Bill Gates Is Evangelizing For A Decrease In Living Standards…And He Knows That People Will Not Willingly Go Along

This is an evil combination of awareness of the human condition and the arrogance that it doesn’t matter…that his desires and beliefs are more important. This is 1793 revolutionary France, which decided that the Gregorian Calendar was insufficiently revolutionary and changed it to the French Republican Calendar, which was moronic in the extreme. 360 days/year anyone? It was the dismissal of reality, of science, of objective observation of the world. And they didn’t care!

Fast forward to Soviet science à la Lysenko…how did that turn out? And the even more evil assumption that the innate uniqueness of Man was an artifact of ancient times, and that it could be manipulated and reeducated Five-Year-Planned and then we could all leap forward!

Yeah…at the cost of about 100,000,000 lives, and people still fought against it.

Bill Gates Admits Cold Truth About Climate Change

“I don’t think we can count on people living a impoverished lifestyle as a solution to climate change,” Gates said at an event in India on March 1. “You know, meat consumption in India will be less … That’s wonderful. Will all Indians become vegetarians? Will all Americans become vegetarians? I wouldn’t want to count on it. Anybody who wants to evangelize that, they’re welcome to. I won’t resist in any way.”

Why will meat consumption in India be less? I would hope that it will be more, as India becomes wealthier and the people have more choices!

The Microsoft co-founder also suggested that even when the United States uses “half as much energy per person,” it would be “unjust” to ask India to maintain consumption at its current level.

Ah…and now we arrive at the method! Gates understands that developing nations will never decrease their standards of living and will push and push for exactly the kind of lives that we live here in America. That is a dead-end. So what about using the insanity of Woke culture and the manipulation of science to create the conditions necessary for America and other first world nations voluntarily to decrease their own standards of living so that we can worship at The Sustainable Organic Church of the Carbon Apocalypse (© Buck Throckmorton 2023)? That sounds great! And we can add base corruption and the insane desire of the progressives for unbridled power, which dovetails nicely into the climate lunacy.

Gates is content to make Americans sacrifice their way of life so that Indians and Brazilians and Chinese and Algerians can enjoy air conditioning, 24 hour electrical supplies, good, clean and abundant food, clean water and the energy to travel freely. I guess it is still okay for them to mine the materials needed for our descent into third world status, but that’s a sacrifice he is willing to make!