The Morning Rant

The current unrest in Iran is simply the boiling over of bitter resentment of a repressive regime doing what it always does, combined with the flagrant and unapologetic murder of an innocent. The people of Iran have been abused since the beginning of the mad Mullahs’ reign, and only by brutal repression and refocusing their attention on external threats ( The great Satan (America) and The Little Satan (Israel)) have they retained their power.

But it isn’t only the people of Iran who have been injured…the entire world suffers from the terrorism that Iran exports wherever it can, and it is not just bombings and assassinations…it is terror directed at entire countries.

But is there an end in sight?

As Melanie Phillips describes:

As has been demonstrated by the suspension of the head of the morality police and the announcement of an inquiry into Amini’s death, the Iranian tyrants have been showing nervousness at this fresh eruption of street protest. As well they might: few know better than a revolutionary regime how fragile is the control it wields through brutality. If enough people have the courage to face that down, the regime falls.

Until now, the protests that have periodically erupted and have been viciously suppressed — including the “Green Revolution” that followed the disputed 2009 presidential elections — haven’t achieved the critical mass necessary to bring the regime down. But under the hardline president Ebrahim Raisi — who has presided over the execution of more than 300 people this year for political crimes — and the increasing privations of economic collapse, with an approximately 300 per cent increase in the cost of basic goods, public fury and desperation have been increasing.

Well, not if the Biden junta has anything to say about it! They have bent over backwards to accommodate Iran in the negotiations for restarting the nuclear deal that will guarantee a nuclear weapon for Iran in short order. And not just a relaxation of the sanctions, but the release of a huge amount of cash that will bolster the regime just when it is under significant pressure from within! Time and time again the Biden junta has acquiesced to most of Iran’s demands, making clear to Iran and the world that America is comfortable with the Mullahs having the ability to threaten the entire region with nuclear war.

State Department made ‘calculation’ to prioritize Iran nuclear deal over human rights issues

“We are doing everything we can not only to support the human rights and the aspirations for greater freedom of the Iranian people, but also to hold accountable those within the Iranian system that are responsible for … violence against the Iranian people,” Price said. “When it comes to Iran, though … there would be no greater challenge to the United States, to our partners and to the broader international system than an Iran with a nuclear weapon.”

Price argued that any challenge Iran poses would ultimately grow more severe if Iran attained a nuclear weapon, citing the country’s support for terrorist groups and proxy militias in the region as examples of threats that might grow more severe.

Except that the nuclear deal will provide everything Iran needs to create a nuclear weapon and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply carrying water for the accommodationists in the West Wing and the state department.

It is the perfect time to support the anti-government protesters in Iran with regular public announcements and perhaps private support that could include communications assistance and even arms. If the Mad Mullahs are rocked back on their heels by country-wide protests against their rule, it is incumbent upon America to pause the negotiations and shift the world’s focus on the abysmal human rights record of the Iranian dictatorship.

Why not let the people of Iran do the work for us…and the world? Aside from the pesky little fact that the Biden junta is for all intents and purposes on the side of the Mullahs, that seems like a great idea!

Too bad that they see Iran as a perfect foil against those filthy Jooos in Israel and their disgusting desire to be safe from their enemies. The administration and its handlers in Kalorama would rather see a nuclear-armed Iran that promptly launches against Israel, than a safe and prosperous Middle East with Israel as the militarily and economically dominant player.