The Morning Rant

War is a masculine pursuit. Fighting is a masculine pursuit. There is no way around the fact that testosterone contributes to the aggressiveness of men, and it is that aggression that drives success on the battlefield. And along with that aggression comes the spirit of camaraderie and platonic love that is vital to the cohesion of a military unit. The guy next to you in your foxhole or helicopter or tank or APC is your brother, and he will die for you, as you will for him.

Add women to the mix and it becomes complicated, with sexual tension and the traditional inclination of men to protect women. Add fake women and fake men and homosexuals and non-binary…whatevers…and the strong fraternal structures of a successful military are degraded. Worst of all, that diminution of the brotherhood makes membership in it less attractive to the traditional archetype of military recruits. Why should a young man who desires to be part of a fellowship…a masculine fellowship that works toward a common goal…join an organization that carefully works to diminish the very characteristics that he finds so attractive in military service?

So this is particularly nonsensical, even judging it by the standards of the drooling fool-in-chief!

Department Of Defense Says Military Enlistment Wouldn’t Be So Low If Women Could Just Kill More Babies

The ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has impacted access to reproductive health care with readiness, recruiting, and retention implications for the Force.

Never mind that an insanely woke military leadership has destroyed the traditional values of a successful military and swapped them for bat-shit crazy ideas about transsexuals and women and white privilege and racial animus. Never mind that our military is failing at the very things it must do to win; things like driving ships and flying planes and training our soldiers to win on the battlefield. Instead they are inculcating the military with the insanity of a post-modern world, filled with fixation on race and gender and sex and equity: the very things that destroy unit cohesion and make a career in the military less attractive to the kinds of young men who are the best at fighting.

Abortion is important for one reason; electoral success in November. The Democrat party has fixated on it as the savior of their coming elections, and are willing to use it as a bludgeon, even in this laughably silly instance.

If the United State military wants to improve recruiting, stop the woke nonsense. Train our soldiers to fight, and forget the rest of the crap that it has dragged into the military straight out of the fever dreams of academics and lunatic leftists whose real goal is the destruction of America.

But that will not happen until President Trump or President DeSantis fires the Joint Chiefs and the next several thousand top officers, and brings back the true spirit of the American military: the mindset and men that drove us to victory on countless battlefields throughout the world.