It’s Not Just That Biden Is Stupid, Venal, Senile And Mean, It’s Also That His Handlers Seem To Be The Same!

At this point in Biden’s ersatz presidency it is a given that he is stupid, not in control of his faculties, lashes out (senility and innate meanness), and is (mis)directing a catastrophic shift away from President Trump’s policies with respect to foreign policy, domestic energy, business regulation, the insanity of the transgender movement, etc.

But it also seems increasingly obvious that he is being controlled from behind the scenes, by the Kalorama Klowns, Ron Klain, or maybe just the voices in his head, but the issue is that they too are stupid! The total mess that they made of the recent trip to the Middle East is an excellent example of their (whoever “they” may be) inability to construct a coherent policy for pretty much everything. It is as if they are setting themselves up for failure…creating political traps at every turn, and pushing policies without any sense of their effects on the country and our allies (and enemies) abroad. In just a short time he has degraded the presidency to such an extent that his answer to most things is to ask someone else to fix our problems. Beg for the Arabs to pump more oil…”hope” that inflation comes down…ask the Taliban to please don’t shoot at us while we retreat…

Or even worse, blame someone else. Like Putin for inflation, the logistics chain for bare shelves, Abbott for no baby formula, and on and on and on. Responsibility for anything seems to be a quaint and discredited idea. Events have overwhelmed the White House, and their answer is a sort of pathetic, reactive process that attempts to shift the blame onto anyone and anything.

Biden shows no regrets over fist bump with MBS: ‘Happy to answer a question that matters’

Biden says he confronted the de facto Saudi ruler about Khashoggi during their meeting. However, Saudi officials claim MBS confronted Biden about the abuse of prisoners at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison by U.S. military personnel and the U.S. response to the killing of Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in the occupied West Bank, according to CNN.

Biden responded with a flat “No” when asked upon his return to the White House whether the Saudi foreign minister was telling the truth when he claimed not to have heard the president accuse the crown prince of Khashoggi’s murder. Biden also said he is “hoping” inflation will go down, and when asked if he would honor his campaign pledge to release all of the marijuana inmates in prison, Biden said he does not believe “anyone should be in prison for the use of marijuana.”

It’s pretty clear that the retards running our foreign policy were woefully unprepared for this trip, didn’t predict any of the potential issues, didn’t provide the demented puppet with any coherent talking points (or maybe he just forgot them), and made the sloppy and lazy assumption that American prestige and power would overwhelm any reservations about our requests and courses of action.

But that doesn’t fly with Biden in the Oval Office. America is a paper tiger, and our enemies are emboldened. We have demonstrated one thing to the world during his presidency: that America is weak, that our president is a fool and a clown, and that America is ripe for abuse. Realpolitik suggests that bringing up the murder of Khashoggi will have no effect on anything except a small and radical part of America’s domestic landscape, but it will assure an aggressive response from the Saudis. Does anyone really care that he was killed? He was clearly not a heroic journalist…he was a political operative working for KSA’s enemies.

This is evidence of a childish mindset among Biden’s puppet masters. They blithely assume that America will go along with $5 gasoline, ignominious retreat, empty shelves and horrid inflation, because the goals are noble…at least in the eyes of the hard left. Never mind that most of America doesn’t care much about global warming, transgenders being able to shower with their chosen sex, and a host of leftist talking points that have been neatly subsumed into trivialities by the things that matter to Americans. We will be made to care, unless the Democrat/progressives who are ascendant are punished at the polls in November, and the next November, and the one after that. They need to be driven back into their warrens, beaten back with rational policies, clearly explained, for how to fix what is rotten in America.

Is the Republican Party up to the task? The emergence of Trump-inspired firebrands is a tremendously hopeful sign, and one that bodes well for America’s future prospects. Whether they will be overwhelmed by a combination of the deep state and the traditional Republican appetite for accommodation and surrender remains to be seen!

The opportunity for a radical overhaul of our political landscape has been provided by the chaotic and ignorant Democrat Party…it is up to us to push the Republican Party to do what is necessary.

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  1. “They blithely assume that America will go along with $5 gasoline, ignominious retreat, empty shelves and horrid inflation…..”

    And where is the evidence that aside from complaining, America ISN’T going along?

  2. There is a groundswell of discontent that will first manifest itself in an electoral defeat for the Democrat party. if that doesn’t ease some of the problems, and it probably won’t, we shall see what happens next.

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