The Morning Rant

Perhaps President Trump’s signal accomplishment was showing like-minded people that there is political profit in calling out the uniparty mess that is our political establishment. Its control of the political process is still profound, but there are huge cracks in what used to be a seamless relationship between the two parties and their common goal of graft, nepotism and accumulation of power.

Those cracks are the result of aggressive pressure being applied by candidates, sitting politicians, pundits and most important, regular Americans who stand up at school board meetings and village councils and say, “Enough!”

Ideally this would lead to the destruction of the Republican party as we know it and its replacement by a party that is in tune with the needs of Americans and America, and actively antagonistic to the goals of the anti-American globalists in Washington and in the boardrooms of many American corporations.

Arizona Republican Kari Lake Torches GOP Establishment for ‘Greed and Globalism’

“I see some of the swamp-type Republicans more similar to the Democrats than the America First Republicans. They both want open borders. … They’re both fine with having our businesses moving overseas and not coming back home. They’re not putting our economy first, our workers first,” Lake said, adding that both Democrats and establishment Republicans have gotten “so far away” from their original tenets “and now they’re just greed and globalism.”

“Greed and Globalism.”

Yup…that pretty much covers it. Personal enrichment at the expense of America and Americans, in furtherance of a political agenda that favors top-down control of our economy and sublimation of the needs of our country.

At this point any politician who criticizes the beltway, including inside-the-beltway Republicans has my support. Are some of them cranks? Of course! But even the nuttiest of them would be better than the corporate toadies who are willing to sell out Main Street, import millions of compliant workers (who vote the way they are told), export our industrial capacity and spill our blood and spend our money on foreign adventures.

I would prefer to burn down the current Republican party via the ballot box, and there are indications that it is certainly possible. Will it happen overnight? No, it won’t, and there will be GOPe scum elected and reelected in November. But the trend is promising, and it is incumbent upon us to support those who would disrupt the business-as-usual interests in Washington.

But we also have to maintain the ability to use other boxes, and the Supreme Court seems to think the same thing!