The Morning Rant

The unintended consequences of an out-of-control Democrat party being dominated by its most radical elements is something that is by its nature unpredictable, but can be guessed at by anyone with a passing familiarity with American history. It is a common theme in our country…the pendulum swings far past what makes political, social or cultural sense, and the anti-human, anti-nature policies that are now enshrined in the Democrat platform are antithetical to what a large majority of Americans believe.

The Supreme Court has spoken about Roe v. Wade, and has returned the question to the states. It is a huge decision, but it was arrived at according to the legal structure of our government, and there are ample methods for its opponents to get what they want…legally.

But they cannot abide the process when it doesn’t support every one of those insane policies, so they immediately resort to what is essentially the Brown-Shirting of America.

Here is a Harvard Law instructor advocating exactly the sort of behavior that she shrieks about and curls up into a fetal position when it is directed at the Bien Pensants of the left.

The 6 justices who overturned Roe should never know peace again. It is our civic duty to accost them every time they are in public. They are pariahs. Since women don’t have their rights, these justices should never have a peaceful moment in public again.

— Alejandra Caraballo

This is beyond the pale. Yet on the left there is no introspection, no questioning of the tactics, no sense that there is some behavior that is inappropriate in a functioning constitutional republic. The ends justify the means, and nothing will stand in their way, be it the lives of nine-month-old fetuses or the safety of our supreme court justices or the innocence of our six-year-olds in public schools or the biological differences between men and women.

And that’s how we get this!How A Normal Person Gets Radicalized [Nurse Ratched]

I considered myself somewhat progressive on many social issues up until about 7 years ago. Things changed.

I got my first birth control pills from Planned Parenthood back in the 80s. I was not promiscuous, but I also was not a perfect angel. And I knew I didn’t want to get pregnant. So, I took my pills and used condoms and didn’t get pregnant.

As I reached my 30s and had my children, I tried to keep somewhat neutral. My personal belief that life begins at conception could be argued, and for those believing otherwise, well if they wanted to terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason in the first trimester, well, that’s up to them.

Fast forward to the 2020s. Now, there is no grey area. I can’t be pro choice unless I support third trimester abortions. I have to support partial birth abortions. I have to give a nod to abortion even after a baby is born. And no one is ever allowed to consider choosing life…… because, that’s not abortion.

The pro choice crowd has radicalized abortion. They are burning down and vandalizing crisis pregnancy centers. They are spray painting churches. They scream and spit and tell me I hate women and want women to die.

So, now I’m a radical pro lifer. No abortion, not ever. For any reason. No IUDs. No emergency contraception. I’ve been radicalized. No grey area.

This concept of radicalization carries over to the gay agenda. I used to attend the Pride Parade in Seattle. It was up on Capitol Hill, it was fun and happy and family friendly, honestly. I thought gays were an odd bunch, fun to party with and go out dancing, but never obnoxious or disgusting. At least not in public. And my gay friends behaved like normal people. They went to work, and went to parties and danced and fell in love and had dramatic break ups. They had nieces and nephews and younger siblings who they loved and protected and doted on…

Now? Their lives have been taken over by radicals who are not interested in being a part of society. They want to sexualize every aspect of everything. They want to offend you. They want to pervert love and beauty and any and every relationship. If you aren’t pro tranny, well, you’re anti gay. And therefore a hater. And you should lose your job. “But wait, I just don’t want adults talking about gender identity to my 6 year old!” Nope, you’re a hater. “A drag queen in every classroom! I just don’t think that’s a great idea and would confuse kids.” Nope, you’re a hater, and you’re homophobic to boot!

So, now I guess I’m anti gay. Rescind gay marriage. Get back in the closet. Throw groomers in jail for pedophilia. Let’s start throwing people off buildings. See, I can be a radical too. You taught me how to hate. No grey area.