The Morning Rant

The vicious, rabid hatred of America’s armed forces on the part of the Democrat/Socialist apparatus currently in control of the Pentagon is on full, proud display with its 2024 military budget proposal. Gutting the offensive power of an already diminished United States Navy, and decreasing the ability of the navy to move United States Marines to the battle seems like a post-modern fever dream, but it is fast becoming reality.

Perhaps the notion that they are nothing more than (not so)crypto-socialists should be revisited. Looking back at the various socialist governments than came to power over the last 100 years we see a pattern of military growth among the first-line of socialist penetration, and a pattern of disarmament among the second-line countries…those whose socialism came about in part because of infiltration of their political and social apparatus by the original socialist countries. The Soviet Union was maniacally militaristic for its entire history. Their expansion into eastern Europe would have been impossible to maintain without a huge military. Yet their infiltration of Great Britain’s political and social institutions beginning in the 1930s was the catalyst for much of the country’s current-day weakness.

Biden’s Budget Cuts Funds to U.S. Navy As China Ramps Up Shipbuilding

President Joe Biden’s 2024 budget proposal would deal a massive blow to the already strained American Navy—the White House wants to prematurely retire eight ships and two combat vessels. By taking these ships out of action, the Navy would lose more than 600 vertical launch missile systems—a missile capability that serves as the primary deterrent to Chinese military attacks in the Pacific, according to congressional research provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

Biden’s budget would decrease the total number of active Navy ships, retiring at least 11 ships while only requesting the construction of nine new vessels. The Navy currently has 294 battle force ships, far short of the 355 it is required to have by law. Biden’s budget would further reduce this number, according to information about the White House’s 2023 budget proposal codified by Wicker’s office.

Is this the same process that occurred in Great Britain? Swap out the USSR for China and replace great Britain with America, the effects are almost identical. The infiltration of American academia is complete, and it was only a matter of time before Lenin’s “useful idiots” entered the halls of government power.

But the difference is stark. The Soviet Union fought to protect itself and expand. That they failed is a function of the inherent flaws in socialism itself, and not their focus and drive to conquer their adversaries in the West.

In Great Britain, and now in The United States, the drive is for self destruction! Shrinking our armed forces benefits nobody but the Chinese and other unknown future enemies. There is no benefit to America other than freeing up more deficit spending for failing social programs.

So calling the Biden junta “socialists” may be giving them too much credit. They are the useful idiots who obediently follow the fairy tales of socialism, but are incapable of seeing its reality and even acting in the same manner as the Soviets and the Chinese…fighting to protect and grow their countries.