The Morning Rant

Good! It is vitally important in this day and age that Germany continues its headlong rush into global insignificance. Any rational foreign policy is designed to protect the country’s interests across the world, and if Germany wants to make its national interest a placeholder for an aggressive feminist agenda…have at it. I am sure it will go swimmingly in centers of feminism such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and Congo and Malaysia and…

Germany announces new “feminist foreign policy”

“We will work hard to give our foreign service a more female face and to raise the proportion of women in senior roles,” Germany’s first female foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, said in the introduction to the 88-page long feminist foreign policy guidelines. Just 26% of German ambassadors are currently female.

“We will also more systematically allocate our financial resources in the service of feminist foreign policy,” the Greens politician said.

Baerbock has already made a point on her trips abroad to address gender issues such as sexual violence during the conflict in Ukraine and abortion in the United States.

Oh…Thank God! We need Germany to inject itself into the abortion debate, because Germans have always shown the utmost respect for human life.

Critics say the government needs to avoid coming across as moralising. Sweden antagonised several allies after it started focusing more on gender equality and human rights in its diplomacy. “We must not make the error of mixing up value-oriented foreign policy with moralising foreign policy,” Bijan Djir-Sarai, the general secretary of junior coalition partner the Free Democrats, told broadcaster Welt.

Even their coalition realizes it’s stupid and counter-productive and a threat to diminish Germany’s place in geopolitics.

But it will be a race to the bottom, as Germany simultaneously destroys its manufacturing base and drives its standard of living down to third-world status.

Hell, they already prioritize refugees over their citizens! Yup…they are evicting 40 people in a city in southwest Germany.

Forty people living in an apartment building in the German city of Lörrach have been given eviction notices as the government makes room for refugees.

I laughed about it in the current CJN podcast, and I will continue to chuckle as Germany systematically destroys what we helped them to build with the Marshall plan, and eviscerate what once was an industrial powerhouse second only to America.

But they embraced the worst of socialism when they unified, and Germany is now a pale reflection of its former self. Who knows how it will end up, but Germany is in for some tough times, at least until they reject the soft leftism that has consumed them.