The Morning Rant

Ah yes…liberal racism isn’t news, and their disgusting, patronizing assumptions that black Americans are just too…something…to be responsible gun owners, is also nothing surprising. I find their attitudes to be vile, and antithetical to a well-ordered society.

Of course it began in earnest in the 1960s, as LBJ (a brilliant politician without a shred of morality) almost singlehandedly destroyed black America with his Great Society and the radical expansion of government welfare. Keep the darkies on the plantation, hat in hand, begging for scraps from the Democrat owners! The last thing in the world that the progressives want is a black America that isn’t beholden to government for everything…including their own physical safety.

But the best thing for the South Side of Chicago and East New York and East Oakland and Memphis and St. Louis is a bunch of lawful gun owners in those ghettos putting double-taps into the carjackers and home invaders and muggers that have made their lives hell. The cops sure as shit can’t (and won’t) do a damned thing to protect them, so allowing them to exercise their rights as free people sounds like an awfully good idea to me.

LA Times columnist asks if California is ‘ready’ for more legal black gun owners post-SCOTUS ruling

If state officials are unable to fight the Supreme Court ruling, Smith said: “California could be forced to confront a reality that has long made many self-proclaimed liberals uncomfortable: Black people — potentially a lot of us — legally carrying guns in public.”

Smith alluded to the National Rifle Association being racist after explaining how the gun-rights group supported the Mulford Act banning the open carry of loaded weapons without a permit after a 1967 Black Panther Protest in the state Capitol.

“Of course, these days, the NRA is very much against gun control, although its stance on Black people doesn’t seem to have changed very much,” she wrote.

I was unaware of an official or unofficial policy of the NRA with regard to black people. Maybe I missed those articles in The American Rifleman! As far as I can tell, it is a colorblind organization, and a fair amount of its legislative pressure is applied where gun control is most onerous…the blue states with their big cities! Curious that a supposedly racist organization would exert any effort at all to protect the rights of those folks, who are overwhelmingly black!

My local gun club has black members. And yes, at least one is a novelty, but not for his skin color. He has a great gun case that looks like a guitar case, and even better, a .50AE that is a hoot to shoot.

As many of our readers will attest, carrying a weapon in public focuses the mind in exactly the opposite way that the liberal/progressive mind expects. They expect some dystopian version of the Wild West (one that never actually existed), in which shoot-outs are common, and the streets run red with the blood of innocents. Too bad that the facts don’t support their fever dreams.

Here’s my prediction: any expansion of legal black ownership of guns will have a positive influence on crime in America, and a positive influence on the many issues that have conspired to limit black America’s emergence as just one more middle class ethnic group in the country.