Immigration Control Is Possible, It Is Popular, And It Will Lead To Electoral Success

Anyone who claims that America cannot control its borders and evict the millions of squatters who have invaded us over the past 50 years is lying…and lying for a particular political and demographic reason. Shifting the electorate from a Western-centric philosophy to a third-world, large-government-loving and dependent population is the easiest way to guarantee a permanent underclass that will always support the left in its drive to create a socialist America.

But the big lie is belied by the data. Illegal entry into the United States decreased significantly after the election of Donald Trump, whose policies were essentially to enforce the law and protect the Southern border. Nothing complicated other than the political difficulty of building a physical barrier to illegal crossings.

The next logical step is the return of those already in the country illegally to their homes; through social, economic, political and legal pressure. And once again the absurd claims that we cannot enforce the rule of law is made not for substantive reasons but to further an obscene ideology that requires America to be subsumed in a sea of foreign ideals.

But it is entirely possible, and in fact is occurring as the elitist globalists pretend that it is impossible. No less than the ultimate progressive state of Denmark has decided that Denmark is for the Danes, and illegal interlopers are no longer welcome.

Denmark Leads the West to Immigration Sanity

Denmark’s unusual path to immigration restrictionism started in 2001, when the SD’s seventy-seven-year streak came to an end and it lost power due to widespread stress over uncontrolled immigration, especially coming from the Middle East. Then, in 2006, a depiction of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper cartoon spurred international protests in the Muslim world. The controversy was Denmark’s largest foreign relations controversy in decades. In 2015, the SD fared badly again, also due largely to concerns about immigration from the Middle East.

In response, the party chose a thirty-seven-year-old woman, Mette Frederiksen, as its leader. She quickly overhauled the SD’s lax immigration policy, calling for a cap on “non-Western immigrants,” for illegal migrants to be expelled to North Africa, and for immigrants to have to be employed for a full work-week of thirty-seven hours. Her party supported a law allowing jewelry to be stripped from migrants as well as a ban on burqas and niqabs, the all-encompassing Islamic outfits.

This jaw-droppingly tough approach by a social democratic party paid off handsomely. The SD and its allies prevailed in the 2019 elections and Frederiksen went on to become prime minister. In contrast, the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DPP) did terribly, falling from thirty-seven seats in 2015 to sixteen seats in 2019.

Lo and behold! A political party that preserves the essential character of the country is rewarded at the polls! Shocking…isn’t it!

Securing the borders is of course the most important part of any effort to limit immigration to legal means. And President Trump demonstrated that it is comparatively easy.

But what is the next step, assuming that we have a united front among our national political leaders?

Employment. And start at the top. Audit the top 500 corporations in America, and for every employee who is not a legal resident, fine them $10,000/day. Then move on to other large employers who traditionally employee criminal illegal aliens: food processing, agriculture, construction, and perhaps food service. But keep enforcement to the biggest companies! leave the little guys alone. Sure, lots of landscaping and construction and restaurant companies are small but also use illegal labor. Give them a chance to reform while going after the heavy hitters at the top.

What’s next? Banking! Any financial transactions must be accompanied by proof of legal residence. You want to send a few hundred dollars back to your relatives in Guatemala or Shitcanistan? Cool…just be prepared to prove you are legally employed, otherwise no dice. And while there are ways around that — using your legal buddy to send money — those dodges should be treated the same way we treat purchasing a gun for someone else…jail time!

Is this possible in the United States? Of course it is! With the amount of government surveillance to which we are subject already, this is a piece of cake. Is it probable without consistent electoral victories over the next several years? Probably not. But the lesson of Denmark should not be lost on American politicians. Those who are Maga-curious for craven reasons can be coerced into voting the correct way, simply by electing them if they do, and bouncing them if they don’t.

Immigration policy, along with our quickly eroding free-speech rights are fast becoming the existential issues of our times. They are both existential threats to our republic, but one can be solved with straightforward efforts, and will have immediate salutary effects.