The Morning Rant


RFK Jr. has been making pretty noises for several months. He seems to be a fan of free speech, has criticized corporate power, and is vociferously against the corruption of the Covid vaccine.

Except…that free speech he seems to support stops at Global WarmingTM. He has suggested sanctions against those who disagree with the liberal orthodoxy, including jail for energy CEOs who don’t fall in line!

And now he wants to disrupt an already problematic real estate market by throwing government money — at a steep discount — at home buyers who might not be able to…you know…pay the mortgage at the market rate! And teachers get their money first!

Is he serious? Maybe he is knocking boots with Randi Weingarten…maybe he has a touch of the Kennedy stupidity…maybe he is in bed with the unions just like every other Democrat on the planet!

RFK Jr. Proposes 3 Percent Mortgages, Says Corporations Make Housing Crisis Worse

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said that if elected president, he would create a 3 percent mortgage for Americans guaranteed by the government and funded by the sale of tax-free bonds, and he would work to make it less profitable for large corporations to own single-family homes in the United States.

“If you have a rich uncle who co-signs your mortgage, you will get a lower interest rate because the bank looks at his credit rating. I’m going to give everyone a rich uncle, and his name is Uncle Sam,” Mr. Kennedy said at a recent town hall in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Mr. Kennedy added that the first 500,000 of those 3 percent mortgages would be reserved for teachers.

Wow. This isn’t fighting corporate greed; this is barking at the moon, fighting immutable laws of economics. His plan would distort the real estate market, add to the money supply (inflation? What inflation?), and create a wave of foreclosures in the future. And there is no excuse for this sort of nonsensical interference; we have solid data that show that it will be a catastrophe, unless nobody remembers the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

I guess we are lucky that he didn’t call it a “Five Year Plan,” and really rip the mask off once and for all.

But his economic and fiscal ignorance doesn’t stop there. Apparently senile Joe Biden’s policies are, at least on the surface, good for the country. But that is ridiculous, and almost every objective measure of the economy shows significant degradation since the Biden/Kalorama presidency began.

“Both President Trump and President Biden are running on platforms that they’ve brought prosperity to this country. But when I travel around South Carolina and other states, I’m not seeing that,” Mr. Kennedy told an audience in Charleston. “I’m seeing people who are living at a level of desperation that I have not seen in this country ever.”

This is rabble-rousing, populist boilerplate, although I am disappointed that he didn’t say it in a black church and make overt suggestions that it was the big-nosed power brokers in the Northeast who caused it.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. is a leftist loon, and let us enjoy him for what he is…an arch progressive pissing in the Democrat punch bowl. I hope he brings chaos to the Democrat political process, and I hope he creates an undercurrent strong enough to make the Democrat National Convention a sh*tshow that rivals their lovely 1968 convention.

PS. Sefton and I are going to chat about this on our podcast today, so look forward to some sputtering profanity tomorrow!