The Morning Report 10/4/23

Good morning, kids. Good for Matt Gaetz. He did the absolute right thing in kicking the low-rent poor-man’s bargain-basement version of John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor out of the Speakership. Will it make a damn bit of difference to the nation? Probably not, at least in the short term, if at all. Whether it’s the majority of the GOP politicians and punditry alike freaking out or the Democrats gloating on that party’s disunity, it’s all kabuki-bukkake theater anyway. Gaetz’s sin is merely exposing it. 

Fool’s errand? Pissing in the wind? Last stand at Corregidor? You’ll have to decide that. But America is no more. It’s a banana republic in all but name only and the lying bastards who pretend to be on our side and fight for the Constitution are only there to fight for their seats at the trough; as the remora to the megalodon that is the Democrat Party and it’s deep state operatives in the Leviathan.

Here’s a prime example of sheer cluelessness that so many display. I give you Stephen Kruiser from the rapidly-decaying PJ Media:

I’ve seen a lot of internecine squabbles in the Republican party in my decades of activism, but that mess yesterday was really something different. The unceremonious end to Kevin McCarthy’s brief tenure as Speaker of the House offered almost nothing to like, unless you’re a fan of drama for drama’s sake.

It should be noted up front that I like everything about what the Freedom Caucus stands for. The members of it are singing my song. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that all they’re ever capable of doing is singing louder. At some point it becomes shrieking rather than singing, distorted well past the point of when the original meaning of the song can be conveyed.

I also don’t think that there are any good guys in this family feud.

McCarthy failed to learn Rule #1: Don’t trust the Democrats. He knew that if he brokered a deal for a temporary funding bill that Matt Gaetz would come after him. McCarthy apparently thought that some of his new Democrat friends from the stopgap resolution would vote to table Gaetz’s motion to vacate.


The timing here was unfortunate. Gaetz is an ego-driven blunt object and it’s impossible to figure out if he thought beyond getting this wish of his. Only a Republican could come up with the idea to team with Democrats to punish a Republican for teaming with Democrats. . . 

. . . Once more, I am on board with most of what the Freedom Caucus wants. I don’t see how they’re going to get it because of what happened yesterday. There are a lot of people who think some good will come of it. They can’t explain how, but they’re sure of it. I’d wager that most of them are relatively new to conservative politics. Here was something I tweeted yesterday after McCarthy was given the boot:

Look, I like what the Freedom Caucus stands for, but at some point, it needs to learn to be more than just the Tantrum Caucus.

I stand by that. Let’s win some spending wars. Let’s also realize that, as Schlichter points out in his latest VIP at Townhall, the party with the four-seat majority can’t govern like it has a 60-seat majority.

Just think things through, is that too much to ask? Yeah, probably.

Think things through? How about you pull your head out of your ass and take a good look around at what the hell is happening to this nation, the epicenter of which is D.C. Why the fuck do you think there is a Freedom Caucus in the first place, Kruiser? It’s because the GOP since the damned Eisenhower administration has done essentially nothing to halt let alone reverse the initial creep towards dissolution of the republic which is now going at or near warp speed, pun intended. 

The only thing that Gaetz perhaps can be faulted for is thinking that replacing McCarthy with an actual opposition leader will achieve anything. That is if the GOP allows that to happen. Forget the speaker; you’ll have to purge the majority of the party first. And even then, the entire system is so corrupt that even that is mere Titanic deck chair rearranging. 

When Democrats are in the majority, they get their way. And when Republicans are in the majority, the Democrats also get their way. Most recently, after the stopgap spending bill was passed, Rep Jamie Raskin took to MSNBC to boast that the Democrats “got the vast majority of what we wanted” from it. And for some Republicans that was the last straw.

Eight House Republicans allied with Democrats on a vote to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy. And for the first time in over a century, a House Speaker was successfully booted from office.

A civil war among Republicans came down to threats from both sides of collaborating with Democrats in a House of Representatives with a narrow majority. And collaborating with Democrats seems to be the only thing that House Republicans know how to do anymore.

What are the legislative achievements of a House GOP majority, today, yesterday and the day before? They invariably involve collaborating with Democrats for personal political gain.

It’s been over a generation since a House Republican majority delivered for conservatives. Congressional Republicans are too terrified to fight Democrats and instead go after safe targets like each other. It’s not even worth counting how many times a Democrat White House made a House Republican majority cower in fear over the threat of being blamed for a government shutdown. Or how often that same majority compensated for surrendering to Democrats with meaningless virtue signaling votes that everyone knew were never going to pass the Senate. . . 

. . . House Republican majorities do very little because they want to avoid taking responsibility for anything. When there is a Republican Senate majority or a Republican White House, they defer to them. And when there isn’t, they defer to the Democrats. The pattern is that the House Republican leadership wants someone else to take on their responsibilities.

Congress increasingly doesn’t legislate, it rubber stamps, and the House GOP leadership has been among the worst offenders. But the situation isn’t likely to improve under any speaker. The GOP leadership has concentrated legislative power in the hands of small men like Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Paul Ryan who haven’t the faintest idea of what to do with it except to prevent things from being done that might upset the status quo too much. Weak speakers are fall guys whose only job is to last long enough to deliver some stability for special interests. . . 

. . . Under Democrats, the speakership was a powerful position, while under Republicans it’s become a thankless job offering power without purpose in a deeply divided party.

And that is the real crisis.

What is the purpose of a GOP House majority? What is it there to accomplish? When all the hysterical fundraising emails, texts and carrier pigeons have been sent, what does it do?

Republicans campaign like insurgents, but they govern like placeholders. All the insurgent energy is completely lacking once the business of cutting 30 second ads gives way to the dry tasks of scheduling the votes that the leadership wants on the money that it wants to give away. . . 

. . . A party like that requires strong leaders who know what is at stake: not hollow men and grifters.

The House GOP doesn’t have a speaker because it doesn’t have a mission. And without a mission, it’s only a matter of time until every session falls apart into self-serving drama. Either the House GOP will find its mission or it will continue to waste time that America doesn’t have.

Either Republicans will find their mission or they will lose.

Daniel Greenfield gets it a hell of a lot more than Stephen Kruiser, but in reading the whole essay you get the sense that he too seems to think that we can fight back by traditional means and regular order when that no longer exists.

Case in point, supposedly the junta is scrambling to reassure Zelensky that the funding for the forever war in Ukraine will still be forthcoming, despite the shenanigans in the House. Assuming the growing wave of even a disunited GOP to unite or at least present a clear majority against said funding prevails. Does anyone think that Biden’s puppet masters aren’t going to flip Congress the bird, and just direct the Treasury to ship pallets of cash to Kiev without even giving it a second thought?

Don’t fool yourselves. They’re getting that cash and probably boots on the ground, or more boots on the ground because I have a sneaking and horrifying suspicion that Ukraine right now is MACV 1964 all over again.

Speaking of the military as well as the complete corruption of and by the bureaucracy of which it belongs, dig this flashback to only a few short years ago:

During the Trump presidency, Pentagon officials refused to follow orders, substituting their own policies over the constitutionally ordained authority of their Commander in Chief. We know that officials lied about troop strength in Syria, attempted to undermine and kill the peace initiative with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and refused to call out the military to quell civil unrest during the George Floyd riots. This is gross insubordination. . . 

. . . The Pentagon’s active obstruction of Trump’s policies and orders amounted to a treasonous coup. There is no value in an American military that will not do what its members have sworn an oath to do and what they are paid to do: To follow the orders of the elected commander-in-chief and protect American lives.

That’s just the military, which in and of itself is shocking and bad enough. Now substitute any and every agency, department, bureau and office in D.C. from cabinet member secretaries all the way down to the janitors and toilet attendants. This is the government. This is who calls the shots. The president and Congress are essentially powerless to control it. The latter does not want the actual responsibility of crafting laws since, in theory, whatever they do might piss off an electorate that will vote them out of office for doing their jobs. I say in theory since the integrity of elections is now highly doubtful in the wake of 2020 and 2022. As for the former, a president can wield power only if he’s a Democrat-Leftist or a GOP – a Go-along Obsequious Placeholder should he accidentally “win” an election here or there. 

So Matt Gaetz is an asshole. Matt Gaetz is a traitor. Matt Gaetz is an egomaniac. Matt Gaetz screwed up the slim majority, and on and on and on.

No GOP. YOU bastards did that. And you’ve been doing it since forever. You can bitch and moan all day long about Democrats but it’s not what they did but what you collectively did not do that got us Trump, and now Gaetz. Will the latter lead to anything substantive? Doubtful, yet it is a moral victory.

But I am sick to fucking death of moral victories.


  • “Whether in overseas matters or domestically, it is very clear that the Pentagon felt no constitutional loyalty to one particular Commander-in-Chief.” The Pentagon’s Lack of Loyalty to President Trump
  • “The American military adventure in Somalia is a prime example of what goes wrong when there’s no check on presidential war powers.” Folly and Redemption: 30 Years After Black Hawk Down
  • “Surely, our political nomenklatura is too obtuse, uneducated, and unobservant to presume to lead an advanced G-20 nation. Some are liars from the egg. Some are sanctimonious prigs in love with their own inflated identities. Some are invertebrate virtue signalers. Most are merely very ordinary people incapable of escaping the trap of presentism — Russia, Russia, Russia — and clearly unused to the habit of thinking or noticing what is immediately plain to see. Zelenskyy is a confidence man. Hunka was engaged in fighting our military allies. Such is the mindset of our parliamentary notables and ministers. These are our lawgivers and decision-makers. God help us all.” Saluting a Nazi
  • Betsy McCaughey:”Biden’s censorship and the fight he’s waging to continue muzzling the public — the U.S. Constitution be damned — show he’s no champion of democracy. The judges of the Fifth Circuit didn’t believe it. And you shouldn’t either.” A Haunting Glimpse Inside a Censoring Regime



  • According to Gabbard, “when you’re talking about suspending all of Trump’s rights really what they’re doing is suspending and destroying the very foundation of our democracy. And we’re seeing it right before our very eyes.” (Auditioning for the Veep slot, I imagine, but I do think she really means what she says – jjs) Tulsi Gabbard Warns Dems ‘Destroying’ Democracy’s Foundation with Trump Persecution
  • “Meanwhile, Special Counsel Jack Smith has also pushed for a gag order that would limit what Trump could say publicly.” (Behold “our precious democracy” in action! It is to vomit – jjs) Hack-in-Black Judge Hits Trump With Gag Order
  • “Littlejohn faces a maximum five years in prison, the Justice Department said.” (But will be exonerated by a rigged judge and jury – jjs) IRS Consultant Charged With Leaking Tax Information on Trump and Others to the Media
  • “. . . if Kelly really did witness Trump making these statements, he needs to say so unambiguously. Otherwise, there’s no reason to believe Tapper’s story. And the real question I have is: would these old allegations even be rehashed right now if Trump weren’t beating Biden in the polls?” Beware This Latest Fake Hit on Trump
  • There is, of course, a tremendous irony here. How often have we heard Democrats rail against “attacks on our democracy,” particularly over the past two and a half years? To hear them tell it, everything Republicans do is “an attack on democracy,” even as they launch assaults on free speech, elections, due process, the judiciary, and pretty much everything else that has kept our republic alive for over 200 years. Tucker Carlson Drops Huge Truth Bomb on Trump’s Civil Trial


  • When everything is fascist, any bad behavior is excusable by the Left. But Owens, to his credit, finished strong. He said that the inexcusable behavior “exposed a broader problem we face as [a] society,” and that “this kind of intolerance — and that’s exactly what it was — must stop.” “When some people disagree with other people’s points of view, they seek to shut down their speech,” Owns said. “We need to cultivate a culture of free speech and an ability to be civil to each other.” Or, you know, whip it out and masturbate at your political opponents as a way for lefties to fully expose themselves for what they truly are.How to Disrupt a Black Conservative Event With This One Weird Trick
  • “The lawsuit alleges that Johnathan Talbot, a former employee of outdoor apparel company Outdoor Research, lost his job after the climber, a black man named Manoah Ainuu, used social media to not only allege that Talbot made racist comments and tried to fight him, but also pressure Outdoor Research to terminate him.” A Black Mountain Climber Ruined a Man’s Career With False Accusation of ‘Racism,’ Lawsuit States
  • “DEI trainings don’t work because one of the concepts on which they are based is junk science.” The Implicit-Bias House of Cards




  • “Net-Zero: an inexorable progression to disaster.” Anterooms to the Suicide Club
  • Simply put, Ms. Haaland’s haughty claim that these government meddlers are “building” any kind of “energy independence” into our futures is laughably insulting. The act of restricting the commercial acquisition of energy-providing resources in “the nation’s oceans” is kind of a titanic tell. Biden Offshore Drilling Plan Is the Most Restrictive In US History
  • “Hochul must choose whether to sign or veto a bill banning a certain class of insecticides that are used worldwide and save up to 71% of farmers’ crops. Steamrolled through the Democrat-ruled Legislature after environmental activists’ intense lobbying — including one screaming at a lawmaker at a farmers’ market — the ban would devastate New York’s farmers and upstate communities.” (Based on the phony “bee-pocalypse” myth. If I were a farmer, I’d ignore the ban; rather go down swinging than with a whimper – jjs) New York Farmers’ Futures Depend on a Single Hochul Decision



  • “Moorefield, who served as the deputy chief information officer for command, control, and communications for the Secretary of Defense’s Chief Information Office (CIO), was arrested for promoting and furthering a dogfighting ring alongside a longtime friend, Mario Flythe, who allegedly admitted participation in the dog fighting.” Senior Pentagon Official Charged for Involvement in Dogfighting Ring – Electrocuted Losers to Death
  • “Roberts had previously served no more than six months in jail for any previous offense, reported. His rap sheet dates back to at least the late 1990s and includes felonies like attempted first-degree murder, aggravated burglary, reckless endangerment, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, possession of marijuana for resale and possession of drug paraphernalia, the outlet reported.” (Guess the melanin content and the speed at which this story will be ignored/buried – jjs) Criminal With 66 Prior Arrests Shoots and Kills Father of 3 Who Was on His Way to High School Reunion, Cops Say
  • By [leftists’] telling, crime isn’t the problem. The problem is the demographic balance of who is prosecuted for crime. If it’s not balanced, they say, prosecute the criminals less! “Diversity, equity and inclusion” cannot coexist with law enforcement. Carjackings, Looting, and Murder: ‘Equity’ in Action!



  • “Guess what’s happening at the #1-ranked American university.” (Which happens to be the Obama-beard’s alma mater – jjs) Drag University at Princeton




  • Spokesmen at the New Venture Fund and the Sixteen Thirty Fund denied any wrongdoing and said they would cooperate with the D.C. government’s investigation. A spokesman for Arabella Advisors said the same and added that the firm is “confident in the systems we have in place to ensure our business conforms with legal and regulatory requirements.” (Or that all the bribe money to Dems is ready to be doled out – jjs) DC Attorney General Subpoenas Arabella Advisors’ Dark Money Network Following Free Beacon Report
  • According to the Cuban outlet, the Venceremos Brigade has a history of “targeting American activists.” “Since its inception in 1969, the Venceremos Brigade took aim at influencing Americans interested in politics, particularly those with a sympathetic ear,” the paper reported. . . Somah Haaland, a New Mexico activist and daughter of the U.S. interior secretary, certainly fits the bill as a top target for the Cuban group. In February, emails discovered by Protect the Public’s Trust revealed the PAA was behind the “insurrection” at the Interior Department two years ago. Haaland’s Activist Daughter Has Ties To Cuban Communist Solidarity Group
  • “One hand washes the other in the tight little world of California blue political circles.”Cronies: Laphonza Butler Defended Fallen Los Angeles Political Kingpin at His Sentencing for Corruption


  • “During the debate on the resolution to remove McCarthy, Gaetz had to speak from the Democrat side of the chamber because allies of McCarthy blocked the Republican microphones on the House floor. . . . ‘I take no lecture from those who would grovel and bend knee for the lobbyists and special interests who own our leadership, hollow out this town, and borrow against the future of our future generations.'” Matt Gaetz’s Vote Succeeds in Ousting Kevin McCarthy as Speaker
  • Daniel Greenfield: “House Republicans have forgotten their mission.” A Broken Congress
  • “The budget fight isn’t about the particulars of spending—it’s about who has the power.”Saving Democracy Means Saving the Legislature from Itself
  • “I leave the speakership with a sense of pride, accomplishment, and yes optimism. From the day I entered politics, my initial mission has always been to make tomorrow better than today. I fought for what I believe in, and I believe in this country of America. My goals have not changed. My ability to fight is just in a different form.” (That’s what they call faking sincerity these days, I guess – jjs) McCarthy Addresses Media After Being Ousted As Speaker, Says He Will Not Run Again
  • Democrats and the media, if we can be redundant, seem singularly focused on the immediate pleasure to be had in the spectacle of Republican chaos and McCarthy’s humiliation. But there will be only a handful of Republicans who vote to bring down the speaker and open Pandora’s box. . . A few years later, Democrats cheered on Donald Trump as he crushed his GOP opponents, confident that he was the weakest general election candidate they could face.” Dems Back Gaetz at Their Own Peril
  • “Speaker McCarthy betrayed the conservative wing that allowed him to take power by depending on squish Republicans and the opposition party.” Kevin McCarthy, Meet Fredo Corleone, Part II
  • “Please vacate the space tomorrow, the room will be re-keyed,” an email from the House Administration Committee to Pelosi’s staff said, Politico reported. Acting Speaker Patrick McHenry Orders Malig-Nancy Pelosi To Pack Up Her Things, Vacate Capitol Hideaway Office

* * * * *




  • On Thursday, the U.S. Marine Corps announced it is lowering its uniform standards to compensate for a shortage of camouflage attire typically worn by service members. According to Commandant Gen. Eric Smith, local battalions are “authorized” to wear alternate attire contrary to Marine regulations to “mitigate” an ongoing manufacturing shortfall that’s left service members struggling to acquire woodland-patterned “cammies.”Is it Too Much to Ask That Congress Clothe Our Marines Instead of Financing Ukraine’s Forever War?




  • “It is dangerous to put any faith in any prediction relating to this sunspot cycle. The Sun does what the Sun wants to do, and since we don’t understand why it does it, predicting what it will do next is usually a mostly fruitless effort.” Sunspot update: Activity rises in September but not significantly
  • “. . . it seems the effort to regulate has accelerated since Joe Biden became [so-called quote-unquote “president”]. Under Trump there was a concerted effort to limit the impact of new regulations on this new space industry. Under Biden, it appears new regulations arrive almost weekly, and as a result there appears to be a significant slow down in development by new space companies.” FAA issues new revised regulations for private commercial manned space




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  1. The people howling about McCarthy amuse me – how often have we heard people say, “they never keep their promises, they always change once in power, they are all the same after a while”? McCarthy didn’t keep his promises, he walked the plank. It’s about time. Chaos, schmaos. McCarthy was the third triplet in the Ryan, Cantor series, they were who we thought they were.

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