The Morning Rant

Melanie Phillips is a British journalist doing excellent work exposing the insanity of the West: its slow suicide in the face of Islamic terrorism, post-modern lunacy, transgenderism, and other issues over which the West has ceded all authority.

She is also a vociferous defender of Israel’s right to be just another country! You know…not being judged by a unique set of impossible moral strictures by an increasingly anti-Semitic Western world.

An unspeakable atrocity

On Friday, as the rabbi drove towards Tiberias in northern Israel for a Passover break with his family, the car following him carrying his wife Lucy (Leah) and two of his daughters, Maia and Rina, was ambushed by Palestinian Arab gunmen and crashed into the barrier. The gunmen then approached the car and shot Lucy and her daughters at point blank range with 20 bullets from a Kalashnikov rifle. Maia and Rina were killed on the spot. Lucy was left fighting for her life. Yesterday, Rabbi Dee buried his daughters. “How will I explain to Lucy what has happened to our two precious gifts?” he wept. Today, Lucy died.

This unspeakable atrocity has united Israel in horror. Once again, Israeli Jews have been murdered for nothing other than the fact that they are Jews living in their ancestral homeland. Once again, a quiet, wholesome, blameless family has been shattered for ever by the forces of evil bent upon exterminating Jews.

But the response from the government of the UK is vile. Phillips is UK-centric, but similar platitudes espousing the moral equivalence of terrorists entering a country and murdering innocents and that country vigorously defending its people and borders can be heard in America, in particular from the vile and historically Jew-hating state department, and recently of course from the White House itself, in the form of the drooling idiot mouthpiece Biden being controlled by the hard left anti-Semites in Kalorama.

The accepted narrative emanating from the Palestinian terrorist organizations and parroted by Western governments and NGOs is that the Arabs are the true citizens of Israel, and that all Jews are violent colonists who seek to drive out the original occupants.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The people of Israel have an unending presence on the land that goes back to biblical times. Judaism has a powerful theme of the recreation of the state of Israel, and 75 years ago that happened. The fury of the world that against all odds Israel has returned is focused with the useful tool of the fake “Palestinian” people, who are nothing more than a creation of the PLO as a political tool to destroy Israel.

Regardless of its ridiculousness, it is used as a cudgel with which to beat Israel, and as justification for the murder of innocents, in direct contravention of international law, including The Geneva Conventions Article 48, which states that civilians are never to be targets in any war.

The creation of equivalence between the murder of civilians and Israel’s attacks on terrorists and their infrastructure has allowed the dehumanization of Israel and its citizens, and the West is complicit in this fraud. When three people are murdered by terrorists and the reaction of the world is to seek justification for those murders, there must be an ulterior motive…and it is clear.

Traditional anti-Semitism is no longer acceptable in most polite society, so it has morphed into anti-Zionism, which is simply modern Jew-Hate! The idea that the aspirations of an ancient people — who are bound together not only culturally but by religion — for their homeland can be illegitimate flies in the face of thousands of years of human history and the reality of most people on earth.

The current political firestorm in Israel has allowed left-leaning governments to couch their traditional disgust with the concept of a powerful Israel as some sort of pro-democracy movement, as if Benjamin Netanyahu is the reincarnation of Hitler! It is politics…pure and simple…but the criticism has emboldened the terrorists surrounding Israel, and they have murdered and maimed with the tacit support of the West.

Israel will survive this, but at the cost of more innocents being butchered by the rabid, bloodthirsty “Palestinian People.” And the West is partly to blame.