Why Are We Making Women Violent?

Society has morphed into something unrecognizable in only a few generations. The archetype of “Woman” has shifted away from the feminine…bearing and raising children; running the home; being the necessary counterpoint to the man in the relationship.

Unfortunately the shift has pushed women into being some odd and flawed version of the archetypal “Man.” Aggression, violence, combativeness…all typical characteristics of men for all of human history have been co-opted by the drivers of popular culture as the highest expression of womanhood. So we have women portrayed in movies and advertising and literature and the media as just as tough (usually tougher), just as strong (usually stronger), and just as violent as the traditional man.

To what end? Does society need women to abrogate their traditional roles as nurturing caregivers whose highest purpose is the rearing of the next generation? That purpose is obviously the most important of any…certainly more important than a man’s traditional function, which is simply to support the role of the woman!

The end is of course the destruction of the traditional concept of the Family, the traditional concept of the Woman, and the simplification of our roles in society. The ultimate goal is to create a society in which its members are interchangeable: widgets to be placed where society dictates, with no respect for the historical roles that culminated in the glories of Western culture.

Sound familiar? That’s because it is socialism…and the road to Hayek’s serfdom. Break down the family, as LBJ so ably accomplished with black America with his Great Society, and which has moved on to the rest of America. Break down religion by constantly attacking its traditions (marriage), and its definitions (man and woman are different!). Break down the economy by destroying our manufacturing base that allowed women to function in their traditional and best roles. And the current effort to break down the very physical definition of Man and Woman by mainstreaming the insanity of transgenderism is merely the next step in the progression from a traditional to a post-modern socialist society in which we are the cogs in the great machine of government, without any individuality, without any personal freedom, and without the liberty for which the West has fought and struggled for 2,500 years.

The slippery slope that we were promised does not exist is here…we are on it…and we are accelerating down it.