The Degradation Of Western Culture Continues Apace: Making Life Itself Valueless Is A Step Toward Unthinkable Horrors

The destruction of Judeo-Christian philosophy is nowhere more evident than the relatively recent diminution of the value of human life from something unique to that of just another animal living on their precious Gaia. Peter Singer may be the most obvious American example of this terrifying trend, which hides behind various terms like “utilitarianism,” and “post-modernism,” but in reality is indistinguishable from socialism — both the national and international flavors — whose rabid assaults on the sanctity of life are well documented, and continue to this day.

In fact it looks like socialism because it IS socialism. The idea of the individual is anathema to its goals, and what better way to achieve those goals than to erode the sanctity of life itself? If the highest expression of humanity is pleasure and happiness, and that expression is unachievable, then simply end that life. Simple, and chilling. It is a vile misreading (no doubt intentional) of Western philosophy, which suggests that happiness is a laudable goal. Augustine and Aquinas are famous for that, but neither suggested that happiness is the only goal!

23-year-old woman ‘euthanized’ due to mental ‘trauma’ over 2016 Brussel airport bombing

The mother said that after her daughter ended up in the emergency room following a suicide attempt, she wanted to support her wish to die.

“That was the first time she asked me: ‘why can’t I just die?’ I then told her that I did not want to lose her, but that I understood her question in some way. Then she made the click that she wanted to say goodbye to her family and friends and not just want to take her own life,” Marielle recalled.

“Something like this is really very difficult, but at that moment it is the only thing you can do for your child as a mother. Be there for her and try to support her… I felt from the start that this was really what she wanted, I realized very well that the way Shanti has had to live in recent years is to survive, that that was not an option to continue like this to live.”

This is our world now, in which a mother accepts the significant psychiatric illness of her daughter as the truth…the reality…and accedes to the demands of that illness. Mothers used to die in defense of their children! Now they embrace assisted suicide?

The individual is the most important part of Western philosophy and culture, and that concept must be destroyed before the communitarian insanity of socialism comes to the fore. What better way to erode the West than to make one of its greatest achievements, the primacy of the person…the individual, less important than the transitory pleasure of the world. In one fell swoop that diminishes the importance of family and of religion, the two most powerful tools in the fight against socialism.

If a mother accepts the death of her child, then what is family? If death is preferable to life, then what has God given us?

And that is the message of euthanasia and the dismissal of family and religion: it is an artifact of a flawed society that will be supplanted by the enlightened socialist utopia that is the end game of so much of this diseased and evil thinking.

The Nazis carefully desensitized the typical German to the coming horrors by segregating and eventually killing the least among them…the retarded, the chronically ill, the hopelessly insane. That way it was easier to move on to others who were obviously not a “drain on society.”

I wonder how we are going to treat this young man in a dozen years?

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