Consolidate Our Win, Let Abortion Be A State Matter, And Take It Off The National Stage

The pro-life movement won a great battle with the Dobbs decision that pushed abortion back to the states. The Democrat party used the decision as a tremendous hook to increase contributions for the 2022 midterm elections, and used it as a cudgel with which to beat vulnerable candidates in swing districts. That, combined with feckless Republican efforts and outright sabotage (Screw you Lindsey Graham!) and even more outright cheating led to a pathetic showing in those elections.

But the hysteria whipped up by the fearmongering abortion cheerleaders has calmed down, and it is no longer front-and-center in the consciousness of chardonnay-swilling soccer moms and their soi-boys who vote the way their wives tell them.

‘Rage giving’ prompted by the end of Roe has dropped off, abortion access groups say

And this is a very big deal. Despite the clear and unambiguous support for restrictions on abortions, the Democrat party uses its formidable organizational skill to target voters in swing districts, and abortion is a tremendous tool to motivate them. But if it isn’t a hot topic, then there is less for the Democrat apparatus to use to get these voters to the polls.

Is the war over? No…of course not. The ghouls who relish the power of abortion to destroy traditional society will never give it up as a tool. But we have won a great battle, and it is the American people who are now deciding the fate of abortion in the states. It is time to stop the national rhetoric and take away this powerful tool from the Democrats. Is that distasteful? Yes, it is, but politics can never be pure, and as important as the abortion issue is for the soul of our country, we must look to the long term.

Sefton and Joe Mannix and I discussed this on the last CJN podcast, and Sefton gave a powerful dissent. I agree with him about abortion in general, but there are other battles to be fought in the interim so that we can win the abortion war!

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  1. Here’s the problem, which I tried to get across on the podcast. The Left will never let us take this off the national stage, so we had better learn how to wrest control of the narrative from them demanding why we want to take away a right to choose, or women’s health etc. to us demanding from them why they want to kill a fully formed and viable human being in utero and even up to and after the point of birth, in some cases?

    We don’t have the option of choosing what is and what is not what the Left and their propagandists will slime us with. But folks like DeSantis and Trump have the ability to turn the tables and ram it back down their throats for the win. At least among these idiot suburban housewives and so-called “moderates” who get the vapors over “muh-borshinz!” Let them get the vapors now over Kermit Gosnell.

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