The Morning Rant

There are two competing themes here. The first and most obvious one is that paying any attention to what Lebron James says is an exercise in trying to translate from the blatherings of an incredibly spoiled and entitled man whose education effectively stopped when his athletic talent became obvious; probably at the age of 10. He is both stupid and ignorant, so everything he says should be filtered through that, and his entitlement, including the astoundingly stupid:

So many damn unfit people saying hate speech is free speech.

Huh? That is exactly what free speech is. If speech wasn’t offensive and challenging, nobody would care. This is the progressive model for the destruction of our rights as a free people, and we should push back against the concept that speech must not offend.

Elon Musk responds to LeBron James ‘scary AF’ N-word concern on Twitter

The second point is that the “n” word (wow…what a stupid construction) is ubiquitous in certain parts of black America, including in exactly the sort of music that James listens to, and in the conversation of entitled black athletes. It is astoundingly hypocritical for him to pontificate about its use when he perpetuates the double standard.

And lest you think it is of any importance in the cesspit of Twitter, the data produced by Twitter itself shows its use in 50,000 tweets by 300 accounts. That is a minuscule number, and when one realizes that most of those accounts are bots or fraudulent, the issue disappears.

But…this is part of a larger effort to delegitimize Elon Musk and his purchase of Twitter. James is simply an unthinking pawn in this game…doing what he is told by his leftist masters. If Musk succeeds in balancing Twitter’s censorship so that it is a roughly equal playing field for the entire political spectrum, it will go a long way to neutering the left’s stranglehold on the narrative among the elite, and the ignorant glitterati who parrot their message.

And that is the fear! Thus the unrelenting attacks on Musk and his purchase of their favorite propaganda tool.