The Morning Report 3/30/23

Good morning kids. Just to reiterate what I stated at the top of yesterday’s post, what happened in Nashville was an act of terrorism. I’ll go one further; given the nature of a number of links across a wide range of categories, the slaughter of innocent people may not have been directly state sanctioned, but I’m convinced it was approved. 

Let’s start with this interesting essay from one of the better writers at PJ Media, Ben Bartee as a way of formulating the crux of the overall biscuit:

I regularly monitor enemy communications — MSNBC news-actor soliloquies, Swamp creature interviews in NPR, White House and Pentagon press briefings, etc. — not because I believe there is any intellectual nourishment to be had by consuming the propaganda, but because it’s critical that we on the other side understand the narratives they craft and the purposes they serve so that we place ourselves in the best position to counter them.

The reach and influence of the legacy media are rapidly diminishing, but it still enjoys impressive reach with certain segments of the American population, particularly among the governing class in D.C. . . 

. . . The value of monitoring the corporate media is increased by the infiltration of the likes of the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC by Deep State actors. These so-called journalistic institutions, once ostensibly in opposition to state abuses of power, are now rats’ nests of “retired,” “former” Deep State spooks who never actually retire. Through these mediums and the reliable mouthpieces who appear on them, the Deep State often rolls out its latest narratives and issues threats, such as when Chuck Schumer openly threatened the sitting president with retribution for contradicting the Russiagate narrative in January 2017. . .

. . . The value, the reason to tune in, is to understand how the state is posturing itself in order to better understand its motivations and likely courses of action in any given context.

Of course, one has to put oneself in the right frame of mind to listen to the ravings of Maddow, Reid, Banjo Boy and concubine Mitzi Baryshnikov (nod to Ace for that moniker). That is, massive amounts of sedatives washed down with Pepto Bismol. God bless his memory, Rush Limbaugh waded through a daily torrent of dreck to come up with soundbite after soundbite of these schmucks spouting the identical, predigested and tested lines and phrases almost verbatim. 

And, in the case of the tranny terror attack, like night follows day, it’s blame the victims as well as any messenger who dares counter the narrative with the truth. In this case, that would be – yet again – Tucker Carlson:

Carlson addressed the tragic Monday shooting that took place at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, and argued that radical gender ideology was the antithesis of Christianity – and that being the case, the two could not peacefully coexist. But at no point did he name transgender people as the “enemy.”

Despite that, media and news site Mediaite ran with a headline suggesting that he had done exactly that: “Tucker Carlson Deems Trans People the ‘Natural Enemy’ of Christianity.”

“I said that trans theology is inherently at odds with Christian theology. That’s true. The recent mass murder in Nashville is one result of it, obviously,” Carlson told The Daily Wire. “The shills at Mediaite and in the rest of the media would like to keep lying about this, which is why they aren’t pushing to see the killer’s manifesto.”

Of course, TuCa is dead on the money. 

Carlson referred to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s comments on Tuesday. Garland that the FBI, the Nashville police, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are all investigating the shooting—and yet he wouldn’t hazard a guess on motive. “Motive hasn’t been identified, Garland told us,” Carlson said. “Really? You wonder how that could possibly be.” He explained that the shooter herself said she’d left evidence behind to elucidate her horrific actions.

Just before she opened fire, the Nashville shooter wrote these words to her best friend over Instagram. “One day this will make more sense. I’ve left behind more than enough evidence.’”That evidence includes a written manifesto where the killer spells out exactly why she killed children. The FBI, the ATF, the Nashville Police and, for that matter, Merrick Garland all have access to that manifesto. And yet somehow the Attorney General informs us that a motive has not yet been identified.

Carlson didn’t mince words, accusing the AG of deliberate dishonesty. “Well, he’s lying. They all are lying,” Carlson said. “We can’t see the manifesto, because the transgender lobby, which has far more power than you do, has pressured politicians to keep it hidden.” Carlson asserted, however, that we “can be certain” what the manifesto says. It will reveal that transgender Audrey Hale shot children because they were Christian, he insisted.

It’s as plain as two airliners flying into the Twin Towers with shouts of “allahu ackbar!” from the cockpit echoed by ululating and passing out candy from the rooftops of Jersey City all the way to Gaza what the motive is. And what happened in Nashville, as I said, terrorism. I like Josh Hawley a lot, and he is one of the very few effective and decent guys on our side in the Senate. But to call this a “hate crime” only aids and abets the enemy and if it doesn’t feed their narrative, only serves to obfuscate the truth, which at the end of the day is the same thing.

Just as there is a war on Christianity every bit as virulent and vicious as the 100% Leftist-fueled anti-Semitism, it’s only coming to the fore because although Jews are a very distinct minority here, America is still an overwhelmingly predominantly Christian nation. There is no denying the fact that that is how we were founded, and what our governmental system was based on and how we used to function as a society. The irony of the knockout game being played con gusto in places like New York City, historically the most Jewish city on the planet after pre-war Warsaw and much of Israel (more on how all this is related to what’s happening there in a moment) is that it is being played with Molotov cocktails on pregnancy crisis centers and churches, and now with bullets being sprayed in Christian schools.

Judeo-Christianity is the target. Why? Daniel Greenfield has the answer which I suspect you already can surmise:

A Minnesota bill now proposes to take children away from parents who don’t agree to have them sexually mutilated. Similar bills are working their way through other states.

Behind all the identity politics, the graphic sexual materials in classrooms, the covert gender swaps by public school administrators, critical race theory, drag shows and so much else is a showdown between the family and the state. It’s not a new confrontation, but teenage puberty blockers, suicides, sex and racism manuals have made the stakes painfully clear.

At the heart of sexual identity politics is an obsession with dismantling the family. The embrace of transgenderism by the state is no accident of politics. The family, like race and religion, is the chief rival to the state. The state set out to neuter its rivals through identity politics, using race, religion and finally sexuality to define new identities and use them to make the state supreme. . . 

. . . When schools secretly change the gender of children or push sexual and racist materials on them, the state is taking charge. And administrations and unions indignantly tell parents to keep quiet and not interfere. Parents, like most taxpayers, under the impression that the system answers to them or at least that it ought to answer to them were confused and enraged.

The shift from the single-income family to the two-income family with preschool encompassing children as young as 18 months and then to an ever more intensive chain of state educational institutions happened gradually enough that most parents thought it was their own idea. But what the Soviet Union and Communist China had failed to accomplish, happened in America. . . 

. . . Teachers and administrators in those institutions are pushing sexual identity politics on children as young as two years old not just because it’s a current leftist fad, but because eliminating the family wipes out any competition. The gradual transitional elimination of the family is rapidly picking up speed. Now the plan is to destroy the family by destroying the children.

Children have an inherent need for a family. Totalitarian regimes have fought the family in the past by turning children against their parents. And yet even in the face of the monstrous propaganda of the USSR, Communist China and Nazi Germany, the family has persisted. The Left has come to realize that the only way to destroy the family is to destroy the children. . . 

Bookmark this one for sure. Once again, Moloch Garland is at the center of the situation. While not releasing the terrorist’s manifesto, recall that he, along with Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants colluded with the National Association of School Boards to have uppity parents deemed “terrorists” and threats to national security for the treasonous crime of objecting to the body- mind- and soul-rape of their children with transsexualism and the self-hatred brainwashing of Jive Kampf and the 1619 Lie.

The nuclear family, along with the primacy of the individual, is a direct reflection of the primacy of the Divine. If you don’t believe in God, then a higher power above mere corruptible mortals that imbued you with your right to live and be free. Of course, that has to go because it stands in the way of “paradise on earth,” even if it short-dicks every cannibal in the Congo, or grinds over 100 million souls and counting into the permafrost of Kolyma, the Lake of Ashes in Birkenau, the killing fields of Cambodia and sadly a Christian school in Nashville. Is that hyperbolic? Not in the least IMHO. Same mentality, same pedigree, different time and place. But you better believe that what that twisted terrorist did in Nashville, those who cheer it on would be orgasmic to stack up the bodies like cordwood all over this country. 

So, not only do they not want to release the manifesto, they are now on track to make sure anyone who demands its release will be silenced even before he/she makes the demand.

The bill has been revealed as something far more expansive that a mere TikTok ban. It grants sweeping powers to the federal government to restrict the online activities of Americans, imposing heavy penalties on any citizen who circumvents it, including criminal fines of up to $1 million, jail sentences of up to 20 years, and the seizure and search of hardware and online accounts, including cryptocurrency accounts.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson eviscerated the bill in a segment this week, saying: “This bill isn’t about banning TikTok. It’s never about what they say it is. Instead, this bill would give enormous and terrifying new powers to the federal government to punish American citizens and regulate how they communicate with one another.”

“So you would be allowing the executive branch — the Biden administration — to regulate speech on the internet. And if you are somehow involved with, quote, a foreign adversary — let’s say you oppose the war against Russia — you go to prison for 20 years.”

. . . Donald Trump Jr., also slammed the bill. “The uniparty wants more power to control what we do and see,” said Don Jr. in a post on Twitter. “And now we’re going to give the Biden goons the ability to throw us in jail for 20 years if they decide we’re in violation of this craziness? No thanks.”

. . . Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said he would veto the RESTRICT Act if he were in office. “As opposed as I am to the Chinese infiltration of our economy, I think we have to be very careful not to become more like China in the process,” said Ramaswamy.

“The RESTRICT Act, billed as a ban on the CCP-linked TikTok app, is actually a Trojan horse for even more government surveillance,” said the official account of Young Americans for Liberty. “Have we learned anything from the Patriot Act?”

Bingo to Mr. Ramaswamy. Remember, this is the same Junta that tried to establish a Ministry of Truth, and no doubt is working behind the scenes to ram it through. “Evil never rests,” as Momma Sefton would say.

Just the News reported Tuesday that back when the existence of the Disinformation Governance Board first became public knowledge, Mayorkas was full of bland reassurances, insisting that there was “nothing sinister to hide” and claiming that the Orwellian and authoritarian board was actually based upon “best practices.” But you will no doubt be shocked — shocked! — to learn that this hasn’t actually turned out to be true. Just the News adds that “a year later, Mayorkas’ department is refusing to let Americans see most of the legal justifications and talking points it created to defend the now-disbanded board from ‘blowback,’ FOIA documents showed.”

Citizens United received over 100 pages of Jankowicz’s internal communications with her staff, but most of it was just blank white boxes. “What little is visible makes clear that DHS underestimated the negative reaction the board would provoke and was scrambling to find ways to keep the story from being pushed by ‘hostile’ news outlets.” This is understandable. These people live inside the Beltway, and inside the Beltway, nearly everyone hates the freedom of speech. These little authoritarians had no idea how poorly their act would play outside their echo chamber. . . 

. . . Just in the last few days, we have seen the ATF and the IRS move to target critics of the regime. We have seen the FBI pause from its efforts to frame the former president and Republican front-runner for 2024 long enough to label parents “domestic terrorists” for daring to protest at school board meetings against the far-Left agenda being pushed on their children in primary schools.

We have seen the putative president in a positively insouciant mood after a horrific mass murder in Nashville, apparently because he saw how the massacre could be used to advance his desire to disarm law-abiding Americans. The ongoing secrecy surrounding the Disinformation Governance Board, even a year after this ominous initiative was abandoned, only highlights the fact that this regime has goals that should be a matter of grave concern to every free citizen.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, the Davos-Biden-Brussels-Beijing Axis created yet another color revolution that has succeeded or is about to succeed in not only thwarting Benjamin Netanyahu’s legal and righteous attempt to retake the ill-gotten absolute power from a corrupt judiciary but perhaps in overthrowing his election and removing him and much of the Israeli right from power. What timing; just as Iran is about to enrich enough uranium for a bomb and as China has muscled its way into the region and wedge Israel away from the Saudis. PS: there goes the petrodollar, and here comes the petro-yuan.

What does that have to do with us? Plenty. While this corrupt, illegitimate junta in DC kneecaps our ability to defend our interests abroad while destroying our ability to feed, clothe and house ourselves right here at home, the only way they can stay in power is via control over the ballot box. We can beat each other up about Trump this and DeSantis that but the way things are going, 2024 is a foregone conclusion as James O’Keefe, who has resurfaced at just the right time, is showing us.

Psaki-psircling back, this is what tyrannical repression looks like. If this is a civil war, then it looks awfully one-sided right now. As for Garland et al, if the DOJ, FBI and all the rest are mostly good-guy “ham ‘n eggers” as world’s luckiest day laborer Sean Hannity insists, why hasn’t one of them proven it by leaking the transexual terrorist’s manifesto?

Meh, with scum like this consigliere to abortion mouse Katie Hobbs, we know what it says. The victims of transexual-Leftist terrorism in Nashville say it all.

And Trans Day of Vengeance is still on for Saturday. Is there a Hallmark card for that? Maybe next to the Kwanzaa section.


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