The Morning Rant

Capital punishment has been a catastrophic failure in America for generations. In its current form the time between conviction for a capital crime and the execution of the sentences is often measured in decades, which is exactly the wrong message to send to those would commit those crimes. And all too often the criminal is turned into a celebrity by a compliant press, always willing to do the bidding of the hard left and make these murderers into symbols of capitalist/white oppression. Add to that the obscene expense and use of judicial resources for the never-ending appeals of trivialities, and the inescapable conclusion is that capital punishment does not work for society.

Sure, there are a few examples of swift justice; Timothy McVeigh comes to mind. But even his sentence took six years! So while I appreciate the sentiment of this well-argued article, the reality is that America is incapable of conducting its legal affairs in any way remotely connected to the Constitution and its guarantees of speedy trials, so why bother?

But the real flaw here is the presumption of something else entirely; that our politicians have any interest in justice and decreasing crime.

You Know What Would Deter More Shootings Than Red Flag Laws? Executing Mass Killers Quickly

It’s time to end this cycle. If politicians are serious that they’re sick of “living with this carnage,” the Highland Park shooter should be tried and convicted on the basis of his confession and executed immediately. Perhaps instead of inspiring another coward to pick up a gun, it will inspire them to think again.

The glorification of these mass murderers is a feature, not a bug! And “red flag laws” are designed to penalize law-abiding gun owners with extra-judicial confiscation. They have nothing to do with decreasing crime. The end game is the destruction of the 2nd Amendment and our God-given right to self defense against encroaching authoritarianism.

A disarmed people is a compliant people. It’s as simple as that.