The Morning Rant


These are the lackeys of the Iranian mullahs; doing their bidding, using Iranian money and, probably, arms and training. These are the favored freedom fighters of the left on college campuses and NGOs all across America and the West.

Far from being “freedom fighters,” they are murderous animals whose blood lust knows no bounds. All they want to do is kill and destroy, and the Biden junta is busy making deals with one of the countries that enthusiastically supports this terrorism.

Rest assured that the funds being released as a result of America’s capitulation to the Mad Mullahs will go to fund more of this sort of behavior. Although to be fair to the Pallies, they would do it for free!

Palestinian Fatah Movement Glorifies Bnei Brak Terror Attack

When news of the attack and the identity of the attacker became known, celebrations broke out in the Jenin area and in particular in Ya’abad itself. Processions were held and locals handed out sweets, and a Fatah rally was held near the home of the shooter, who was apparently a member of this movement,[2] at which statements and slogans praising the attack were heard. In addition, Fatah and its military branch, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, issued statements and posters glorifying the attack and the shooter. Fatah’s local branch in Jenin province, for example, congratulated the “heroic martyr,” and spokespeople for Fatah and its military wing promised that the intifada and the martyrdom operations would continue.

Oh joy. Maybe in a few thousand years these medieval sub-humans can join the human race and begin to learn respect for human life. But I ‘m not holding my breath.

Unfortunately Israel is plagued by the same lunacy as America…protecting its borders from invasion is apparently too difficult for it government.

‘The terrorist could cross the fence & reach Bnei Brak in an hour’

The gaps in the fence they showed media are just a few of the many that exist along the hundreds of kilometers of the barrier. Some of the gaps are even large enough for a person to drive across in a vehicle. Engelman related that for the last few months, inspections have been taking place along the fence, but he called out the government for its “significant and substantive failures” on the issue. He also highlighted ridiculous quirks in police regulations that only permit an indictment to be served against a Palestinian infiltrator after he has been arrested three times.

Sound familiar?

The weakness of many Western governments in the face of invasion and existential threats to their culture is still amazing and completely foreign to most people. Even Israel is not immune, and they are surrounded by enemies…and not in the rhetorical sense.

There is an insane conceit that if only we could get along with our enemies all would be sunshine and spring flowers and unicorns shitting skittles! And worse, it is our responsibility to modify the relationship. That’s just nuts.

I do know what would work on the Israeli border and on the American border: tall concrete and steel fences protected by claymores and auto-firing machine guns and snipers and drones armed with anti-personnel missiles and…

A fella can dream…