Out Of Touch; Ignorant; Arrogant…Our Elites Have Been Channeling Pauline Kael For Two Generations

Whether she said exactly this is debatable, but the sentiment perfectly encapsulates the vast divide between America and those who would rule us.

I can’t believe Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.

They don’t know America or Americans, they don’t travel among us, they don’t eat the same food, they don’t wear the same clothes, and they certainly don’t watch the same movies!


But they are confident that we are wrong! We have lowbrow taste in food and clothing and recreation and movies. How else would we and our children actually enjoy a movie without overt political, social, and cultural messages?

The idea that a movie’s primary function is to entertain is lost on the critics and pundits on the left, who have bemoaned every successful pop-culture entry that doesn’t shove transgenderism, homosexuality, climate change, racism, sexism, and a host of their other pet messages down our throats.

There are two simple reasons for this. The first is glaringly obvious…they don’t have any idea what Americans enjoy. The second is also clear…these people are no fun. Everything in their world is seen through the prism of leftist politics and culture, and that is a miserable view.

Even when conservatives demonstrate, we have more humor and perspective than the left and its lunatic base that is increasingly dominant today. Just look at one of their protests…angry faces, screaming and yelling and often violent reactions to whatever imagined provocation precipitated the protest.

Now take a look at the other side of the coin. Hell…January 6th was not violent! And if you have seen a pro-life march or demonstration the odds are overwhelming that it is a bunch of people strolling along, some with their kids, and the thought of yelling and screaming and being angry never occurs to most of them.

The huge disparity between the opinions of the pinch-faced scolds in the media and the American audience of The Super Mario Brothers Movie is a perfect reflection of the larger schism in our society…the perpetually angry vs. the normies. They are, in the main, miserable people who worry so much about the image they project via their virtue-signalling nastiness that they forget to have a life with any pleasure.

Their talismans are their hair, their addresses, their snarky and shallow comments, their smug derision when referring to anyone not of their tribe. And the most pathetic part of their entire existence is their ignorance of great swathes of their world. They have almost literally no idea how it runs, how they are fed and clothed and cooled and warmed and moved about. But they are confident that their lives are of greater worth than the great unwashed in the flyover states who actually do all of the things that run modern society.

They are wrong. And if the predictions of some intelligent and perceptive people come true, they will be confronted by that stark reality across the barricades, or at the gates of a reeducation camp, or in a ditch somewhere.