The Morning Rant

The experience of the last two generations has proved that American military might is always used with craven political and financial considerations at the forefront, and winning — exacting a terrible toll on the enemy while preserving American lives — is no longer part of the equation. We have spent 20 years in the Middle East and Afghanistan trying to create some sort of Pax Americana in a region that recognizes only one thing…military might. And we have carefully titrated our responses to every provocation for maximum domestic political and financial gain and minimum military gain. Our military was prevented from doing what it was trained to do…kill people and destroy things…instead being tasked with creating some sort of Jeffersonian democracy that existed only in the ignorant and insular minds of the Ivy League fools who directed our military adventures.

And they failed. Just like they failed in Korea…just like they failed in Vietnam…just like they failed in Cuba…just like they failed in Somalia…and on and on.

And on the way we have lost many thousands of fine Americans, whose lives should have been of the utmost importance to our political masters, but instead were considered just one more political tool. And what do we have to show for these men’s sacrifice? Nothing. Afghanistan is back to its steady state of a terrorist base cum 7th century hell-hole. Iraq is well on its way to becoming a vassal state of Iran.

But this time…THIS TIME! They will do it right!

‘Are you suggesting putting boots on the ground in Ukraine?’ – #KayBurley

Former Defence Minister Sir Gerald Howarth: “I think that is something we now have to consider, certainly if you were to put a NATO force in there.”


📺Sky 501 and YouTube— Sky News (@SkyNews) January 31, 2023

Ah…NATO! They love to spend our blood and treasure on foreign adventures that protect their retirement funds while simultaneously bashing everything American (except our cash). But this is clearly a salvo in the escalation of the Ukraine war….a war that is essentially a regional border dispute. There is an insane drive to widen the war into some sort of global conflict between Putin (the biggest meanie on the planet!) and the enlightened West, in service of some sort of post-Cold-War desire to punish Russia and Putin. Never mind that Russia has its hands full in Ukraine, that the Russian armed forces have been shown to be weak, corrupt, poorly trained and incapable of any sort of sustained military activity.

The idea that once they conquer Ukraine they will wheel northwest and invade Poland ignores the reality on the ground. This is not an army capable of offensive operations against a well prepared foe. And there are even crazier predictions…Finland, the Baltic states, and who knows where else will fall to this nonexistent Russian juggernaut.

But Europe and the Biden junta are busily provoking a wider conflict with oceans of weapons and cash being delivered to the kleptocratic Ukrainian political class, no doubt with their cuts being deposited in safe and secret accounts in the Cayman islands and Switzerland.

America is already on the hook for more than 100 Billion dollars, and if the bloodthirsty Europeans get their way, we will soon be sending our troops into the wood chipper of Eastern Ukraine.

That is insanity.

Until there is a sea change in American culture and politics, we cannot send our troops on foreign adventures. We have repeatedly demonstrated that we will fail, and that was with a much better military! Our current state of preparedness is pathetic in comparison to that of 30 or 20 years ago. How does the American military plan on winning in Ukraine when most of our soldier’s and sailor’s and Marine’s time is spent on gender education and racial grievance workshops?

If Europe wants Ukraine to win, then they can supply the troops necessary to push Russia back to its original borders (wherever those are). They have 700 million people…I am confident that they can recruit enough soldiers to be victorious.

Pax Americana must be consigned to the dust heap of history. We must push Europe to take charge of their own defense, reengage with our few real allies, make clear to the world that absent existential threats we will no longer be the world’s (corrupt) cop, and look inward for a generation to repair the damage that this globalist view has done to American fortunes and American culture.

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  1. As JJ referenced from Kubrick’s masterwork, the war machine rationalizes the juxtapose of “born to kill” and “world peace” like other people breathe. Mammon is a vicious master. I just hope the other world leader involved in all this thinks it’s a game too.

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