The Morning Report 5/2/22

Good morning, kids. Start of a new week and it’s nice to be able to kick it off with a bit of good news for a change. Kathy Boudin, the Weathermen/Weather Underground terrorist Leftist who was the getaway driver in a Black Liberation Army robbery where her cohorts murdered officers Edward O’Grady, Waverly Brown and Peter Paige as well as wounding several others, is dead. 

The news that the Good Lord at long last removed this creature from our presence comes from her vile spawn Chesa Boudin, the supposedly embattled San Francisco DA whose tenure turned that town into a pit even more hellacious than it already had devolved to, and put even Sodom and Gomorrah to shame. Evidently, she expired after a seven-year bout of cancer. Here’s hoping her pain and suffering was prolonged, agonized and ugly. My condolences go to the cancer cells that had to endure their vile host. Hopefully they can find their way into the bodies of her acolytes, and we can be rid of them that much quicker, and then we can find peace and try to rebuild society in such a way as to prevent any more of these fiends from ever attaining positions of power and influence ever again.

My only disappointment is that Boudin and everyone involved in that robbery and all the other acts of murder, mayhem and terrorism that sought to overthrow America nearly 50 years ago didn’t meet their end via the wrong end of a rope or strapped into Old Sparky. What’s truly horrendous is that 50 years on, one of her acolytes was elected and then re-elected president. In point of fact, Barack Obama is still very much in power today. More on that in a moment.

I think because we tend to compartmentalize history, we fail to see that it is a continuum. There is a direct line from Kathy Boudin that extends back to individuals like Leon Czolgosz, the “anarchist” who assassinated President McKinley to Boudin and Billy Ayers all the way up to the present day with James Hodgkinson and Frank James the Brooklyn subway shooter (now virtually memory-holed). More crucially, it is the political movement and party that channeled and absorbed that violence and mainstreamed it into repression and “fundamental transformation” via legitimate and illegitimate political action. The ultimate goals of the aforementioned thugs are very much in line with individuals like Woodrow Wilson, FDR and Barack Hussein Obama – “mmm, mmm, MMMM!”

Billy Ayers, while still on the lam, discussed the need to liquidate upwards of 25 million Americans who could not be “re-educated” once he and his minions overthrew America and turned it into a vast communist gulag. Look where we are today. Scores of Americans have been languishing behind bars for nearly 18 months as a result of a staged FBI entrapment scam, the DOJ at the behest of the White House was and no doubt still is actively targeting parents for protesting the brainwashing of their children, and now, this same White House is setting up a so-called “Disinformation Governance Board” at the equally creepy “Department of Homeland Security.” 

Billy Ayers got it right when he put down the pipe bombs and set about training the then-future teachers. And here we are. From friend of the blog and friend Michael Walsh:

So now the mask has dropped and, for the first time, the American people can see the modern Left in all its hateful, unadorned, vituperative, spiteful glory. Case in point: the announcement last week that the Department of Homeland Security—one of the excrescences of the Bush administration, cobbled together in its panic over 9/11—has created the “Disinformation Governance Board” in order to combat what it has, via its hitherto little-known Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, already dubbed “mis-, dis-, and mal-information.” Otherwise known as alternative points of view, but shut up, citizen. . .

. . . It is no coincidence that this Frankenstein monster and its screeching harpy boss have sprung to life just days after Elon Musk made his successful bid for Twitter, with a promise to end its blatant censorship of conservative points of view [including mine; I’ve been banned for “targeted harassment” since the summer of 2020, apparently for illustrating the shortcomings of such journalistic apparatchiks as Chuck Todd, Yamiche Alcindor, and Nick Confessore, as well as the “presidential historian” Michael Beschloss], throttling free discourse, seizing private information and holding it hostage, and blaming their NKVD tactics on an “algorithm” developed by their “trust and safety” star chamber. 

It also, purely coincidentally, comes directly in the wake of “former” president Barack Hussein Obama’s speech at Stanford University endorsing more public censorship. Be sure to click on the video and listen to Barry, who unlike every other former president and in defiance of presidential custom, still lives in the District of Columbia, just a short drive from the White House . . .

Confirmed lurker extraordinaire Victor Davis Hanson:

When things turn south for the administration, Barack Obama—a sagging Netflix’s $50-million “idea man”—usually emerges from one of his three mansions in Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, or Kalorama to lecture clingers and deplorables on various threats they pose to the anointed. 

His sermons usually project his own transgressions. Recently, Obama went to Stanford University, in the heart of Silicon Valley, to admonish us that new free speech platforms might tolerate incorrect expression that he and the Left smear as “hate speech.” 

But is not Barack Obama ill-suited to lecture anyone on disinformation? Do we remember his Obamacare version of disinformation: “You can keep your doctor; you can keep your plan”? Do we recall “shovel-ready jobs”?

Obama was caught secretly promising Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev that the United States would deal away missile defense in Eastern Europe for Vladimir Putin’s good behavior (“but it’s important for him to give me space”) during his 2012 reelection bid. Was this transparency or another example of how, but for a hot mic, “democracy dies in darkness?”. . . 

. . . This erosion of our culture reflects the growing political discontent in insidious ways: the fall-off of Netflix subscribers, the utter corruption of Black Lives Matter, the humiliation of Disney, the rapid collapse of CNN+, the grassroots revolt against critical race theory and transgender tyranny. 

Third, the Democratic Party no longer exists. It is now hard-left, as sanctimonious as it is shrill. Such zealots will not discard their ideology. Rather they would prefer to embrace dogma and stay unpopular than adopt and gain public approval. 

Do not expect a suddenly closed border, an abrupt resumption of the Keystone XL Pipeline, or a tough new federal crime bill. Do anticipate more wild conspiracy theories, more Russian disinformation, and more Pravda-like ministries.

In this context, the emergence of Elon Musk as the Silicon Valley dragon slayer is emblematic of the ongoing left-wing nightmare. 

As Musk pulls up the shades at Twitter, what are leftists to say: that billionaires should not become media barons, heretofore the pillars of the progressive movement? That suppressing free speech is more popular with the public than liberating expression? That some censorship is better than others? . . .

. . . We have seven more months before the midterms. As the disinformationists see no way out of their self-created Armageddon, expect more disinformation ministries, censorious czars, and hack grandees to emerge from the shadows.

Look what’s going on in China. Shanghai has been turned into a giant prison, on the pretext of a Chinese COVID outbreak but really more as a political move to squash dissent/opposition to Xi Jinping’s totalitarian control. Rabbi Chananya Weissman at Frontpage Mag takes it to the next level:

First, I wonder how many of these people have thought to scream to God in this darkest of times. It’s difficult to expect this of them, being that the state religion of China is the Communist government, and believing in an even higher authority is extremely dangerous. I’m not here to judge the victims. But if 23 million people cried out to God, instead of just to the dark emptiness … I don’t know what He would do, but it would be powerful.

Another thought: If you ever wondered why so many Jews went like lambs to the slaughter, and it upset you that they didn’t revolt against their tormentors, maybe now you can understand. Why don’t 23 million people storm the streets and overrun their tormentors? Yes, many will be lost in the process, but victory is guaranteed.

What do they have to risk at this point, anyway? Being tortured to death in even more gruesome ways? Missing out on the better future that awaits them with continued subservience? They could hardly have less to lose at this point – but still they stay at home screaming and begging for food.

This is what happens when people are totally controlled, degraded, defeated, and conditioned to be obedient no matter what. If they are told to dig their own graves and stay there until they starve to death, or else, they will obey. They will complain about it, or scream, but in the moment of truth they will submit to the voice of authority.

The overwhelming majority of people all around you have been conditioned in exactly the same way. Over the last two years they have been significantly controlled, degraded, and defeated. They were told to harm themselves and their children in so many ways, or else, and they were obedient.

Everything the junta has done here is collapsing in on itself – and on us – catastrophically. They’ve been exposed as the criminals, thugs and pedophiles that they are to far too many people and all at once. Whatever elections may or may not mean in the long term, in the short term the Democrats are heading for a wipeout. GOPe fecklessness notwithstanding, or the Antarctic super volcano,SMOD or nuclear war notwithstanding either, it might be an even bigger wipeout in 2024. 

Supposedly there exists an “internet kill switch” to be used in case of some sort of national emergency. We already had one of those in March of 2020 that was supposed to last two weeks, yet still lingers 110 weeks later. We now have a Ministry of Truth. Put those two together and what do you get? Elon Musk being prevented from owning Twitter is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Imagine a GOP candidate with a stump speech blasting Biden’s open borders and inflation. Then watch as he/she is handcuffed by DHS agents and hauled off for peddling “disinformation.” Well, if that doesn’t work, we still have good old fashioned political terrorism and violence from BLaM-tifa as was seen in Portland, where the GOP candidate for governor held a rally. Or tried to hold a rally.

And the spirit of Kathy Boudin lives on. We better wake the hell up, and I mean right now.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


  • “What we have recently been experiencing is a direct copy of what brought and kept the Nazis in power and nearly led to the destruction of freedom in the world. . . It is dangerous for a Rabbi to compare anything and anyone to the Nazis, but if not a Jewish leader, then who can? It is difficult for anyone to stand against authority, but if we do not, where will be in a few years? What country will be left for our children? It is true that if we do not honestly remember history, we will be doomed, God forbid, to repeat it.” Nazi Comparisons
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  • Michael Walsh: “It is no coincidence that this Frankenstein monster and its screeching harpy boss have sprung to life just days after Elon Musk made his successful bid for Twitter, with a promise to end its blatant censorship of conservative points of view . . . It also, purely coincidentally, comes directly in the wake of ‘former’ president Barack Hussein Obama’s speech at Stanford University endorsing more public censorship. . . The Ministry of Truth must perish, or the Republic does.” (I submit that it died on election day 2020 – jjs) At Last, a Hill to Die On
  • Victor Davis Hanson: “We have seven more months before the midterms. Expect more disinformation ministries, censorious czars, and hack grandees to emerge.” The New Disinformationists
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  • Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas defended Jankowicz and the board on Sunday, saying that they would adopt “best practices” from around the world, and instruct “operators” within the department who would be the ones responsible for “executing” those policies in the field. Nina Jankowicz, 2020: Government Should Not Be in “Business” of Policing “Disinformation”

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  • “Speaking to media after the incident, [GOP gubernatorial candidate Stan] Pulliam said what he and his supporters experienced is what ‘neighbors throughout the Portland community have to experience on almost a daily basis.’” (NY Post almost with the “mostly peaceful” riot headline while blaming the victims – jjs) Chaos Breaks Out After Antifa Allegedly Shows Up to GOP Rally
  • “In February when we heard this news about allegations of mansion-buying and everything else, a lot of people said ‘hey, we’re going to look into it’ — well, we are, we did and we will continue until we get the cooperation and we get the facts,” he explained.  Indiana AG Sues Black Lives Matter as Part of Donation-Use Investigation














  • “Any madman can act out a preferred fantasy, either for attention or for self-gratification.  Getting an entire culture to accept this fantasy in the place of reality is something else entirely.” Don Quixote and the Trans Madness



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