The Morning Rant

The love affair with Iran continues unabated in the halls of the US State Department and the west wing of the White House. The sad and pathetic part of that is that it is a decidedly unrequited love, as Iran has spent the last 40 years decrying the United States, calling it “The Great Satan,” and continuously, methodically, consistently calling for America’s destruction. In addition, Iran has financed, trained and controlled myriad terrorist groups around the world, and directed them at Americans: our troops, our citizens, our diplomats.

Perhaps that is the attraction, since the current crop of destructive fools in the halls of power in D.C. are united in their hatred for and disgust with America as currently constituted, and would like nothing more than to see it humbled by the Mad Mullahs.

So the news that Iran is pretty damned close to having enough fissile material for nuclear weapons is hardly surprising, given the feckless international effort and the careful destruction of President Trump’s efforts to stymie the lunatics in Tehran from lighting a nuclear fire in the Middle East.

Unfortunately this article doesn’t answer the question, and all it does is point out that the Iranians have a significant amount of U235 at about 60% purity. The problem is that they have done most of the heavy lifting already, because it is the first increase, from natural Uranium to about 20% that takes the most time. Going from 60% to 90% for weapons is simply not that big a deal.

And the Biden junta has done nothing substantive to stop that, so it is clear that they expect an Iranian nuclear device in the near future. So what if Israel is the Mullah’s first target; the administration is filled with rabid anti-Semites and anti-Zionists…they simply don’t care.

But Israel does!

How Fast Could Iran Build a Nuclear Weapon?

As Iran’s proliferation of nuclear materials increases and its failure to comply with international standards persists, Israeli officials have indicated it will act militarily if necessary to ensure its top adversary never obtains a nuclear bomb.

Those pesky Israelis and their antiquated ideas about self-preservation are not about to allow an Iranian weapons program to produce a bomb. “Never Again” isn’t a meme. The Nazis tried quite hard to eradicate the Jewish people. They failed, but it was a near thing, made easier by the curious lack of interest in many world capitols in saving Jews fleeing Hitler’s Final Solution.

Israel has learned that lesson well, and while a Western effort to end the Mullah’s insane desire for a second Holocaust would be easier, safer for the world, and probably safer for Iran, Israel is not about to wait.

President Trump’s Middle East foreign policy was well on its way to creating a united front against Iran and its maniacal desires, while simultaneously creating the conditions for Israel to become just another country in the region, with trade, tourism and diplomatic contacts with many Arab countries that had previously been ferociously anti-Israel.

But at least there are no more mean tweets!

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  1. With the UAE and Bahrain now diplomatically tied to Israel, and the KSA unofficially (so far), Israel is in a much stronger position to strike Iran militarily if need be.

    Its acts of sabotage are only ramping up while Iran itself is on the verge of economic collapse.

    Only Biden is able to prop them up, but even that won’t be enough.

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