The Morning Report 4/1/22

Good morning, kids. April Fool’s Day. The weekend is here and yet again, while the Biden Spongiform Encephelopathy continues to physically eat away at the frontal lobes of the man “elected” president by 81 million ballots (barely 25% of them cast by actual individual voters), it has only served to enhance his ugly, thuggish personality that has only grown uglier and more thuggish over the past 50 years of embellishing his bank account at the expense of the American taxpayer and our national security. 

Whether he, or really the Klain Kalorama Komintern controlling his mouth (and having less and less control over it with each passing week) understand or even give a damn that killing off the fossil fuel industry will not only not lead to a green, clean utopia where polar bears will knock on your door, give you a “bear hug” and slip you the tongue for driving a Prius but absolutely turn is into a dystopian nightmare of disease, starvation and early death. If we’re lucky. Before that happens, the figurative slitting of our own economic throats will give rise to a bevy of international throat-slitters that will make us yearn for the relative cuddliness of Vladimir Putin. 

So, what’s a globalist commie to do when their planned demolition of society to pave the way for the glorious remaking of it in their own image goes a little too well? Meaning, skyrocketing gasoline prices cascading into stagflation across the board just as an election season heats up? Invoke a well-tried Leftist mantra: “The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves.”

Biden urged oil companies to start producing more oil, threatening to punish them if they do not respond.

The [so-called quote-unquote “president”] accused oil companies of “hoarding” federal oil leases, announcing a new “use it or lose it” plan, where he would charge companies more fees if they failed to develop their oil leases on federal land or even take them away.

“[T]hey can put those profits to productive use by producing more oils, restarting idle wells, or producing on sites they are already leasing,” Biden said.

He acknowledged it took “months, not days” to ramp up production, announcing he would release one million barrels of oil per day to help fight shortages in the meantime.

Biden told reporters his efforts could bring down gas prices as much as 35 cents a gallon. . . 

. . . “This is not the time to sit on record profits. It’s time to step up for the good of our country,” he said.

But Biden did not offer any proposals to reduce the regulatory and environmental burdens that oil companies face, which only increase the cost of oil or gas. He also did not announce a plan to fast track or speed up new leases after spending his presidency trying to ban oil leases on federal land altogether.

Instead, the [so-called quote-unquote “president”] said, he would “double down” on his clean energy agenda to “speed the transition to a clean energy future.”

“Ultimately, we and the whole world need to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels altogether,” he said.

So, blame the evil money-grubbing bastards for hoarding profits and sitting on drilling leases yet at the same time blame Putin. Hold out the Arafat olive branch arm by invoking patriotism and then brandish the Arafat pistol-packing arm and force them to shoot themselves in the head with it. Aside from the dementia, you know Joey Soft-Serve did not write those words. It reeks of Stalinist phraseology the same way the Bolsheviks of yore went after the Kulaks. 

In the here and now, what he’s saying is, Gasoline = Evil! Getting my party wiped out in the midterms = Even More Evilerer!

The latest amount of U.S. oil release being considered, which is equivalent to about two days of global demand, would mark the third time the United States has tapped its strategic reserves in the past six months, and would be the largest release in the near 50-year history of the SPR. . .

. . . High gasoline prices are a political liability for Biden and his Democratic Party as they seek to retain control of Congress in November elections.

Given that the United States is taking a “muscular stance toward Moscow, promising more sanctions if Russia continues to wage war in Ukraine, we believe the SPR release is being used as a tool to blunt the impact of these foreign policy decisions for U.S. consumers,” RBC Capital said in a note to clients.

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said last week that the United States and its allies in the IEA were discussing a further coordinated release from storage.

Let me say that I am no special pleader for the fossil fuel industry. Like Big Pharma before them in the push to foist national healthcare on us and most recently these unnecessary at best and lethal at worst vaccines on us for the General Tso’s Sickness, corporate America has gotten in bed with the Junta for fun and profit. The fun part is subjugating and lording over us filthy, ignorant lumpenproles. But, at least some of the oil execs told the Junta to go pound sand by refusing to be roasted in front of some kangaroo congressional committee. 

The solution is absolutely simple. Stop this green madness and drill for every last subatomic particle of oil, coal and natural gas. Of course, for many reasons, that is a non-starter. It’s ironic in the extreme that the environmentalist movement itself, if not created out of whole cloth by the old Soviet Union’s KGB, was thoroughly coopted by them back around the first Earth Day in 1970. What a co-iny-dink; it turns out it was Lenin’s birthday. The Junta gets the uninformed all wee-wee’d up about Putin being a tyrant when the greatest extension of Russian tyranny – The Environmental Protection Agency – has been absolutely strangling progress, economic growth and prosperity since Richard Nixon got bamboozled into creating it as a way to make the Left like him. Sound familiar?

In fact every rotten thing about the counterculture going back 60 years was a communist plot created in Moscow to destabilize and destroy us from within. And with the Soviets gone the Red Chinese have taken over and ramped that up to eleventy-leven. 

It cannot be said often or loudly enough:


Everything you eat, wear, consume or otherwise come in contact with is either made in whole or in part by some form of carbon compound that is found in oil, coal, or natural gas. Until the free market, via innovation, discovery via experimentation or sheer dumb luck discovers alternate materials and processes that give us everything we need to sustain and improve our lives at a lower cost than that of fossil fuels, then forcing us to do otherwise by decree is tantamount to mass murder, sooner or later. Not just because of hurling us back a few hundred years in terms of quality and length of life, but opening the floodgates for global tyrants who won’t go green to subjugate those of us who won’t freeze and starve to death first. Or won’t be shot into a mass grave for protesting.

Have a good weekend.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


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  • Biden did not offer any proposals to reduce the regulatory and environmental burdens that oil companies face, which only increase the cost of oil or gas. He also did not announce a plan to fast track or speed up new leases after spending his presidency trying to ban oil leases on federal land altogether. Instead, the president said, he would “double down” on his clean energy agenda to “speed the transition to a clean energy future.” (translation: the beatings will continue until morale improves – jjs) Drill, Baby, Drill: Joe Biden Urges Oil Companies to Produce More Oil and “Double Down” on Clean Energy
  • “The latest amount of U.S. oil release being considered, which is equivalent to about two days of global demand, would mark the third time the United States has tapped its strategic reserves in the past six months, and would be the largest release in the near 50-year history of the SPR.” Biden Plans Record Oil Reserve Release After Failing Twice To Lower Prices
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