The Morning Rant

One of the many deeply dishonest techniques the gun grabbers use is the demonization of weapons themselves, rather than the entirely appropriate condemnation of the individuals who misuse those weapons. They ascribe evil and magical properties to inanimate objects, as if the weapons themselves…in this case AR-15 pattern rifles…are sentient.

But they aren’t, and an honest appraisal of the issue would lead to a condemnation of the individual, not the tool with which he commits his crime. In the aftermath of the many terrorist attacks of the last two generations, did anyone call for the banning of airplanes or trucks?

The reality is that anyone who desires to commit murder will find a tool. If firearms are not available then he will use a knife or a bomb or a truck or poison or a few gallons of gasoline. Think back to 1990 and the Happy Land Social Club mass murder. less than one gallon of gasoline and the evil man killed 87 people.

Here is Connecticut’s entry into the stupidest senator competition, being either disingenuous or deeply stupid (or both!)…

Top Senate Dem Admits Biden ‘Probably’ Doesn’t Have The Votes To Ram Through Gun Control In Lame-Duck Session

“But if you look at some of the most high-profile mass shootings in the last couple of years, many of those mass shooters bought the weapon just days before carrying out the crime,” he added. “And so, if those weapons were no longer commercially available, only in possession of those who had bought them previously, I think a lot of mass shootings would have been prevented.”

Well, that is partially true. If we violate the Constitution and confiscate the tens of millions of AR-15 pattern rifles, then yes, probably a few shootings with those rifles would be prevented. But…and this is the problem with that sort of lying nonsense…would the murders have been prevented? No, most probably not. Those who are intent upon committing unspeakable crimes will find a way. And if some deeply disturbed maniac can’t get a rifle, he will get a pistol or a shotgun or a can of gasoline or a kitchen knife or an 80,000 lb. tractor-trailer or whatever is handy.

So the murders will be committed, just not with the evil, sentient “assault rifle.” And that’s perfectly okay with the elites who are terrified of the People and their power to overthrow a tyrannical government, by force of arms if necessary. And they are terrified of the People who can defend themselves from the depredations of those criminal evildoers without reliance on the government.

Gun Control has nothing to do with stopping crime. Otherwise there would be a concerted effort in the inner cities, where the vast majority of violent crime occurs, to track down and punish those miscreants who violate basic gun laws. it was done to amazing effect by Mayor Giuliani in NYC in the 1990s, so a proven template exists.

Gun Control has everything to do with removing the power of the People. Look to Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, and most recently communist China to see what happens when the People are disarmed.

Does anyone think that the communist party of China would have been able to lock down more than a billion people if the Chinese people were armed? The current protests would be much more threatening to Xi and his cronies if there were tens of millions of weapons available to the protesters.

A free society by definition must tolerate a certain degree of chaos. The availability of firearms creates that chaos in some places and in some circumstances. But the net benefit of a free People exercising their God-given natural rights to self defense dwarfs the purely theoretical improvement in safety, which is easily refuted by a casual review of the violence in places like Mexico, which has draconian gun control laws and an unbelievable murder rate!

Senator Murphy wants us to be serfs…compliant with government edicts, and subservient to government power.

As a free People, we refute his dictatorial desires with the simple exercise of our rights, and as long as we forcefully defend those rights, we will have the opportunity to remain free. But the day we give in is the day we become subjects.