The Fog Of War? Or The Fog Of Bullsh*t…

This is a typical article about the war in Ukraine; long on supposition and wish-casting, and suspiciously short on facts. The propaganda battle is being won by Ukraine…of that there is little doubt. The nonsense being spouted by the mainstream media is a cacophony of pro-Ukraine stories, no doubt many planted by Ukraine and its allies.

Why the media has accepted the rabid anti-Russia and even more anti-Putin cant as the gospel is a question that needs to be answered. There is no need for much of it, since the appropriate response to an invasion such as Russia has perpetrated on Ukraine is sufficient. It is axiomatic that an invasion absent significant provocation is antithetical to the ethics of modern society.

Russia’s Military Is Slowly Dying in Ukraine

On day 31 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military began its counterattack across several fronts and is reclaiming lost territory. The Russian forces continue to struggle, and their losses keep mounting. Meanwhile, in a humiliating reverse, the Russian strategy has shifted from capturing Kyiv to making gains in eastern Ukraine.

I am no military expert, even though I read a smart military blog, but most wars consist of attacks and counterattacks and stalemates, with shifting priorities based on the realities of each army’s successes and failures. And it is sort of the definition of war that losses will mount. Is that how success in war is being defined by the writer…any losses mean failure?

It is clear that the Russian Bear is not invincible. Their armed forces are not what they had hoped, and the Ukrainian defense is seemingly quite stout. Of course there is nothing like an invasion by a country’s traditional enemy to stiffen the resolve of the people, so this should not come as a surprise.

But the world should be careful what it wishes for, because an injured Putin may become such a liability that he is pushed out. And then what? An oligarch more in tune with some nefarious New World OrderTM? More in tune with Soros & Co? Or some even more aggressive despot who is willing to double down on war?

The best scenario is for Russia to consolidate what gains they have made, announce victory, and magnanimously offer generous terms to Ukraine. Putin can save face, Ukraine can remain a functioning (corrupt) country, and the West won’t have to back up its alarming and provocative statements about Russia and Putin. Because while the invasion and attendant devastation is awful, a wider war that involves other countries, including America, is not a price worth paying.