The Morning Report 6/16/23

Good morning kids. What a sick joke. 20 GOP Congress-insects torpedoed a legitimate and in my view vital vote to censure bug-eyed lipless wonderfuck Adam “Schiff-for-Brains” Schiff. 

The reprehensible Schiff was one of the foremost proponents of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. He repeated the falsehood in every forum possible. With every appearance, the lies became more ridiculous. He even claimed that Trump was an asset to the Kremlin. This wasn’t a mistake on Schiff’s part.  Schiff knew these were fabrications but he said it anyway. His actions were purposeful and malicious. The Democrats had assigned him the task of running their biggest disinformation campaign and he did it without caring about the effects it would have on the nation.

Such was his desperation that Schiff fell prey to a prank by Russian radio hosts who told him that they were in possession of compromising images of President Trump.

The Trump-Russia collusion hoax caused instability in D.C. and indeed all over the U.S. It retarded the speed of Trump implementing the MAGA agenda. It probably cost the GOP the House during the mid-terms of 2018. Once the Democrats had control of the House it was a barrage of hoaxes.

But beyond all that, it was an attempt to undo the public mandate. It was part of a coup to unseat President Trump after he was elected by the citizens of America. For a foul and vile fiend such as Adam Schiff, a censure is a light punishment. In fact, considering the damage he did, even banning him from politics is not sufficient punishment. Any Republican should have voted to censure Schiff without even thinking. But alas, the swamp runs deep. . . 

. . . Why is this unforgivable? Due to the fact that the Democrats are no longer a political party that just has disagreements on ideology with the GOP. This is an extremist faction that wants to outlaw political opposition. . . 

. . . In current times many Republicans are either bystanders or allies of the Democrats. A helpless or treacherous ally is much worse than a sworn enemy. The adversary is doing what is expected; he is against your interests, he wants to destroy you, you are aware of it hence you are cautious. But when those you think of as allies become indifferent or sides with your adversary, it is an ugly and hurtful betrayal.

The author is correct in that censure is a nothing-burger in terms of real punishment that this bastard deserves. He literally blood-libeled President Trump to the point of what is tantamount to state-sanctioned sedition by perpetuating the Russia Collusion hoax. If nothing else, the censure would have at least officially put that into the record, which from an historical and current political perspective was absolutely vital, the eternal spinning and obfuscation of the truth by the propagandist house organ media notwithstanding. 

But no. We can’t vote to do this because it will look political! Or something. Considering the devolving from the Golden State to the Golden Shower State, it’s kind of sickening that 4 out of the 20 fools were from California, which is a microcosm and perhaps the petri dish of what is surely to come for the rest of the country sooner or later. Schiff-for-Brains is being groomed to replace Crypt-Keeper prom date Dianne Feinstein and, if nothing more, this might have at least dinged him a little bit, perhaps even boosted the no chance of a GOP challenger up to slim status. But no. Even that they couldn’t get it up for. And what the hell is Tom Massie’s story? Kentucky. Kentucky jelly. Conservative stalwart. More like stall and wart.

Meanwhile in another part of the forest, some Commie backbencher was barking on the Wolf Blitzkrieg Amateur Hour about the move to defund the DOJ and FBI:

Anchor Wolf Blitzer asked, “What’s your your reaction, Congressman, to your reaction of some Republican colleagues now calling to defund the Justice Department and retaliate against the special counsel?”

Krishnamoorthi said, “I think it’s nuts. I think if you defund the FBI and defund the DOJ, it sounds a lot like defunding the police. And that’s a bad idea. You know, when you do stuff like that, it makes all of us less safe. I think that we have to keep our eye on the ball.”

He added, “We should not be in the business ever of defending behavior such as that that was implicated in the indictment of former President Trump.”

Funny how Apu gets his turban in a twist over the defunding of the police – the very policy that suttee’d and sautéed scores of cities and towns, ironically most being Democrat, during the George Floyd 2020 Summer of Love. It’s not that we want to defund the police. We want to defund the police state. The one that you and your ilk are erecting at warp speed (pun sort of kind of intended).

It remains the greatest unsolved mystery related to the events of January 6: Who placed pipe bombs near the headquarters of both the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee the night before?

Shortly before the joint session of Congress convened at 1 p.m. to debate the results of the 2020 Electoral College vote, a woman on her way to do some laundry looked down and spotted a device in an alley adjacent to the RNC building. Karlin Younger ran to notify security guards, who then called police. Law enforcement conducted a search of the area and located another device outside the DNC building.

Panic quickly ensued. “I just had to evacuate my office because of a pipe bomb reported outside,” Representative Elaine Luria (D-Va.) tweeted at 1:46 p.m. “I don’t recognize our country today and the members of Congress who have supported this anarchy do not deserve to represent their fellow Americans.”

. . . The media immediately suggested the explosives had been planted by someone loyal to the president; the New York Times noted in its breaking report that the bombs were found “just a few blocks away from the U.S. Capitol, which Mr. Trump’s supporters stormed on Wednesday afternoon.”

Federal authorities promised a full-throated investigation. During a press conference on January 12, 2021, acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Michael Sherwin and Washington FBI Field Office chief Steven D’Antuono emphasized the seriousness of the pipe bomb threat. “They were real devices. They had explosive ignitors,” Sherwin told reporters. D’Antuono announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to the identity and arrest of the perpetrator. The FBI, D’Antuono warned, was “looking at all angles, every tool, every rock is being unturned” in pursuit of the bomber. . . 

. . . But despite sophisticated surveillance tools including geofence warrants that were at D’Antuono’s disposal—methods the FBI continues to use to this day in its ongoing manhunt for January 6 protesters—the trail went cold. So, too, did the national news media’s interest in the story. The January 6 Select Committee completely ignored the pipe bomb threats, relegating the story to two mentions buried deep in the final report’s appendix.

Not only did the FBI fail to identify the individual, D’Antuono admitted the FBI does not even know the “gender” of the bomber. He also backtracked on numerous public statements insisting the devices were viable, indeed, deadly. Pressed by Rep. Tom Massie (R-Ky.) to explain how the bombs were operable considering the use of a one-hour kitchen timer attached to the metal tube, D’Antuono admitted that they couldn’t have detonated during January 6. “I don’t know when they were supposed to go off. Maybe they weren’t supposed to go off.”

In perhaps the most alarming portion of D’Antuono’s testimony, he revealed that the FBI does not have a complete account of cell phone use in the area on January 5, data that would easily result in tracking the perpetrator’s identity. In what Revolver News’ Darren Beattie described as “the dog ate the geofencing data” excuse, D’Antuono claimed data from one provider was “corrupted” and unusable. . . 

. . . And as if to ward off warranted skepticism about the idea that cell phone data tied to one of the animating moments of January 6 just happens not to exist, D’Antuono told the committee he did not “want any conspiracy theories” surrounding the conveniently missing records.

But, of course, D’Antuono does not need to fuel any “conspiracy theories” about the pipe bomb incident. Beattie has raised numerous questions about the FBI’s handling of the investigation, such as apparently doctored video of the suspect’s movements. It’s also unclear, according to D’Antuono’s testimony, whether the FBI interviewed the woman who first found the device near the RNC. As I reported last year, Younger worked at the time for an agency called FirstNet, a public-private partnership between AT&T and first responders. The month before the Capitol protest, FirstNet received a $92 million grant from the FBI—which is either a wacky coincidence or another way in which FBI surrogates participated in the events of January 6.

As the estimable Julie Kelly tees it up, could it be that the FBI or someone acting at the behest of the FBI planted the bombs, or fake bombs, so that the FBI could swoop in to the rescue and the propagandists and Democrats and RINO stooges (BIRM) could blame Trump and his supporters? Nah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk! You know, just like the Capitol Cops acting on orders from or with the approval of Malig-Nancy Pelosi let the “””rioters””” in for the purpose entrapping them in a sting operation and labeling them insurrectionists. 

This is now known in your DSM manuals as Munchausen’s by Progressivism. The highlighted bit by Elaine Luria is revolting in its projection and frightening in its implications. It telegraphs everything the Junta in DC is aiming for: the total elimination of any and all political opposition to the overthrow of the United States of America by the Left. Period, full stop.

And so in the context of all of the above, we supposedly have an election coming up next year, as if business as usual and regular order as it’s always been is still the order of the day. Wake the hell up, if you’re asleep and get your head out of the sand if that’s where it is. Friend and friend of the blog Kurt Schlichter doesn’t pull any punches:

Chairman Mao, the unspoken hero of our garbage ruling caste, understood that power flows from the barrel of a gun, and it’s not unreasonable to wonder whether the institutions in America that carry guns – law enforcement and the military – and who are supposed to protect us will turn those guns on us if commanded to by the ruling elite.

Stop wondering.

Their answer is that to a greater extent than those of us who grew up in America, when it was a free country before it became our present crypto-leftist tyranny, want to admit, they will. Right now, they are hiding news that undermines their rule. They are censoring opponents. They are locking up political dissidents. And eventually, when the current junta feels truly threatened by the emerging backlash from patriotic citizens, too many of these alleged protectors will kill for their masters – and I mean more than just the occasional and totally unpunished massacres of unapproved dissidents like at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Pretty harsh? It is harsh, but it’s not wrong. Explain why that is the red line they suddenly stop at when they have blasted through the red lines of lying, of censorship, and of framing the opposition using a two-tier justice system. “Yeah, those things are fine, but we won’t go all the way. Oh no, never.” Where’s the guardrail that is going to block the trend that is now sending SWAT teams out to bust people for praying at abortion clinics from accelerating into actually using those big, scary assault rifles?

Remember, we’re not just political opponents. We’re monsters, not even human, and dehumanization is the first step toward murder. In their hideous propaganda – memorably delivered by that brain-dead corrupt husk on TV against that ominous red and black background – we are extremists, terrorists, enemies of democracies and – regardless of our skin tone – “white supremacists.”

What do you do with people who pose such a perilous peril? Their civilian catspaws have the answer. They kill them on the streets in riots over dead thugs, at a congressional softball game, in a Christian school. And when that doesn’t snuff out the embers of freedom, who can argue that the elite will hesitate to use the organized forces of the government to do it” Sorry kids, but the logic of their hate and desperate grasping at power leads to blood, ours. And the leftists would cheer our governmental deaths as just and necessary and beautiful just as they did those amateur atrocities.

Remember Ashli Babbitt? Remember how they delighted in her murder? Remember how her killer is free and unpunished? . . .

. . . Why do they do it? Human weakness. Most have invested in their shabby careers. Most are eying pensions. They go along. They follow orders. And if you think that, given the order and the chance, they will not pull a trigger for the ruling class, well, I have a burnt patch of Texas dirt to sell you. Cheap.

Read the whole thing. I know the good Colonel is supporting DeSantis, but if you’re a Trump supporter, the warning still stands. I won’t and can’t predict the future. But I can imagine this scenario and it for sure holds for Trump but also for DeSantis if he does prevail in the primaries.

If we do indeed overcome a Dao-Min Yen cheat and Trump actually somehow wins the general election, even if he’s behind bars (and really especially if that is the case), there will be an actual military coup to unseat him, declare the election stolen (oh the mother-effing supreme irony of that one) and then the final installation of the dictatorship.

If they do steal it again, as I fear is a likely outcome, then of course, the nation will devolve and dissolve at an even faster pace than today. The X factor is the reaction of we the people of We The People. Do we sit and take it, or how bad does it have to get after that before the SHTF?

Have a good weekend.

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