The Morning Rant

The Woke curriculum that is pushing out classical education is going to be the death of traditional academia in America. Add to it the ferocious censorship of anything remotely resembling heterogeneity of thought, and in many cases actual violence in response to any expression of political or social philosophy that does not embrace a ridiculous and anti-freedom litany of equity and BLM and trans-rights and anti-Israel/Zionism and anti-free-markets and post-modern analysis and the rest of the orthodoxy that passes for intellectualism on America’s campuses, and you get a recipe for failure.

Fine. Have at it. But realize that your precious universities will lose a significant portion of the students who pay the bills and go to class and get jobs and donate to alumni funds. Because they are completely alienated by the insanity that passes for education.

Ah…they’ll just expand access to those wonderful universities to “underserved segments of society.” That is doublespeak for “dumbshits.” Let us not pretend that it is anything other than a frantic scramble to exclude the people who succeed and include the people who have no business being on campus. You know…pathetic SAT scores and mediocre GPAs from awful high schools. These are the people who need remedial writing and math (arithmetic probably) classes…in college! But they are reliably leftist, and will accept the indoctrination without complaint.

Hillsdale College Sees 53% Increase in Applications as More People Reject Wokeness

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, enrollment in colleges across the nation has decreased by roughly 13%. While many colleges struggle to draw in students, many faith-based universities are seeing a boom in applications, championing the classical curriculum over woke ideologies.

“Seeing a boom” is a bit imprecise, but if there is a significant increase in enrollment in schools where the education is delightfully anachronistic…a classical liberal arts education, then it bodes well for America.

If I were hiring for positions that required reading and writing and thinking skills, I would prioritize these folks over anyone coming out of the leftist diploma mills.

Like the State University of New York System!

Recently, the State University of New York (SUNY) system will require all new students to take courses related to social justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion beginning fall 2023.

Sadly, it used to be an excellent system, where New Yorkers could get a solid education for a reasonable amount of money.

The last time I checked, the population of New York state was decreasing, which may mean that the enrollment in its state universities is declining. I wonder if these sorts of changes has anything to do with it?