The Morning Rant

We need serious men and women if we are to salvage what is left of our republic. People with plans to revamp our broken and corrupt voting systems; people who understand the existential danger of a “woke” military; people who see the border crisis as it is…an invasion; people who will defend free speech against its powerful enemies in corporate America and the deep state; people who will unleash American industry (including the petroleum industry); people who are not afraid to place the interests of the American people above that of unelected bureaucrats in Washington and Europe. People who see the blood of our soldiers and sailors and marines as immensely valuable and important, and are unwilling to spend it cavalierly.

And Donald Trump may very well be one of those people, based on his prior record and the interesting and powerful set of policy points he announced last week. But try to find those points and you will be overwhelmed by thousands of articles about his childish and stupid NFT trading card sale, which for no sane reason on earth he announced on the same day.

Even on his reelection website it is impossible to read those proposed policies without signing up for texts and emails and being nagged for money. Actually, for all I know it is impossible regardless…I didn’t bother to give away my information.

It is said that all publicity is good, but when that publicity is mocking and insulting and obscures the important points that one assumes Donald Trump wants to make with his policy announcement, then the axiom is incorrect. And he handed the snarling, nasty, viciously anti-American media a perfect opening to bury his policy announcement. That is the definition of an unforced error.

Those trading cards are the mark of an unserious man. But don’t take my word for it…just listen to Stephen Bannon, Sebastian Gorka and Steve Cortes on Bannon’s The War Room from last Thursday (skip to 2:45). Yes, those three are famous NeverTrumpers and traitors, but give it a listen anyway.

Donald Trump is in desperate need of a shake-up in his current crop of advisors. What idiot thought trading cards was a good idea at the same time of a major policy announcement? Who is advising him to focus on the steal, and not look to the future?

Use every legal means at his disposal to expose the theft of the 2020 election? Absolutely! But the American people do not like the scent of a whiner and a loser, and Donald Trump’s fixation on the past without any solid plans for fixing what ails America’s voting systems smells like a sore loser demanding a do-over.

That will never happen. And every day that goes by with Donald Trump signalling that the 2020 election is more important than the future of this once-great country is a day of lost possibilities. He must be optimistic; he must look to the future; he must articulate a coherent plan for the safety, prosperity, and most of all freedom of the American people, or his presidential aspirations will be subsumed in a cloud of backward-looking despair.