Embassies In Jerusalem? That Will Be A Catastrophe!
President Trump: “Wrong!”

There are large and organized campaigns in the United States to demonize Israel and, by extension, Jews throughout the world. Those campaigns, most of which are on or affiliated with college campuses, are creations of the significant Islamist presence in our universities or the typical leftist antipathy toward Israel and Jews. Their recent expansion into Congress is troubling, represented by the infamous Rashida Tlaib and “The Squad.”

The other side of the anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist coin is the comparatively tiny groups of neo-Nazis, Klansmen, skinheads, and white supremacists.” Their numbers are vanishingly small and have no influence over American policy and political discussion, other than as a stalking horse. And large majorities of Americans are supportive of Israel, and have a benign view of that country’s activity with respect to its self defense, so for the time being there is an upper limit to support for anti-Semitic and anti-Israel policies.

And compared to the United Kingdom, America might as well be Tel Aviv.

Hysteria greets British PM Liz Truss’s embassy move proposal

Prime Minister Liz Truss has said she wants to move the British embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. When former U.S. President Donald Trump similarly proposed moving the American embassy, liberals grabbed for the smelling salts. The outcome of such a move, they predicted, would be Armageddon. The entire Arab world would rise up in fury. The relocation of the embassy would utterly destroy the cause of peace. None of this occurred. Instead, the precise opposite took place. The embassy was moved in May 2018. In Sept. 2020, the historic Abraham Accords were signed between Israel and the Gulf states, a development that did more to advance the cause of peace between Israel and the Arabs than anything else over the course of the previous century.

Of course the move of the American embassy was the important one. That there are important politicians and public figures agitating against a similar move by the UK is proof that the motivation is simply to prevent the complete integration of Israel into the community of nations, for reasons that are blindingly obvious. Do these people actually think that after America’s move that a similar UK action means anything? I doubt most of the world cares, and probably won’t notice.

Certainly the Arab Middle East is more concerned with the catastrophe unfolding around Iran’s pursuit of an atomic bomb; they are probably sick and tired of the never-ending “Palestinian” question, and would much prefer that they simply go away. President Trump proved that with his Abraham Accords (the embassy move set the stage), and the push-back against the Biden Junta’s insane desire to make an Iranian nuclear program a success is proof that the Arab world is more rational about Israel than the Kalorama Clowns who seem to be running the Biden White House.