The Morning Rant

Small government, no matter how inefficient and stupid, can only do so much damage. But when government grows to a size unimaginable to the framers of our Constitution, it does things like spend $837,000/unit for homeless housing. Hell, I’m only 29 and I can barely imagine that much money per unit.

And it’s all on the backs of the taxpayers of Los Angeles. Just think, a young couple who both work and pay taxes to the city are on the hook for an amount of money that would buy them a large ocean-view condo in an upscale part of Los Angeles, or two crashpads for bums to shoot up in!

What possible motivation is there for this kind of insanity (voted in by those same taxpayers, so I am not crying for them)? Mainstreaming homelessness as one more way to break down society and crush traditional values? Vanity projects that make the idiot politicians feel all warm and fuzzy? Pushing the debt to crazy heights to speed the collapse?

All of the above?

LA Anti-Homelessness Program Spending This Absurd Amount Per Person, Audit Reveals

The audit states that “more people are unhoused today than when Prop. HHH passed in 2016.” Plagued by high costs and major delays, Proposition HHH has left taxpayers with a $1.2 billion bill, and even more homelessness.

One of the most egregious parts of the report shows the cost of new units being built to house homeless residents. Most units being built are meant to accommodate one person.

There is at least one building in the predevelopment phase that is expected to cost $837,000 per unit. Another 12 projects being planned or built are expected to cost more than $700,000 per unit, and another 41 will cost more than $600,000 per unit.

Despite the measure passing more than five years ago, only 18 projects have been completed so far. Another 65 projects are under construction and 27 projects are still in the predevelopment stage.

So…a government building project is woefully behind schedule, probably over budget, and destined for the slag heap…because those homeless are going to trash the units, the buildings, the neighborhoods, and I will bet rapidly devaluing money that these buildings will all be closed or repurposed within 10 years. Because that is what government does…it fvcks up even the wet dreams of its own kind!

Homelessness, as anyone with a brain knows, is a misnomer. The fact that these people have no homes is a symptom, not a cause. So call it what it is: mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, anti-social tendencies…whatever describes the people involved. But the lack of a home is not causing their problems; their problems are causing their lack of a home.

Enforce the law, hold them to some semblance of a social standard, and I’ll bet that some of them will leave the streets and become less damaging members of society. But subsidizing their behavior without any pressure to change is a recipe for more of them. And their ability to degrade society is powerful and swift; probably just behind large-scale rioting as a cause of urban decay.

But the good people of Los Angeles voted for this fiasco, so let them have it good and hard. Unfortunately this sort of destructive behavior is widespread in our leftist-controlled cities, and even in some bucolic suburbs on the outskirts of our urban hell-holes. And by “destructive behavior” I don’t mean bums; I mean idiot voters writing essentially blank checks to their equally idiotic but more malevolent politicians.