Progressivism In A Nutshell: Defund The Police, Decriminalize Most Crime, Then Sue The Auto Companies For Causing Car Theft?

This is a glimpse into the chaotically organized minds of the progressive movement in America. They purposefully conflate cause and effect, they ignore longstanding logical constructions like correlation vs. causality, and their only goal is the ultimate goal of all progressive movements (otherwise known as socialist/communist movements): the destruction of personal freedom and autonomy from government.

But sometimes they overstep, and even people who aren’t paying attention notice the profoundly idiotic things they do. How it is an automobile manufacturer’s fault that criminals are stealing these cars is a question that needs to be answered.

The reality of course is that these government officials are shifting responsibility for crime from their failed policies, from the criminals who perpetrate those crimes, and onto the deep pockets of large corporations.

Statistically it is obvious that some brand of car is going to be the most stolen. That is driven in part by the relative ease of theft, and the popularity of the car. All modern cars have reasonable anti-theft systems, but those are just a nice bonus. Making the car companies legally liable for their effectiveness is just nuts, but that is what passes for governance in progressive hellholes such as Milwaukee, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Seattle.

Carjackings Surge in Democrat Cities… So They’re Suing the Car Companies!?

City authorities in Milwaukee, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Seattle – all Democrat-run cities – are suing car makers Kia and Hyundai for “not doing enough to prevent [their] cars being stolen,” amid skyrocketing rates of carjackings. Baltimore is the most recent city to sue the two car companies, with Democrat Mayor Brandon M. Scott, claiming, “[Kia and Hyundai] have left our residents vulnerable to crime and are significantly burdening our police resources.”

The article isn’t clear whether it is carjackings (a violent crime) or simple car theft (non-violent crime…sort of) that is skyrocketing. If certain cars are more vulnerable to theft, then it is up to the consumer to make the decision whether to purchase one, or another brand with more robust features. That’s called a free market!

Of course we could just ban TikTok and that will make the problem go away…right?

In late 2021, a trend involved a group called the “Kia Boyz” began on the Chinese Communist Party’s influence app TikTok. Originally from Milwaukee, the group posted videos on the social media site demonstrating the ease with which one could steal a Kia or Hyundai. Since then, the trend has gone viral and been copied across the United States.

I have a great idea! Maybe the car companies should offer a free pistol and some training with every purchase. That way more law-abiding drivers can defend themselves in the absence of reasonable government policing.

And here is a downright crazy idea…maybe those blue cities should simply enforce the law. Keep criminals in jail instead of releasing them without bail. And then prosecute them vigorously, because car theft and carjacking is an obvious signal that the rule of law has broken down. It is only a matter of time before the explosion in one kind of crime extends to all kinds of crime.

Oh…wait! That’s already happening in those cities! Who could have guessed?