The Morning Rant

pointe du hoc 6-23-1.jpg

They climbed that cliff. Under fire from determined, experienced, well-armed German troops. They succeeded, and spent the next two days searching for the big guns that were their original objective, and fending off counterattacks from the Germans.

They found them and destroyed them, in spite of not being reinforced as originally planned. They also took had about 135 casualties out of the 225 men who landed.

pointe du hoc 6-23.jpg

Far from the leftist cities in Western countries are many people who remember these men and millions of others who fought for their freedom against titanic evil. They honor their memory, they tell their children and grandchildren about their sacrifices, and they live lives that respect those sacrifices.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the miasma of current left/progressive hatred of everything these brave men represent. But look past the 4th Estate, the academy, the sewer of social media, and you will discover that there is still some fight left in the West.

They want to destroy it; they want to make us dependent; they want to erode the love of freedom and liberty that created the West, and it is our duty to fight back. Not just defend…but take the fight to them, like the Rangers at Pointe du Hoc!