no unfair advantage in women’s sports by requiring transgender athletes to specify they have been living as their preferred gender for over a year. “The moment the Indiana High School Athletic Association admitted there was no unfair advantage occurring in women’s sports, it became clear House Bill 1041 was more about fulfilling a made-up culture war than actually creating a better future for Hoosier children,” Indiana Democrats said after the veto.

Oh! Well! As long as some dude specifies that “they” have been living as a chick for a year “they” can compete as a girl? Really? That is Indiana’s robust protections against abuse of the lunacy of transgenderism in sports? And anyone with two synapses to rub together knows that there is a culture war in America; denying it is insulting and embarrassing. Just look to the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championships for proof.

And just what the hell does “fulfilling a made-up culture war” mean? How does one fulfill a war? Learn English, you idiots.

I don’t know much about Holcomb…but for him to ignore the obvious reality; that conservatives and even Republicans have to push back…hard…against the insanity of transgenderism is a powerful indicator of his true loyalty. And that is to something other than a coherent political philosophy and the ideals of traditional America.

It doesn’t really matter whether there is a single fake chick in the entire state of Indiana. The bill was making a powerful point, and the governor should have recognized that and signed it. For him to rely on legalistic blather to avoid committing himself to one side in our battle for America speaks volumes.

Indiana: Vote Him Out!

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