The Morning Report 12/21/22

Good morning, kids. Wednesday and I guess the theme for today, and probably every day, is the usual suspects pissing on our backs and telling us it’s raining. The latest example of this is so-called “journalist” Martha Raddatz, who looks like she’s wearing a knockoff of Rashida Taliban’s coelacanth face mask belching up this madness:

In an interview with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, ABC’s Martha Raddatz stated “I don’t think I’ve ever heard [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden say, we have an open border, come on over. But people I have heard say it are you, are former president Trump, Ron DeSantis, that message reverberates in Mexico and beyond.”

Abbott was arguing that cartel smugglers and undocumented migrants know Joe Biden “supported open borders” and is failing to enforce immigration laws.

“You talk about the border wall, you talk about open borders,” Raddatz told Abbott, adding “So they [the cartels] do get the message that it’s an open border and smugglers use all those kind of statements.”

So, talking about the reality of an open border is the problem, not the actual open border.

Tucker Carlson responded to the mental gymnastics on display, noting that the border crisis is “completely ignored by the media. Except when they are forced to respond and they tell you to shut up and stop complaining.” 

“On ABC News, someone called Martha Raddatz argued that actually it’s people who are against immigration who are to blame for the immigration crisis because they’re talking about it and therefore advertising it to the rest of the world,” Carlson further noted.

The disaster on the border is now of such an open and massive magnitude that it can’t be hidden. There aren’t nearly enough planes and busses to sneak the masses of illiterate third world peasantry around the country in the wee small hours, when no one is looking. So, what’s the junta to do? Lie and deflect the blame. 

In another time and place, Raddatz would probably get a commendation for crafting a headline like:

“Jews to Blame for Persistent Smoke Condition Over Auschwitz”

It is crucial to remember that the erasure of our southern border, the goal of which is the erasure of the definition in legal and cultural terms of American citizenship itself, has been going on for almost 60 years. While the deflection of blame by the junta is certainly understandable, there is more than a mere nugget of truth to the contention of Republican guilt. No, I don’t mean Trump, DeSantis, Abbott nor anyone who has been screaming bloody murder about this. While the Left surely desires open borders for political ends, their confederate remora in the GOPe and Chamber of Commerce desire it as a means to obtain cheap labor here at home, regardless of the long-term and even immediate consequences to both our economy and society in general.

Let’s set the Wayback Machine for just over 22 years ago (cue Tommy Vietor’s “that’s, like, ancient history, dude!”):

The late Robert L. Bartley was the [Wall Street] Journal’s editorial page editor for 30 years before stepping down from that position in 2002. On July 3, 2000, he penned a column for the paper titled “Liberty’s Flame Beckons a Bit Brighter”, which began:

As one of this newspaper’s proud little traditions, on the Fourth of July we offer an editorial salute to immigration. Back in the immigration debate of 1984, we proposed a five-word Constitutional amendment: There shall be open borders. We have repeated this periodically since under an editorial headline invoking Liberty’s torch, “The Rekindled Flame.”

As we all now know, that paper today is basically a leftist/globalist rag. But 22 years ago, before Biden, Obama and 9/11, it must have been quite a shock to read something like this in an outlet everyone thought was a legitimate newspaper. Even on it’s op-ed pages which at the time were regarded, to be charitable, as somewhat left of center, this was a head-scratcher if not a head-exploder. My how times have changed. Or what really has changed is that all the things we blindly accepted as articles of faith, that the GOP was for conservative, free market capitalism, fiscal responsibility, limited government and the defense of the realm with sane foreign policy. 

And you can thank the mere presence, if not the policies of Donald J. Trump for opening our eyes to this.

To read that now, you have to chuckle a bit sheepishly then shake our heads and get angry. It’s all a lie. A fucking lie. Forget pissing on our backs. They’re gang anal-raping us and telling us it’s just hemorrhoids.

Late last night, congressional negotiators revealed the long-awaited omnibus spending bill. The mammoth legislation came in at 4,155 pages and allocated $772.5 billion in spending for domestic initiatives and $858 billion for defense.

On Monday, Politico reported that the omnibus would include provisions ending a requirement that states keep ineligible Medicaid beneficiaries on the rolls, effective April 1. Congress enacted the requirement in March 2020, and the Biden administration has continued to extend the public health emergency started by the federal government at the outset of the Covid pandemic despite President Biden previously declaring the pandemic to be “over.”

A primary reason for the constant extension of the state of emergency was to enable the government to finance an ever-increasing amount of Medicaid recipients. Expanding programs like this is one of the main objectives of the welfare-industrial complex.

The timing of this nascent “deal” seems particularly questionable. With Republicans regaining control of the House of Representatives in January, lawmakers could force votes in both chambers early next year on terminating the public health emergency. (Previously, Republicans only had the ability to demand a vote in the Senate.) Such an effort would likely force Biden to veto legislation ending an emergency for a pandemic he already called “over.”

Why would Republicans cave mere weeks before gaining an additional leverage point? The answer appears both cynical and obvious. . . 

. . . By explicitly admitting the poor nature of the trade-off, the staffer in question has laid down a marker for future employment among the myriad of health care, lobbying, and interest groups downtown. Translated, the subtext of the staffer’s message might be, “Because I cut this bad deal for Republicans, all you medical provider groups got a legislative vehicle to receive the ‘sweeteners’ and other special deals you wanted in this massive omnibus bill. So please remember me a few years from now when I’m looking for you to pay me $300,000 or $500,000 per year to lobby my former colleagues on your behalf.”

That this staffer spoke to Politico — the epitome of K Street corporatism, where lobbyists pay tens of thousands of dollars annually for subscription services with the latest Capitol Hill gossip — reinforces the crony corruption behind much legislation in Washington. As cynical as it sounds, those thoughts permeate the minds of many staffers on Capitol Hill, although few would be bold enough to say as much outright. 

And for those of you wondering, yes, lobbyists get paid ridiculous sums to make their pleadings before Congress. Unfortunately, taxpayers (read: you and me) get stuck with the tab for this and many other bad deals made by the anonymous staffer.

Meanwhile in another part of the forest . . . 

. . . it’s probably safe to assume one of the reasons Baker exited the FBI was to dodge any accountability for the FBI’s reckless and politically motivated attempt to investigate the president of the United States. Twitter was a pretty soft landing.

Or at least it was, until it was revealed that Baker, who was still employed at Twitter as of a few weeks ago, got fired after he intercepted the internal company communications Musk was giving to journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss to expose the censorship and misdeeds of the company’s previous management. Nobody has quite figured out what he was doing, but there’s widespread speculation Baker may have removed Twitter communications with the FBI or other damning info before it could become public. . . 

. . . Yes, large global corporations need high-level, discreet corporate security, and potentially for benign purposes the particular skillsets that former law enforcement and intelligence personnel provide. However, the situation with Baker makes the problem plenty obvious. If you’re inclined to automatically trust the professionalism and integrity of the FBI and CIA, please have your head examined.

I want to know how many of these FBI and CIA agents are “sheep dipped.” In the intelligence world, “sheep dipping” is a term of art. It describes a tactic whereby a member of the military is “officially discharged from service” to do covert work. In secret, they are still eligible for rank promotions and military benefits.

I first learned the term from my father, because he was “sheep dipped.” He worked for the CIA in Laos in the early 1960s lead-up to the Vietnam War. He was a young Marine officer. During his year in Laos, his normal service records were replaced with records saying he was separated from the Marine Corps, to allow the government to deny any responsibility if anything happened to him. When he returned from Laos, they swapped out the files saying he’d left the Marine Corps with his regular service record, all as if nothing unusual had happened. . . 

. . . Fun fact I learned earlier this year: The man in charge of CIA operations in Laos when my father was there was the legendary spymaster Ray Cline. One Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory relates that Lee Harvey Oswald, who was still serving in the Marines when he briefly defected to the Soviet Union, didn’t really defect. He was sheep dipped and working for the CIA on an intelligence-gathering mission inside the Soviet Union.

The whole crazy escapade, according to the tale, was possibly organized by Cline, the local CIA station chief at the same time and place as one of Oswald’s previous overseas deployments. For what it’s worth, Cline also happens to be the former father-in-law of Stefan Halper, the dubious paid informant who was the FBI’s source for much of their bogus Trump-Russia investigation.

In case, you’re keeping track, why yes, I did just draw a line, albeit not a particularly straight one, that connects the Kennedy assassination and the Russiagate scandal. (It would have been too digressive to mention Cline and Halper’s connections to Watergate and Iran Contra, but I think you get the drift.) . . .

. . . But the point here isn’t to offer up conspiracies about the Kennedy assassination. It’s to make the point that one reason conspiracy theories are so easy to believe is that it’s well-known the Deep-State Industrial Complex employs a lot of tactics such as sheep dipping that are expressly about manipulation and deception. . . 

. . . With the exception of an under-resourced conservative media and a few independent lefty journalists such as Taibbi and Greenwald — who have dared to stay true to ideals that most of the journalists now trying to discredit them claimed to hold six years ago — no one is interested in solid evidence suggesting intel agencies have been secretly curbing Americans’ First Amendment rights, and possibly doing so to explicitly influence elections.

If there were an oven around here, I’d stick my head in it. That said, I’m at the point of wanting to shove a number of other people’s heads in it. And from both sides of that mythical aisle. Yay! Bipartisanship!



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