The Morning Rant


It is long past the time when Turtle McConnell’s words meant anything other than a punch line in a dystopian joke about the feckless Republican party. He has overseen the loss of seats during an election season that could have been an exceptional success, but his obeisance to his personal power, corporate America, his acceptance of the Democrat status quo, and his personal animosity towards Donald Trump and anyone else with a spark of originality and love of country conspired to destroy a golden opportunity.

In fact, a less gentle interpretation of the events leading up to the 2022 mid-term elections would suggest that McConnell purposefully squandered an almost unassailable lead because of his hatred of all things that are not GOPe.

In spite of his catastrophic loss, he has been reelected as the top Republican in the senate, and low and behold, his plan for 2024 is pretty much the same as in 2022.

McConnell fears Republicans could ‘screw this up’ and lose the Senate in 2024

“No, no — I’m not,” McConnell said in an interview with CNN when asked if Republicans felt confident about retaking the chamber next year. “I just spent 10 minutes explaining to you how we could screw this up, and we’re working very hard to not let that happen. Let’s put it that way.”

An abysmal economy, a catastrophe at the southern border, a foreign policy in tatters, rampant incompetence at the top of most federal departments, a federal bureaucracy obsessed with gender issues, a military that uses cross-dressing lunatics in their recruitment drives, and McConnell thinks that it isn’t a slam dunk?

Only an apparatchik could see this election season as a problem. And McConnell is the ultimate government man! He cares not a whit about America…his only concern is the process in the Senate and his personal wealth and aggrandizement.

Unfortunately for America his recent fall did insufficient damage to whatever brain he has left in his sclerotic body, and he has returned as the figurehead of a dysfunctional and incompetent Senate hierarchy that is comfortable with its own gradual losses and far worse, is comfortable with the accompanying decay of our country. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the text book definition of insanity, but clearly he is hoping that we are the insane ones, because his actions are those of a man who is comfortable with losing the country as long as he is winning. Just look at his conspicuous non-support of Kari Lake, a charismatic and intelligent women who could conceivably have won in Arizona with the backing of the mainstream Republican party. She lost, and McConnell is content.

At least the left is honest in their intentions….McConnell spends most of his time bullshitting the Republican faithful…NEXT TIME will be better.

Well, he is a liar, and his actions suggest that he is also a traitor to the cause of a resurgent America!