The Morning Report 6/15/23

Good morning kids. A couple of interesting if not heartening stories that give us a glimmer of hope or at least something to cling to as the abyss threatens to swallow us whole. First, while I usually describe the Michigan town of Hamtramck as alternately “Hamas-tramck” or “Haram-tramck” I’m cheering the residents of that town, albeit with a rather wary eye. Still, regardless of the source of the attack, the rhetorical weaponry used against a common and deadly enemy is right on target and welcome.

The all-Muslim city council of Hamtramck, Michigan, voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a resolution that would ban the LGBTQ+ Pride flag from being flown on the city’s public property.

The resolution, proposed by Mayor Pro-Tem Muhammad Hassan, also bars any religious, ethnic, racial, political, or sexual orientation group flags from being flown on city property and only allows the American flag to be flown, along with state and city flags, other national flags, and the Prisoner of War flag, according to Click on Detroit. . .

. . . “We want to respect the religious rights of our citizens,” [City Councilman Nayeem] Choudhury said. “You guys are welcome. … (but) why do you have to have the flag shown on government property to be represented? You’re already represented. We already know who you are. … By making this (about) bigotry … it’s making it like you want to hate us.”

. . . City council members also commented that the code was not about targeting a specific group, stating: “If you let one flag in, you’ll have to let all of the flags in.”

An immigrant from Yemen spoke in favor of the resolution, stating that while the city “respect[s] all nations, cultures, and their flags…we only salute the American flag.”

The man spoke of coming to the United States from Yemen as a child and believing until he was older that America was an evil, racist country because that is what he was taught in schools. It was not until he went back to Yemen as an adult and saw what he described as “poverty and chaos…at another level” that he realized how thankful he was to live in America, where he can “worship [his] creator in peace and tranquility.”

“Unfortunately, many people in our country don’t seem to understand this. They don’t know, or they don’t want to know, what it is like to live in extreme poverty, what it is like to live under severe repression, where there’s no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion,” the man said.

“I owe my success and my livelihood first and foremost to the Creator Himself, Almighty God, then to this great country. Our soldiers fought, bled, and died in the jungles of Iwo Jima and the beaches of Omaha so that you and I can live with peace, prosperity, and freedom,” he said. “Those soldiers fought under the American flag and no other.”

“It’s shameful and embarrassing to have any other flag on public buildings. You have the freedom to display whatever you wish in your home or your private businesses. We respect all nations, cultures, and their flags, but we only salute the American flag,” he concluded, telling the city council members, “Do not waver and do not flinch, you are doing the right thing. God bless you, and God Bless the United States of America.”

If that’s merely a “taqqiya sunrise,” it’s a damned convincing one; this guy’s got me fooled. Back to the action . . . 

Activists and supporters of the LGBTQ+ agenda spoke against the resolution, “saying it would push them out of Hamtramck and reduce investment in the Detroit enclave known for its immigrant and artistic communities,” according to the report.

At one point during the public comment portion of the city council session, a woman wearing a clown nose sarcastically stated that the city should change its slogan to say it “welcomes you if you’re straight” before kissing the woman next to her. . . 

. . . In March, Makki notably tweeted: “When someone asks me why as a Muslim I’ve aligned with the GOP, I just go to the Libs of TikTok page and show them the insanity from the progressive left.”

I invite the clown-nose fool to try that cunning stunt in, say, Tehran. Or Mecca. Pfft. In any case, it’s too bad the GOP is about as useful as wearing nothing but SPF-10 and swan diving into Kilauea. I suppose all of these people could have rejected this crap solely on the basis of blaspheming against Mohammed, but the tack of a pro-American pro-liberty argument is interesting. Or political. Regardless, it does put the hardcore Left, particularly individuals like Bro-Fo Omar and Rancida Taliban, who is camel-spitting distance away in the caliphate of Dearborn-istan in a bit of pickle. Their silence in the midst of all this is quite telling. Speaking of Dems put in a pickle, regardez-vous in Maryland, from Fux News via Legal Insurrection:

Maryland Dem grovels after saying Muslim kids against LGBTQ+ lessons aligned with ‘White supremacists’

A Democrat Maryland elected official apologized in a Sunday afternoon statement addressed to the Muslim community days after she blasted their children who spoke against an LGBTQ+ curriculum at a Montgomery County Public Schools board meeting as being aligned with “White supremacists.”

Kristin Mink, a Montgomery County council member and former public school teacher at MCPS, maintained in her apology statement that her Tuesday board of education meeting remarks were “focused on promoting inclusion.”

“[My remarks] created an opportunity for misunderstanding and mischaracterization,” she said. “I apologize for the hurt that caused in the Muslim community.” 

Muslim children at the Montgomery County Public Schools district had been speaking out against their parents’ inability to opt them out of LGBTQ+ lessons they deemed violated their faith at the meeting.

Looks like a 50-car pileup at the Intersectionality Intersection. More, please! Just to reiterate, my wariness of the Muslim community in this country is quite justified for obvious reasons. But at least in this instance, the Islamic doctrine of the enemy of my enemy being my friend, if only temporarily, is in full operation. And this is as crucial a battlefield as ever their was one. It’s America’s children on the line and whatever hope for salvation we have as a nation, if not their own protection which is cause enough.

Speaking of which, and on another related front, this is perhaps even more encouraging:

Uh oh: students at a Massachusetts middle school rose up in protest against a force-feeding of “pride” beliefs, leaving authorities scrambling to put down the rebellion before it could spread.

Friday, June 2, was expected to be just another run-of-the-mill episode of school authorities cramming the state religion down the throats and into the brains of impressionable youngsters. But something unexpected happened: some of the targeted minors stood up against the conditioning session. The New York Post reports:

The young protesters charged through Marshall [Simonds] Middle School in Burlington on June 2 because the school had encouraged its students to show their pride by wearing rainbow clothing, Nancy Bonassera, co-chair of the Burlington Equity Coalition, told the town’s Select Committee Monday.

“There was a counter-demonstration in response to what should have been a day to celebrate where students wore red white and blue clothing chanted ‘my pronouns are USA’ and destroyed rainbow decorations at the school,” said Bonassera.

The protesting students intimidated others who were gladly participating in the celebration [yeah, sure they were], which was organized by the school’s Spectrum club for LGBTQ+ students and allies, computer science teacher Diana Marcus told BCAT News.

Most of the students accepted and wore rainbow flag stickers that were offered by school administrators until they noticed their peers ripping them off and throwing them on the floor.

“Over the course of the day you could actually see a reduction in the number of students walking around in rainbow-colored clothing. It was really tough.” Marcus said, adding that the protest appeared planned.

Bonassera called on the school to crush the dissent by visiting “consequences” on the renegades, saying it should make an example of them in order to emphasize the town’s commitment to DEI. (Let that sink in.) “We also believe that without any direct and concrete action, these incidents will occur again and increase in severity,” she fretted. And that is the real fear of the rainbow enforcers. . . 

. . . It goes without saying that religious, conservative, and/or philosophically opposed students are not at all made to feel safe, valued, or included at most schools. Nor was this protest acceptable, though schools nationwide tolerate or even encourage student walkouts and protests against Big Left’s targets all the time.

“Bonassera, Bonassera, why do you treat me with such disrespect?!” (name that movie reference) Filthy shit-whore. They’re coming for your children, because in the end they want to come on and in your children. And if you resist, you will be crushed:

Senator Scott Wilk (R-Antelope Valley) sounded the alarm during a hearing late Tuesday night when the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 8-1 to advance Assembly Bill 957, which rewrites much of the state’s family law and classifies “a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.”

“In the past, when we’ve had these discussions, and I’ve seen parental rights atrophy, I’ve encouraged people to keep fighting,” Wilk said. “I’ve changed my mind on that — if you love your children, you need to flee California. You need to flee.”

The bill amends Section 3011 of the Family Code, which deals with child custody disputes, and requires that a court determining the “best interests” of the child must consider the affirmation of a so-called transgender identity. If a parent were to deny the child’s “gender identity,” it would be a violation of the child’s health, safety, and welfare — equivalent to child abuse.

Because the bill changes the definition of what constitutes the “health, safety, and welfare” of a child, any organization interacting with children — including schools, churches, and hospitals — would be required to affirm gender transitions in minors . . .

. . . Wilk, who was born and raised in California and served in the state legislature for 11 years, said he plans to move after he finishes his term.

“I love this state,” Wilk said. “I’m not going to stay in this state because it’s just too oppressive. I believe in freedom, and so I’m going to move to America when I leave the legislature.”

When Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants spewed the pre-digested line that homo-tranny kids are “not somebody else’s kids [but] all our kids,” he, or his puppet masters, weren’t kidding. And it’s not just about homo kids. It’s everyone’s kids. The mass-brainwashing to try and convince kids that they’re homo or transexual or whatever is just the convenient in. 

And if that doesn’t work, how long before rejecting and protesting the madness of Crackpot Race Theory by Ibram X. Krement earns you a visit from Child Protective Services? Already, we’ve had the DOJ and Oval Office conspiring with the NASB to declare parents terrorists at school boards so it’s a short trip to Bountiful on this kind of scenario as with the aforementioned.

It’s the new civil rights movement. It’s the new slavery. When children are repressed and enslaved at home, this is the government’s excuse to step in and “liberate” them from their oppressors, i.e. their parents. Of course, as sure as the sun rises in the east, what naturally follows liberation from oppression is the punishing of the oppressors. This is absolutely heinous beyond belief. And it’s why the story prior to that is so encouraging insofar as if these kids, who face near constant bombardment with leftist brainwashing in the schools and in the media they consume can rebel against it, then there is hope. It also makes the government that much more dangerous in its need to control the children, since they are obviously the future. 

Once again, California is leading the way in being a major source of this cancer infecting the rest of the nation, even reaching into what we once thought of were the redoubts of America as founded. At a certain point, Scott Wilk can “check out any time he likes, but he can never leave.”

California began a soft secession when it banned cooperation with immigration authorities. Since then other states run by Democrats, including Colorado, Illinois and New Jersey, have declared war on ICE. The movement to make it impossible for ICE, an arm of the federal government, to operate in Democrat states has largely been successful.

Some Republican states, like Tennessee, Texas and Florida, have responded by ordering law enforcement to cooperate with ICE. And while this is important in limiting the spread of illegal aliens in their states, it may also be time for them to consider their own forms of soft secession.

Democrat states targeted ICE, Republican states could single out other arms of the federal government that are ideologically alien and hostile to conservative areas for a policy of non-cooperation. Obvious examples are the Department of Education, the EPA and the IRS.

The Department of Education is being used to investigate schools that don’t expose their students to pornographic LGBTQ materials depicting sex acts by 10-year-olds. The EPA targets homeowners if they have a puddle on their land and the IRS is being ramped up to wage war on everyone from waiters to mothers reselling their children’s used clothes on eBay.

The EPA depends heavily on state cooperation. Its armed raids on everything from mining towns in Alaska to high-performance car shops in Pennsylvania have ushered in a reign of terror nationwide. Congressional legislation to stop the EPA’s goon squads will be permanently stalled under a Democrat Senate and may not even get past a future Republican Senate.

. . . States can’t shut down federal agencies, but California Democrats have shown how they can starve them of resources, cut them off from cooperation with local law enforcement and make it difficult for them to operate on the ground.

Republican state governments are even now trying to apply some of the anti-ICE lessons to coping with the coyotes of HHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement. While crippling ORR should be a major priority for any Republican majority of administration, there is a lot states can do. Texas’ pressure on the Refugee Services of Texas, the state’s biggest refugee resettler, helped force it to shut down last month, but its ability to unilaterally stop resettlers from smuggling in illegal aliens for the federal government has run up against legal obstacles. That’s where legislative fixes come in.

Cutting ties with federal agencies isn’t just the right thing to do on principle, but can benefit states. While the federal government bribes states and localities for cooperation, the long term costs of that cooperation are ultimately higher than any of the short term financial incentives.

Soft secession can make the people living in states happier, safer and better off.

National divorce, an idea growing in popularity, along with various forms of secession have been seen as all or nothing ventures, but soft secession shows that it does not need to be.

States can begin reevaluating the terms on which they want a relationship with the federal government. This is not a new process, but one that has defined the nature of federalism. Rather than a radical break, soft secession tests the waters by reducing the negative impact of federal authority on a state level while allowing states to relearn how to do things themselves. . . 

. . . Soft secession can be a healthy alternative to a national conflict. By democratizing federalism, they create channels for dissent and limit the power of the administrative state. They also show how states can reclaim the authority they have given up to make local power more meaningful.

Federalization has accelerated America’s crackup. Elections have become national zero sum games. The more everything local has been nationalized, the more explosive politics has become. Soft secession may be the one thing that can save America from coming apart.

Daniel Greenfield’s essay, as is usually the case, is reasoned and well thought out. But it’ll never work. The problem here is what happens when/if Democrats take control of GOP-controlled governor’s mansions and state legislatures? Regardless of the fact that once that happens it’s a lead pipe cinch it’s 99.9% permanent, then the states that seceded come back to the D.C. big central totalitarian fold.

There can be no “soft secession” unless somehow it’s permanent. That is, secession must be the precursor to declaring independence as a new nation-state.

Unless and until the Democrat-Progressive-Left is completely removed from all political, economic and societal influence and power, then America will not be restored. In short, it’s us or them insofar as remaining intact as a single nation.

And if there is a national divorce, it is highly unlikely that the DC-centered Leftist junta will ever accept that. The targeting of Donald Trump for destruction is proof positive of that.

And speaking of which, I think the cat is out of the bag with the prosecution:

“I can’t imagine him pleading guilty to anything. Who among us wants to spend too much time floating around inside his mind even proverbially? So who knows what’s gonna happen. But if this is as strong a case as the indictment makes it look and that’s the prosecutions best-case, it will get challenged in court. It will be an adversarial process. We will see how strong the defenses. But if the indictment is that strong and the Justice Department is going to treat this as a like case compared to other people who have been charged under the Espionage Act then he is looking at jail time. What would on Trump do to avoid jail time? I guess, I literally suppose, that he would do anything. And if it’s going to come to him avoiding jail time, now that this indictment exists he’s either going to have to win in court defending yourself against the charges by saying, ‘Yes I did it,’ is not a good defense. So how else can you avoid jail time? You can plea in exchange for leniency.”

Maddow added, “Spiro Agnew used that is a get out of jail free card. It’s not just that he was vice president, it was the prosecutors assumed that he was about to become president because Nixon was teetering, they were right. In order to keep Agnew out, they traded him jail time for his resignation.”

I sincerely apologize for inflicting the bilious, rabid ravings of a pseudo-intellectual crackpot on you this early in the morning but there is a 24-karat nugget of undigested corn in that smelling coprolite. To wit, the bull-dyke Brains doppelgänger might have just exposed what this whole charade is all about and proves, as if we needed any proof at all, that this is all disgustingly political. Hundreds of years in prison and yet they’d let him off if he fades away never to return? It also shows you how much they fear him and the movement he created.


  • The bull-dyke Brains doppelgänger might have just exposed what this whole charade is all about and proves, as if we needed any proof at all, that this is all disgustingly political. Hundreds of years in prison and yet they’d let him off if he fades away never to return? It also shows you how much they fear him and the movement he created. Maddow: Trump Could Do a Plea Deal Vowing Not to Run for President Again to Avoid Jail Time
  • “The question at the heart of the indictment is the extent of executive power.” The Trump Indictment: What Can a Unitary Executive Do?
  • “You don’t have to be a lawyer to look at this and know that it’s a scam,” [Greg] Kelly said. “Number one, in that indictment, they put some pictures in the indictment to scare us. Ooh, look at all these boxes. The classified documents in the boxes. These pictures are actually in the indictment, and there are dozens and dozens of boxes.” Is This Proof the Trump Indictment Is a Scam?
  • “The resolution called to censure and condemn Schiff for pushing the Russia collusion hoax from his perch in the House Intelligence Committee, claiming numerous times there was circumstantial evidence. Special Counsel Robert Mueller later could find no evidence of any criminal collusion by Trump or his campaign.” (vote harder-er, people! – jjs) Resolution to Censure Adam Schiff-for-Brains Killed After 20 Republicans Joined Democrats
  • Victor Davis Hanson: “The last thing this country needs is any more bottled-piety lectures on the rule of law from Special Counsel Jack Smith, Joe Biden, and the array of admitted lying former high government officials.” Indict Walt Nauta? Why Not the Biggest Liars First?
  • Byron York: “Should [the Trump prosecution] be done at all? Were there other, less constitutionally consequential, ways of dealing with Trump’s behavior? The Biden [junta] has given its answer. The final resolution of that question will take a long time.” (Trump’s “behavior?” WTF, York? – jjs) Donald Trump’s Arraignment

* * * * *

* * * * *


  • Josh Hawley unloads on this piece of shit: “. . . your institution has repeatedly abused its authority, has repeatedly targeted political opponents. Your institution is the one that went to the door of pro-life protesters with SWAT teams to try and intimidate people because of their speech. Your institution is the one that treated parents as domestic terrorists because of their speech. Your institution is the one that according to the court, the FISA court, ran 278,000 unwarranted — probably illegal — queries on Americans, right? That was your institution, correct?” FBI Deputy Director Abbate Refuses to Commit to Releasing the Unclassified Document Alleging Biden Bribery
  • “From Reagan’s ‘Shining city on a hill’ we have Biden’s Banana Republic of America, thanks to the unethical and unscrupulous FBI.” The FBI is Now a Democrat SuperPAC


  • “The White House reportedly worked with the National School Boards Association on the NBSA’s memo, which suggested invoking the anti-terrorist PATRIOT Act on parents and specifically singled out a Loudoun County father who was arrested for disorderly conduct. The Department of Justice then used that memo to mobilize the FBI against conservative parents. The Daily Wire revealed that the angry Loudoun dad–who a George Soros-funded prosecutor personally tried to put in jail–was incensed because the superintendent had lied about his daughter’s rape.” Watchdog Sues DOJ For Records On Merrick Garland’s Role In Loudoun County Rape Scandal
  • “She hasn’t signed the law to create a commission, yet. Meanwhile, New York City is considering its own reparations program.” Will NY Gov. Hochul Sign Reparations Legislation?
  • “The Left is hell-bent on turning the United States into a slightly more-polite version of Venezuela.” Say Goodbye to the America We Love
  • “Should it become apparent that they can’t keep him off the ballot, their panic will definitely ramp up the targeting of voters on the Right. If they do keep Trump off of the ballot, they will be emboldened and feel that they have a green light to wipe out all of the competition.” (PJ Media: please stop telling us how wonderful and vital you are while passing the collection plate at the end of every damn article. It’s tacky and irksome – jjs)Trump Is Just the Tip of the Dems’ Rogue Law Enforcement Harassment Iceberg


* * * * *

  • “Supermarkets are now demanding customers download QR codes and an app on their smartphone merely to bypass a barrier and enter the shop.” How Convenient!




  • “Apparently, they’re beginning to go up in at least one major urban area . . . ‘Rapes, murders, and tuberculosis, will continue until morale improves or WEF is dead. This is killing America. This is war.'” After the Surge, Ready for Shantytowns?
  • “Los Angeles is a major city that migrants seek to go to, particularly now that its city leaders approved its self-declared sanctuary city status. Our border communities are on the frontlines of [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden’s border crisis, and Texas will continue providing this much-needed relief until he steps up to do his job and secure the border,” Abbott said. Karen Bass-Tard Goes Ape as Abbott Busses Migrants to Democrat-Run Los Angeles
  • Unfortunately, illegal immigrants are invited into the United States as a result of the reckless agenda from those in power who claim to be protecting us.” Stop Calling Them “Uninvited”





  • “The very desire to seek a definition or definitions for anti-Semitism is another one of many naive bourgeois notions that with a “definition” one is thereby combatting or limiting anti-Semitism.” Useless Political Definitions of Anti-Semitism



  • “Our overreaching, manifestly corrupt Deep State needs to be corralled and Trump, the primary victim, is the man to do it, no matter what.” Even if He’s Guilty, Even if He’s Convicted, if Donald Trump is on the Ballot, I’m Voting for Him
  • “Since deranged Jack Smith took the unprecedented step of weaponizing the justice system to attack his political opponent, Donald J. Trump for President 2024 has raised more than $6.6 million in just a few short days. In a clear sign of the steadfast support President Donald J. Trump enjoys from grassroots Patriots across the nation, over $4.5 million has been raised from digital fundraising, with an additional $2.1 million raised at President Trump’s event at Bedminster last night.” Corrupt Prosecutor Jack Smith Helps Trump Raise Big Money for His Campaign
  • “Trump is the most popular Republican by far, but he can’t win a general election because in the end politics is about persona as much as it is about policy, and his persona is unacceptable to too many people.” Frank Luntz: “I Was Wrong, ‘Strong’ Trump Can Win 2024”
  • “Miami Mayor Francis Suarez filed paperwork to run for president in 2024 Wednesday, making him Florida’s third Republican candidate along with Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.” (the more that jump in, the more the anti-Trump vote is watered down and the stronger he gets – jjs) Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Files to Run for President in 2024
  • “Some goon from the neoliberal think tank Third Way — which regularly champions Hillary Clinton knockoff candidates — calling RFK Jr.’s candidacy ‘laughable’ is hypocrisy personified. If it were laughable, they’d be laughing and not panicking behind the scenes, plotting ways to assassinate his character.” Democrat Party Panics Over RFK Jr. Primary Challenge: Report



  • “The appeal of Thomas Massie and Joel Salatin is to the responsible and self-reliant.”Caveat Emptor
  • “After years of disorder and misgovernance, the City of Roses is taking steps to reverse its decline.” (meh, I’ll believe it when I see it – jjs) Portland Sobers Up






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