The Morning Report 8/29/23

Good morning, kids. As the beatdown continues with no signs of the morale improving, there was a link from yesterday that underscores where we are and what we are facing. It comes out of the effete trou à tarte (pie-hole to you knuckle-draggers) of famed ketchup gigolo and egomaniac extraordinaire John Kerry.

The corporate state is intent, apparently, on ramping up its propaganda against so-called “climate deniers,” presumably to set the rhetorical groundwork for more extreme legal and social action against them in the future. So it dispatched something called its “climate envoy,” John Kerry, to Scotland with that aim. . . Here is the most incendiary portion of his comments:

Without facts or economics on their side, they flatly deny what is happening to our planet and what we must do to save it. They incite a movement against what they falsely label ‘climate change fanaticism,’ as they conveniently forget that the dictionary definition of a cult is the dismissal of facts in devotion to a lie. . . 

. . . And while they refuse to accept the facts behind increasingly obvious damages, which the First Minister listed, they lash out at the truth-tellers instead, and label indisputable evidence as hysteria. They compound the already difficult challenge of the climate crisis, by promising to do more of exactly what created this crisis in the first place. So now, humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself, by those seducing people into buying into a completely fictitious, alternative reality, where we don’t need to act and we don’t even need to care.

Let’s take the phrase “inexorably threatened” and parse it a bit. Per Merriam-Webster, “inexorable” means “not to be persuaded, moved, or stopped.” What he’s saying — the reason his handlers chose that descriptor — is that there is no longer any need to try to persuade the public of their climate change scam because the “deniers” are individuals who cannot be reasoned with. On a societal level, what does one do with an existential threat that cannot be reasoned with because words are meaningless to it? One goes to war with it.

Humanity, for the record, is, in fact, inexorably threatened by humanity itself in a very real and meaningful sense, but the threat is posed not by “climate change” deniers but by technocrats like John Kerry (assuming he is actually human and not a demonic entity wearing a skinsuit).

John Kerry has made a career out of being a liar, buffoon, hypocrite and wrong about virtually every critical policy position, foreign and domestic, that there can be. His execrable blood-libeling of the average American soldier serving in Vietnam (a war for profit that his party pimped) notwithstanding, it’s easy to laugh at his utter Frasier Crane-esque snobbish buffoonery. But we are no longer living in a land where even the most gossamer thin of legal and political safeguards, traditions and custom are in operation. He and others of his ilk are at the figurative and now literal whip-hand with absolutely zero compunction about cracking it.

And with everything else going on, at least we thought this madness was behind us. But here we are, breathing a sigh of relief like Ripley climbing into the suspended animation chamber aboard the Nostromo escape pod, wearing nothing but panties and a nipple-revealing t-shirt, when suddenly . . . 

Just in time for back-to-school, not to mention the start of the 2024 presidential primaries, the drabs and trollops of the Corporate Media have begun beating the drums for the Biden regime and the CDC/Big Pharma shills to announce the Return of the Black Death, aka Covid. If you liked the Covid Hoax the first time, you’re going to love the redux. The Thing that Destroyed the Trump Administration, ruined our election system, smashed the American economy, wiped out two or three years of schooling, and effectively repealed the First Amendment — not because of disease, mind you, but via bureaucratic fiat — now wants back in our lives. . . 

. . . The first rumblings started a few weeks ago, but now have mutated into a steady murmur. Like the wannabe screenwriters they at heart are, the media hacks start by planting an idea, gently nourishing it through the rumor stage, spread it around to other outlets to create the illusion of a trend, then start quoting each other to give the story “independent corroboration,” and then, like the chestburster in Alien, joyously proclaim its arrival . . .

. . . Still, some doctors are already decrying the possibility:

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo harshly criticized COVID-19 mask mandates and lockdowns, and urged people to consider “refusing to participate. What do you call re-imposing mask policies that have been proven ineffective or restarting lockdowns that are known to cause harm? You don’t call it sanity,” Dr. Ladapo posted last week on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “These terrible policies only work with your cooperation. How about refusing to participate…”

. . . Last Friday, the ever-vacationing Biden announced he was requesting more money in order to develop yet another “vaccine” in his continuing and quixotic attempt to Kellogg-Briand a bug that laughs at face diapers. 

People should be able to start rolling up their sleeves next month for what officials hope is an annual fall COVID-19 shot. Pfizer, Moderna and smaller manufacturer Novavax all are brewing doses of the XBB update but the Food and Drug Administration will have to sign off on each, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must then issue recommendations for their use.

Said the doddering octogenarian: “I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to the Congress a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary, that works.” 

Now he tells us.

Apologies to friend and friend of the blog Michael Walsh for glomming onto the Alien meme but I couldn’t resist. In any case someone mentioned that old Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants himself or one or more of his handlers in the Junta stated that vaccination for all 330 million of us is going to be, get this, “mandatory.” My initial reaction, as both an American and a native-born Brooklynite is “Yeah? You and what army is going to make me get one?” And then I realized that this is no longer America, and the Army as it stands, along with perhaps the majority of police forces, and worst of all a solid percentage of my erstwhile fellow citizens is hell bent on grabbing my arm and shoving a needle into it. 

Just like John Kerry is hell bent on silencing, by force if need be, anyone who dares question the myth of man-made climate change and the Malthusian maniacs who want to not only take humanity back to the supposedly idyllic era before the Industrial Revolution (where life expectancy due to disease and malnutrition was 35) but the even more idyllic Cretaceous Period where no humans existed at all.

Speaking of grabbing my arm and shoving a needle into, I wonder if these fools remember a place called Jonestown in the South American country of Guyana? I mean, they should, because “Reverend” Jim Jones and his People’s Temple got their start in the San Francisco Bay Area with the help of the city’s and state’s Democrat Party. A number of whom are still shambling along in Sacramento and D.C. (hello, Jackie Speier for one), but I digress.

As Daniel Greenfield posits, in an essay that truly is worth bookmarking, these people create nothing. All they do is destroy. And woe betide anyone who stands in their way.

The moral motive force of a deconstructionist society in which nothing is sacred is to be defined by what we are against. Negative outrage, rather than any drive for the good, came to be the highest value. After the fall of Communism, the leftist ideology that transformed the country lacks any credible vision of a better world. The feeble gesturing toward Europe’s health care or China’s rapid trains quickly give way to a movement that is defined by its hatred of what is. . .

. . . Wokeness is an admission inherent in the long failed drives toward ‘True Communism’ in Russia, China and other totalitarian red states that utopia will never arrive. All leftists can do is sign up for an Orwellian perpetual cycle of purges against the enemies of their ideals.

That sort of ‘Oppositionism’ was the inevitable consequence of trying to actively realize an impossible ideal and then, out of the throes of its failure, defining the movement around a perpetual hostility to conservatives and traditionalists with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Oppositionism is what remains in a society where nothing is sacred and all that’s left is hatred of the other. If nothing is truly sacred and there is nothing higher to aspire to, then what defines us is what divides us, and we no longer need to know who we are, only what it is we hate.

The madness of oppositionism leads Democrat moms to take their toddlers to drag shows and buy them copies of Ibram X. Kendi’s ‘Anti-Racist Baby’ board book because these are the things that the people they hate now hate and so it’s incumbent on ‘progressives’ to embrace them.

At the rate we are going, if conservatives came out against child sacrifice, there would be a line all through wealthy woke suburbs to deliver their children to Moloch. In a society where things like human life and the innocence of children are sacred, such things would be inconceivable, but in a ‘nothing sacred’ society, what appears sacred must give way to what we hate.

Nothing sacred, certainly not religion, but not even that which even the most primitive barbaric tribes value, like the protection of women and children, can stand up to the power of hate.

And the need to destroy what we are to differentiate ourselves from that which we hate. . . 

. . . The idea that some positive unifying vision would emerge in the twilight of religion was always a delusional fantasy. Religion was replaced by cults of personality, like that of Hitler and Stalin, and more contemporary examples, by a cannibalistic consumerism, and by a politics that pervaded everything.

Leftists promised that their politics could realize what religion only promised in exchange for total commitment and submission. Their failures cost a hundred million lives as a down payment. With the theoretical underpinnings in ruins, the politics is still everywhere, its promise is the destruction of everything else. Only when everything is gone, something better might emerge in some undefined fashion. But no one holds out any real expectation that it will.

This is oppositionism at its starkest, with no hope and no future, only the ruins of victory. . . 

. . . Religion, true ideals, redeem us from this barbaric despair. Oppositionism, when its grandiose promises have failed, plunges societies back into that despair, and offers nothing more than the opportunity to burn it all down in a final funeral pyre in the ultimate act of social suicide.

This is the final end, individual and communal, of a society in which nothing is sacred.

America is turning into Jonestown, right before our very eyes. Whatever the flavor of Kool-Aid they will first ask us to drink – masks, vaccines, no incandescent light bulbs, stoves or gasoline, 57 genders, “love is love,” etc. ad nauseam – and then compel us to drink, we dare not resist.

The difference is what happened in Jonestown was the result of the world discovering the insanity of what a “paradise on earth” really was. In our case, our would-be overlords in DC, Davos, Brussels and Beijing want us to drink the Kool-Aid first to supposedly create the paradise on earth. 

The result, of course is exactly the same.

Canadian Sheila Annette Lewis died last week because her unvaccinated status denied her a vital organ transplant.  Supporters were raising money on her behalf so that she could go to the United States for the operation.

They didn’t raise enough money.

But the COVID-19 mandate authoritarians are okay with that.

NDP (New Democrat Party) Member of Parliament Charlie Angus says she deserved death, posting on X in a now deleted Tweet, “A woman died because she prefered [sic] to fight for disinformation, anti-vaxx bullshit and conspiracy. Pierre Poilievre says she is a hero and supports a candidate so bogus that Doug Ford kicked him out.”

The reference to the “bogus” candidate is Roman Baber, who fought COVID-19 mandates and will be running as a Conservative in the next federal election.

Shortly after her death on Friday, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms posted, “Brave Canadian, Sheila Annette Lewis, has sadly passed away today. Our thoughts are with her family, and all other Canadians who have been denied transplants because of unscientific vaccine policies. We will continue her courageous fight for rights and freedoms.”

Tragically, Lewis was from Alberta, where the premier, Danielle Smith, once said the unvaccinated were “the most discriminated-against group” in her lifetime. Yet she did nothing to save this woman.

There is no rational reason for denying the unvaccinated an organ transplant; it’s just more bureaucratic inertia from the public health Gestapo. There is growing evidence that the vaccinated are in greater danger of sudden death than those who resisted the monumental pressure to roll the dice and get the vax.

The official reason for rejecting the unvaccinated for new organs is that transplant patients are in greater danger of being infected by COVID. So they may get sick after the procedure – though probably not – but they’ll surely die without it!

Sudbury, ON, resident Garnet Harper died in April from kidney disease because he couldn’t get a transplant. He was unvaccinated as well. 

. . . We are still seeing the fallout from the previous mandates as people are literally dying because they were unvaccinated – but they are not perishing from the coronavirus but from bureaucratic idiocy.

Or the judicial idiocy that has followed Pastor Pawlowski, previously mentioned. 

Pawlowski told me in an interview how the Alberta justice system kept him in prison for 51 days, stripped naked and in solitary confinement at times. He was placed in metal cages, couldn’t talk to his lawyers, and was ultimately shipped to a maximum security facility in Edmonton where the murderers and terrorists usually go. 

That’s about how the Trudeau government and the judicial system in both Canada and the U.S. have treated the unvaxxed: like terrorist trash who can be consigned to the dustbin of history and left to die on a hospital bed while doctors and nurses are forbidden from offering the life-saving intervention that is readily available. 

Get ready for your morale to be improved, comrade. Con gusto.


  • Daniel Greenfield: “When you believe in nothing, all you have is hate.” Nothing Sacred
  • Michael Walsh: “Just in time for back-to-school, not to mention the start of the 2024 presidential primaries, the drabs and trollops of the Corporate Media have begun beating the drums for the Biden regime and the CDC/Big Pharma shills to announce the Return of the Black Death, aka Covid. If you liked the Covid Hoax the first time, you’re going to love the redux.” Here Comes Da Bug
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* * * * *




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