The Morning Rant – Zaius Be My Lucky Day Edition

In the wake of my micturating this morning on the memory of this Josh Kruger “journalist” after karma ran over his dogma, a cute little troll who didn’t have the courage to comment while the Morning Report thread was still active, left this more than a bit ironic little turdlet:

you people are gloating over the murders of people you disagree with or disapprove of 

how are you any different from antifa or the people at DU 

Posted by: someone at October 03, 2023 09:32 AM (QUGnw) 

No punctuation, but at least the grammar was acceptable and he didn’t hit the cap locks, or more importantly hurl personal attacks or threats. How are we different, he/she/it asks? I responded thus:

Because we’re not the ones calling our political enemies cancer to be eradicated nor are we the ones engaging in acts of political repression up to and including violence to achieve absolute power. 

“Someone” exactly like you who no doubt pays you pennies to troll here does. 

I have a right to my justified rage. You do not nor do you have a right to wear the moldering skin suit of moral authority, strut, preen and demand respect. I on the other hand have actual moral authority. That said, I don’t demand respect but neither will I take any quarter.

Why do I think I have the right to claim moral authority to take the position I do? Because among other things I am a first amendment absolutist. I have come to embrace allowing even the most abhorrent opinions and speech to be entered into the public discourse so long as there is an equal opportunity to counter and refute said speech with as much volume and frequency. “Someone” and his ilk do not. In fact, I welcome the opportunity because in the cold light of day, the truth ultimately does triumph. I wonder if he even wonders why I didn’t ban him or erase the comment in the first place. 

That’s why Rush Limbaugh of blessed memory once said (paraphrasing) “The left doesn’t want to level the playing field. They want to clear it. It’s because in the arena of ideas they know they’ll get wiped out every time.”

Of course, the arena of ideas starts in the little leagues and minor leagues of kindergarten through high school and then into college. And so, the left has populated those arenas with referees who are rigging the outcome. 

Minnesota’s new K-12 social studies standards — now in the final stages of rulemaking approval — exemplify this ideology. The standards add ethnic studies to the core social studies disciplines of history, civics, economics, and geography, and incorporate its concepts throughout. One ethnic studies “anchor standard,” titled “Resistance,” is typical. It requires students to “organize with others to resist systemic and coordinated exercises of power” against “marginalized,” oppressed groups.

These new standards and their related benchmarks prime youngsters to view American institutions with suspicion and hostility from the earliest grades. Kindergartners, for example, must “retell a story about an unfair experience that conveys a power imbalance.” First-graders must “identify examples of ethnicity, equality, liberation and systems of power and use those examples to construct meanings for those terms.”

High school students will be required to “analyze how caste systems based upon race, social class, and religion have been used to justify imperialism, colonization, warfare, and chattel slavery” and to “examine the construction of racialized hierarchies based on colorism and dominant European beauty standards and values.”

Even subjects like geography are shot through with extremist ethnic studies ideology.

Hence, even though this happened in the UK, you get nightmares like this:

Warren Thornton was literally in the midst of streaming an edition of his podcast The Real Truth on Sept. 24 when Bristol police officers came to his front door and demanded he speak with them.

The Liberal government of Canada is preparing its own version of this legislation that will target “disinformation” on the internet without even defining what disinformation is.

Thornton is a critic of NATO’s escalation of the war in Ukraine and has posted several videos about Ukrainian attacks on Russian civilians and the secret existence of biolabs in Ukraine. He was also quick to report how a former Waffen-SS Nazi soldier was allowed to sit in the Canadian House of Commons Gallery during a speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Yaroslav Hunka acknowledged plaudits from former House Speaker Anthony Rota and waved as all Members of Parliament rose from their seats and gave the 98-year-old SS veteran a standing ovation.

Thornton had just broadcast news of Canada’s international embarrassment when the police arrived.

Thornton was interviewing guest Fiona Ryan when the host just “vanished” about 20 minutes before the program was expected to end, she told The People’s Voice.  Ryan was conversing with Johnee, who hosts the Café Revolution, a YouTube channel that reports from the front of the Russia-Ukraine War in Donetsk.

Thornton, after spending a night in jail, was released Monday. The police decided not to charge him.

In a post on Rumble, Thornton described his ordeal with police as “jolly interesting” and said he asked if he was being charged with anything except spreading “malinformation.” The police said he was not.

“Jolly interesting” indeed. Much like the times we live in, per the Chinese proverb/warning. And this state-sponsored terrorism is happening more and more on this side of the pond as well.

For his part of a Gestapo-like raid in August of the town’s newspaper, the police chief of the town of Marion in Kansas, Gideon Cody, was suspended from his job on September 30, 2023 by the town’s mayor, Dave Mayfield.

Cody’s suspension is a reversal for the mayor, who previously said he would wait for results from a state police investigation before taking action. Vice-Mayor Ruth Herbel, whose home was also raided Aug. 11, praised Cody’s suspension as “the best thing that can happen to Marion right now” as the central Kansas town of about 1,900 people struggles to move forward under the national spotlight.

. . . The raid, which not only included the newspaper’s offices but the homes the town’s vice mayor, the newspaper’s 98-year-old owner, Joan Meyer (resulting in her death the next day from a heart attack), and one reporter.

As noted then, the raid was uncalled for on numerous levels. First, the search was an a priori attack and fundamentally illegal based on American jurisprudence. No crime by the newspaper had been committed. The alleged illegal release of the prvileged private information of a local restaurant owner, Kari Newell, was done by someone else, and when that information was sent to the newspaper it immediately contacted the police to report the possible crime. It did not publish that information, and in fact made it clear in public it would not.

Second, it appeared from evidence that chief Cody was simply acting as the hired thug of that restaurant owner, and might even have had his own personal reasons to raid the files of the newspaper and the vice mayor, to protect his own interests.

Cody’s suspension is only part of the pushback taking place. Almost immediately after the search the county’s prosecutor withdrew the search warrant, noting there was insufficient evidence to support it and thus returned all the seized items. The reporter whose home was searched subsequently sued Cody in federal court.

How are we different from DU and Antifa? Let me count the ways. But when DU, Antifa, rogue law enforcement and a rogue Junta demonize us and then try to shut us up, there is going to be a reaction.

There had better be.