The Morning Rant

She may be a shrill harridan who revels in exerting control over the populace, just like every other garden variety leftist masquerading as a “democrat.” And like every other member of the democrat/leftist/socialist cabal she understands where power resides…in this case the votes that unions can provide in exchange for the baldfaced theft of the honest workingman’s pay via mandatory union dues. How those votes are provided is anyone’s guess. Obviously there are true believers who will vote Democrat no matter what, but when a solid majority of Michiganders opposed ending “right-to-work,” yet candidates who supported the state-mandated theft of dues were elected, it gives one pause.

Michigan Repeals ‘Right-To-Work’ Law In Major Victory For Unions

Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer enacted legislation repealing right-to-work laws in the state on Friday, the first time such laws have been overturned in five decades.

The right-to-work measures had allowed residents to decline union membership in their workplaces and exempted them from being forced to pay union dues. Whitmer and other Democrats nevertheless celebrated the repeal, which marks a major victory for labor unions.

“Today, we are coming together to restore workers’ rights, protect Michiganders on the job, and grow Michigan’s middle class,” Whitmer said. “These bills will protect health and safety, ensuring healthcare workers can put patient care ahead of profit, construction workers can speak up when there’s a safety issue, and employees can call attention to food safety threats and other problems. Let’s continue delivering for working people.”

This is a mass of progressive (hah!) obfuscation. There is no mechanism to accomplish these fanciful claims via an incremental increase in the extortionist union dues paid by Michigan’s workers. And how does one grow the middle class by taking more out of their paychecks? The reality of course is that workers have those privileges now, and to suggest that they can only get them by enriching the union bosses is ridiculous. It also begs the question: what were those bosses doing before “right-to-work” was enacted, and what were they doing during it?

It is a payoff. Pure, unadulterated graft.

Oh, and so-called “red flag laws” are coming to Michigan. You know…obscene extrajudicial violations of the second amendment…another Democrat specialty. And transgender protections? Yup! That was approved by the legislature a few weeks ago.

Whitmer is good at this sort of stuff, so we should not be confident that the people of Michigan will reject her simply because her policies are bad for them. The power she wields via this sort of legislation will solidify her grip on the state’s political process, and also raise her national presence. Look to 2028, or even 2024 if the dribbling, nasty fool in the White House has a third (or fourth or fifth?) aneurysm and face plants into the soup at a formal dinner.