The Morning Rant


One of the American left’s favorite foreign pets is the PLO, which is nothing more than a Soviet-inspired terrorist group masquerading as a political liberation movement. There are competing terrorist groups, the largest of which are Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah (an Iranian proxy) in Lebanon.

But the PLO is a placeholder for Arab terrorism using Israel as an excuse. And it is the best known by far of the various terrorist groups focused on the destruction of Israel. You know…the only democracy in the Middle East.

Their pat excuses for their violence is the expansion of Israel’s borders into territory that they claim as “Palestinian,” coupled with their insistence that Israel be subsumed into a wider Arab state by virtue of a nonsensical claim that Arabs have some inalienable right of return to a state their grandparents left 75 years ago.

But it is plain old Jew-hate, and here the president of the PLO channels his inner Hitler…literally!

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: Hitler Fought The European Jews Because Of Their Usury, Money Dealings; It Was Not About Antisemitism; Jews From Arab Countries Did Not Want To Emigrate, But Were Forced To Do So By Israel

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas discussed antisemitism in a speech delivered at the 11th session of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council, on August 24, 2023. He said that the “truth” is that European Jews are not Semites, they are the descendants of Khazars, and therefore their persecution has nothing to do with antisemitism. Abbas added that Karl Marx confirmed that this is so. He continued to say that Hitler and the Europeans did not kill the Jews “because they were Jews,” but rather they fought the Jews because of “their social role, and not their religion.” Abbas explained that Hitler “fought” the Jews because they dealt with usury and money, not because of antisemitism.

That “Khazar” nonsense is ridiculous. It flies in the face of the historical record, and is an obvious ploy to delegitimize the continuous presence of Jews in Israel for 3,000 years. But the blather about Hitler’s motivation is also an amazing justification for the destruction of European Jewry by the Nazis, and by extension the continued efforts to complete Hitler’s efforts by the various Arab terrorist groups.

And it gets better!

The U.S., who was not even a member of the League of Nations, forced the League of Nations to include the Balfour Declaration in its covenant. I am saying this so that we know who we should accuse of being our enemy, who has harmed us and took our homeland away, and gave it to the Israelis or the Jews.

More ahistorical nonsense, but here we have a nugget of truth. As the mad Mullahs of Iran have said since they took control in the 1970s, the true enemy is Shaytân-e Bozorg…The Great Satan…America! Shaytân-e Kuchak…The Little Satan…Israel, is simply a closer target.

And this is no secret, so why does the American left embrace a violent political movement that is intent upon the destruction of America, and by extension the West? Because that is exactly their goal, and they will accept anyone into the fold whose goals parallel that!

The inconvenient complication is that if the Arab terrorists win they will line up the leftists against the wall and shoot them. Except for the gay ones, who will be tossed off of high buildings.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a convenient excuse to form awkward alliances, but it rarely makes any long-term sense. And that is curious, since the left has been magnificent at achieving their long-term goals using multi-generational efforts. That they cannot see the end game of their allies-of-convenience is a testament to the flaws of their movement and the irrationality of their political philosophy.