Religions Provide Moral Guidance; “Spirituality” Doesn’t, And It Is Pretty Obvious!


Saying “namaste” and drinking herbal tea does not make one “spiritual,” but it is one hell of a lot easier than actually going to church or synagogue and reading the bible and trying to follow the tenets of one’s religion.

And more important…it provides cover for the charge that the Democrat/progressive cabal is furiously working to undermine and dilute religion and morality in America. Because that is exactly what they are doing. This is not merely moving away from organized religion and toward some other moral structure. This is a careful destruction of Judeo-Christian morals and ethics, to be replaced with a post-modern melange of what can be distilled down to, “If it feels good; do it.”

Losing Faith: Religious Identification Among Democrats Crashes 20 Points in 20 Years

The percentage of Democrats who identify as religious has dropped more than 20 points between 1999 and 2023, a recent Gallup survey found. When Gallup first polled on the topic in 1999, 60 percent of Democrats identified as religious, as did 62 percent of Republicans. Since then, the percentage of religious Democrats has fallen 23 points to 37 percent.

“During that time, the percentage of Democrats identifying as spiritual but not religious has increased 14 points, while the percentage saying they are neither has tripled,” the survey found.

To be fair to the religion-hating leftists who are guiding the descent into an amoral, authoritarian hell-hole; Their political philosophy, such as it is, works to replace religion in its mushy-brained followers. At least they behave as if it is a real religion, rather than a brutal, amoral drive for ultimate power over the masses. Their fanaticism about abortion and drugs is evidence enough that they consciously reject traditional morality and strive to replace it with abortion — the ultimate signal that God-given life is unimportant, and drugs — the gateway to an unexamined life (they want a nation of compliant zombies who are stoned all of the time).

Judeo-Christian religious philosophy is difficult. It requires work. It requires dedication to modes of behavior that are antithetical to an uncontrolled, hedonistic society whose only tenet is pleasure. But the payoff is immense, even assuming agnosticism. After all, “Pascal’s Wager” speaks to those who do not necessarily believe!

The 20th century is filled with examples of the corrosive effects on society when traditional religion is rejected: the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia, etc. There is an inexorable slide into state-sponsored barbarism in the absence of the moral structure that 3,000 years of Western culture has produced.

Belief in God is woven throughout Judeo-Christian religions, but adherence to the moral code that governs behavior is perfectly acceptable in the absence of faith in God’s existence. American Exceptionalism cannot exist without that moral code, nor can Western culture. And that is exactly the goal of those who would dilute the morality of Western religion!