The Morning Rant


The double standard of the Western Media is nowhere more obvious or disgusting than when they minimize the brutality, misogyny, Jew-hate, and antipathy of Islam toward classical liberal values.

The current buzz word among the bien pensants is “Human Trafficking,” which is of course the bowdlerized phrase for slavery, and it exists in some Muslim countries. And isn’t that inconvenient! It is rather unlike Western countries that loudly virtue signal their efforts against, it. Hell, walk down a street in NYC and you can see signs on bus stops proclaiming the fight against it!

Muslims are a member of one of many protected classes, so their curious penchant for slavery must be trivialized by a compliant media to the point that it simply doesn’t exist.

But that’s nothing compared to the rabidly anti-Western academy, which will justify anything if it is antithetical to Western values. So here we have a professor at a renowned American university, sitting in an endowed chair (paid for by…you guessed it!) that is quite obviously intended to whitewash Islam in the eyes of America.

Georgetown Professor Jonathan Brown Again Justifies Islam’s Acceptance of Slavery

“Slavery is in the Quran and the precedent of the Prophet Muhammad,” said Brown, and therefore, Islamic law or sharia. Islamic State jihadists used this argument to justify their atrocities, Brown noted in order to explain the conundrum of slavery in Islam. Contrary to some Muslim apologetic attempts to whitewash the topic, he admitted, “You can’t say that the Quran prohibited slavery, because it didn’t.” Thus, the Islamic State’s revival of slave markets, including sex slaves, “was causing a lot of Muslims serious crises in their faith.”

“If you think slavery is a gross and intrinsic evil throughout space and time, somebody who is complicit in that is not a qualified moral role model,” Brown declared. Yet “in the Islamic tradition, prophets are morally upstanding.” This corresponds to Quran 33:21, which proclaims Islam’s founder an eternal exemplary model of human conduct.

This of course runs contrary to the evolution of Judeo-Christian philosophy, which was one of — if not THE — drivers that eliminated slavery in the West. The abolitionist movement in America and great Britain drew their philosophical foundation from The Bible. The founders created the underpinnings of that fight, and its success, bloody though it was, is one of the glories of American Exceptionalism. And Great Britain beat us to the punch!

So how is it that professor Brown isn’t being hounded out of Georgetown by furious blue-haired fourth-wave feminists and Quakers and Unitarian Universalists and the many other religious and social factions that fancy themselves protectors of the virtue of America?

Or why is any apologist for Islam being allowed to remain in positions of influence by Homosexual Inc.? Because after all, Islam not only enslaves people, it also tosses homosexuals off of tall buildings with alarming frequency!

Or for even more logical inconsistency, why is black America not pounding down the doors of every mosque in America in response to Islam’s historical racism directed at blacks around the world?

The answer is that hatred of America, the West and classical Judeo-Christian philosophy trumps any other things like supporting and protecting sexual slavery and the murder of homosexuals.

Because these people have a clear hierarchy, and the very thing that has allowed them unfettered freedom, liberty and great wealth is right at the bottom of that hierarchy. And if these people get what they want, the result will be rather different than the skittles and unicorns image they have in their largely empty heads.