The Morning Rant

Ah yes…the traditional, reflexive tendency of oh-so-enlightened Europe to work assiduously for the destruction of the Jewish people. They are frustrated that Hitler didn’t finish the job, even with all of their help! So they have to take it upon themselves to let their Jew-Hate flag fly and help the so-called Palestinians with their funding of terrorist organizations.

How Norway and EU Are Undermining the Oslo Accords

Norway and EU member states have restored funding to six Palestinian civil society organizations designated by Israel as terror-supporting organizations, thereby rejecting evidence submitted by Israel that such organizations are linked to the universally outlawed terror organization: “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.”

Funding terror contravenes international counter-terrorism conventions and resolutions to which Norway and the EU are party that criminalize funding terror. It also undermines distinct counter-terror provisions in the 1993-1995 Oslo Accords between the Palestinians and Israel and is incompatible with their active involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

For whatever reason, the Norwegians seem to be particularly enthusiastic and dedicated to the destruction of the state of Israel and the Jewish people. They have so far been mostly isolated from the scourge of Islam-inspired terrorism, so maybe that’s their plan…to pacify Muslims by joining them in their Jew-hate!

But it is also an issue with Europeans in general, with large pluralities or majorities supporting some sort of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish political philosophy, usually expressed as being against Zionism, which is nothing more than a centuries-old movement for the recreation of a Jewish state. They conflate Zionism with all sorts of nonsensical political stances, like the ridiculous claim that Israel is an apartheid state, and therefor invalid. One would think that the large number of Arabs with full citizenship in Israel, and the existence of Arab parties in its political structure would disabuse them of that notion, but no…Jew-hate defies logic and facts.

But what really makes them look silly is the Trump peace plan for the Middle East…The Abraham Accords! While they are busy trying to marginalize Israel and Jews, Muslim countries in the region are equally busy building economic, military and political connections with the state of Israel. Funny how that works; a share in the incredible economic engine that is Israel, along with the creation of a unified military effort to thwart Iran’s lunatic Mullahs and their desire for regional hegemony and nuclear war (whichever comes first) seems to be more important than supporting a bunch of savages in Gaza and the West Bank who seem to desire violence and poverty more than peace and prosperity.

Unfortunately the Biden junta and the Kalorama Kids don’t feel that way, and support for Israel from the administration has cratered. But as long as the Middle East as a whole is softening its stance, then Biden and his Jew-hating supporters won’t have much to do besides tagging along for the ride!