The Morning Rant

Oh look, traitorous elites who have no political philosophy other than the acquisition of wealth and influence! They call themselves “Republicans” because the Republican party loves their money and doesn’t much care that their goals will lead to the destruction of America and American Exceptionalism, the greatest success story in the history of Man.

GOP Donors Twist Arms On ‘DREAMER’ Legislation, ‘Makes Economic Sense’

Now, a group of GOP donors are beginning to also smell squishiness, and are pressing Republicans to reach a “deal “with Democrats on illegal immigration, specifically, granting permanent legal immigration status to so-called “Dreamers.”

A group of roughly 14 Republican donors who billed themselves as “life long Republicans,” will reportedly send a letter to Republican leaders in which they stated that coming to an agreement with Democrats on the status of Dreamers “makes economic sense.”

What the hell does that mean…”reach a deal on illegal immigration?” How about simply enforcing the law and kicking their asses back to wherever they came from? But let’s move on to the real turd in the punchbowl…”makes economic sense.”

Bullshit. Adding potentially millions of poorly educated people to the employment pool does one thing…it depresses wages. And to top it off, the amount of public assistance these potential employees consume is mind boggling. They use emergency rooms instead of doctor’s offices for routine care, they enroll in every public assistance program in existence (aided by left-wing religious groups, Democrat NGOs, and even the government itself), and when they do work they are comfortable working off the books so that law-abiding people are priced out of those jobs.

The goal of these so-called “Republicans” is a compliant labor force that will accept low wages to improve the bottom line of their businesses, while forcing the public to pay for most of their benefits.

This is classic privatizing profit and socializing losses, and it is hugely damaging to America. But they don’t care. And they are willing to buy the votes necessary to accomplish their goals, most obviously by paying off Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy. This is one of the significant evils in our country, and these people — perhaps as much as the hard left and their long march through our institutions — are responsible for much of the decay in traditional American society, and the destruction of our economy. Shifting manufacturing to the Far East, diluting the labor markets, opening our borders: all of these things diminish not only our economy but our cohesiveness as a people, as a culture, as an idea.

Any business group that does not explicitly reject the idea of immigration reform is a de facto supporter of the destruction of America. Don’t be fooled by their high-minded names: the US Chamber of Commerce hates you and wants you poor. Business Roundtable? Sounds like they would be the good guys! Nope. They want to flood America with foreign workers, and fire you, but not before you train your replacement.

MAGA isn’t just a slogan. It encapsulates everything that these people despise, and that explains the all-encompassing attacks on anyone who has the temerity to push back against these globalist sharks who want to gut America in service of their wealth and influence.

But at least we don’t have mean tweets!